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  1. Thanks Morten. I picked up a bunch of images recently that show the Blockade Breaker award in wear.Part of a trade with a friend. Here are a couple more and I will post other images later. Cheers,Martin.
  2. Great subject. Here are a couple I have Edgar. The first shows two well decorated individuals,LW and KM. The second looks like three brothers,Heer,Luft and KM. Cheers,Martin.
  3. One of a few recent pick ups.I have many photo's that show the Blockade Breaker award in wear on the KM uniform but this is the first one I have found that shows the award in wear on the Merchant Marine uniform. Hard to find. Cheers,Martin.
  4. First one I have picked up in a while. Kustenartillerieschule.
  5. Sorry Morten, just too blurry for me to make out. The badge below the chevrons could be that of a "Blocking Weapons" specialist,but it appears upside down ? Cheers,Martin.
  6. Hi Morten, can you provide a close up of the sleeve ??? Cheers,Martin.
  7. Twin brothers,both Radio Operators,both wearing the MS award.
  8. I agree Larry. My photo is also on Agfa Postcard stock and appears to have been removed from an album. Cheers,Martin. Anti-Aircraft/Flak.
  9. That's interesting Larry. I have the same photo ? Cheers,Martin.
  10. If this photo was not colourised I don't think I would have noticed the Range-Finder Operator sleeve insignia. Regards,Martin
  11. Career Bootsmannsmaat,Anti-Aircraft and Torpedo Control.
  12. Divers badge-Schiffstaucher and Carpenter-Zimmermannsmaat. Engine Personnel and Motor Spcialist-Motoren Lehrgange.
  13. Nice photo Morten. Probably one of the best I have seen with the shield in wear. Thanks for posting this one. Regards,Martin.
  14. I have not picked up any pic's lately,but keep 'em coming guys.Some great images here. Regards,Martin.
  15. In Memoriam Mervyn Mitton

    I regret I have been a liitle out of touch here lately...This is very sad news...RIP Mervyn.
  16. KM wedding photo with the 2nd pattern S-Boot award in wear also. Cheers,Martin.