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  1. Hi Justin, the Hilfskreuzers were pretty much done by the end of 1942 with only one ship going to sea in 1943 and that was the MICHEL on her ill fated second cruise. Many former HK crewmen joined other branches of the Kriegsmarine including the U-Bootwaffe.It's not uncommon to to see this combination of awards in wear. See my old post here #170. Regards,Martin
  2. That is a very impressive collection and thanks for sharing some of this with us. Regards,Martin.
  3. Thanks for the additional information guys. The absence of the eagle and cockade on the cap seems to make more sense now. Cheers,Martin.
  4. U-64 or maybe the U-124 ? Narvik related ? Cheers,Martin.
  5. When I picked up this photo of the Edelweiss emblem in wear I had a hunch that it might be "Narvik" related. After browsing through Georg Hogel's book "U-Boat Emblems of WWII" I came across this quote by RK winner,KL Wilhelm Schulz. "The crew came from the U-64,sunk at Narvik.When we went to sea with U-64,we had no idea how our emblem ought to look.Through the Narvik campaign we then came,after the sinking of the boat,into contact with the mountain riflemen,who did a fine job of rescuing us.My people where then given the edelweiss emblem,and wore it on their caps at first.When we then,having returned home via Sweden,were to put U-124 into service,the crew expressed the wish to bear the edelweiss as our tower emblem.This thought was then put into action". So,i have to think that crewman may have been a member of the U-64 and later maybe the U-124 ? Note the lack of the eagle and cockade insignia on the cap. A great photo IMO. Cheers,Martin.
  6. Marineerganzungsabteilung. The numbers are not visible,either 1 or 2.
  7. A very crisp and detailed group shot that shows both the blue and field-grey uniforms of the Kriegsmarine. Both the Blockade Breaker and the Marine Artillery awards can be seen in wear. Cheers,Martin.
  8. Thanks Chris. One more here showing the BB award on the field-grey uniform.
  9. Blockade Breaker and Fleet badges on the grey uniform.
  10. And one more with the BB award. Cheers,Martin.
  11. One more with the BB and MS awards in wear.
  12. More good stuff posted above gents. Here are a couple more that I recently picked up that show the Blockade and Minesweeper badges in wear. Cheers,Martin
  13. Some great images here guys. Just KM uniforms here,but a combination of the grey and the blue,with two Blockade Breaker awards in wear. Cheers,Martin.
  14. A wedding photo showing the uniforms of the Heer and Kriegsmarine.I cannot identify the uniform of the guy sitting on the right ? Cheers,Martin.
  15. KM POW's in France 1946. We can see a few Minesweepers,a 2nd pattern S-Boat and even an Infantry Assault badge.
  16. Thanks Morten. I picked up a bunch of images recently that show the Blockade Breaker award in wear.Part of a trade with a friend. Here are a couple more and I will post other images later. Cheers,Martin.
  17. Great subject. Here are a couple I have Edgar. The first shows two well decorated individuals,LW and KM. The second looks like three brothers,Heer,Luft and KM. Cheers,Martin.
  18. One of a few recent pick ups.I have many photo's that show the Blockade Breaker award in wear on the KM uniform but this is the first one I have found that shows the award in wear on the Merchant Marine uniform. Hard to find. Cheers,Martin.
  19. First one I have picked up in a while. Kustenartillerieschule.
  20. Sorry Morten, just too blurry for me to make out. The badge below the chevrons could be that of a "Blocking Weapons" specialist,but it appears upside down ? Cheers,Martin.
  21. Hi Morten, can you provide a close up of the sleeve ??? Cheers,Martin.
  22. Twin brothers,both Radio Operators,both wearing the MS award.