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    The spanish individual Military Medal is the second highest decoration in Spain. The decoration was awarded to few germans of the Legion Condor during the civil war. An incomplete list does exist but names are lacking. I think that around hundred germans received this order. Most of them were officers, few NCO's, but all got the spanish cross in gold. This decoration was awarded in Spain directly by General Franco (15) during the Badajas parade. the other were awarded by general von Richthofen before their departure from Spain. the cross was manufactured by the spanish firm Ega?a, but also by german firms. It was authorized to be worn on the ribbon bar. The recipient received a document for that decoration and it was entrered in the individual documents (soldbuch, wehrpass).
  2. Jacques

    Legion condor hats

    Members of the LC worn several kind of headgears, of which some very odds. Lw ground units , Panzer and signal unit, worn in very few number a kind of "Australian" form hat. Many someone know the explanation. the first pic is a member of the Panzergruppe Drohne, pictured early (1936-1937)
  3. Jacques

    MEYBAUER's Spanish crosses

    I would like to share with all of you what are in my opinion the best spanish crosses. MEYBAUER of Berlin made spanish crosses all along the war. these crosses are of high quality, very finelly detailed. this firm used several MM. I have encountered the following ones: "900", "900 + coat of arms", "coat of arms", L/13. Some crosses ae unmarked but the details are those of this firm. to my knowledge, MEYBAUER never used the LDO nbr "7" on its crosses. the crosses were manufactured in bronze, tombac, massive silver. Eagles: they are sharp detailed. the swas are square and show 2 cut out branches Swords: the grips have 7 twists. they are thin. Pin: generally the pins are massives and large at the top. it is typical on the L/13 variant. Hook: two variants exist. the hook for the "L/13" is round. For the other crosses it is of a half-moon section, always directly soldered to the cross. Here are presented 3 crosses: Top: L/13 Bottom left: 900 Bottom right: 900 + coat of arms jacques
  4. Jacques

    show your Spanish crosses

    here is the best condition I found; 3 of them were posthumously awarded. Gold "L/52", Silver "835", Bronze "CEJ" Silver "4", bronze unmarked Juncker
  5. Jacques

    Sufrimientos por la Patria

    This spanish medal was destinated to the reward the wounded. A special ribbon was instituted for the foreigners to be awarded to the volunteers who fought with Franco troops. Two variants exist, that in my opinion correspond to the ranks. the gold enameled one for the officers, the silver one for the other ranks. the ribbon is yellow with two vertical thin red stripes. Some sources state that 183 german wound badges were awarded for the LC soldiers, that means that around the same number received the spanish medal. This medal has also been awarded to the soldiers who died in Spain (around 300). Here is the medal which I think was attributed to NCO's and Privates in the original box.
  6. Jacques

    show your Spanish crosses

    Hi Scott, Nice cross. I like the crosses made by Deumer. they are well detailled. Note how the eagles and the swords grip are sharp. This one is to my opinion a mid-war production due to the form of the pin and the hinge. regards jacques
  7. Jacques

    Nice White Cross From '12 SOS

    nice white breast star and great picture showing the family
  8. Jacques

    SCiS n/s

    the first one looks original to me. It seems to be the one piece construction variant, which is rare in silver class. the second one is a fake IMO
  9. Jacques

    Spanish Cross in Gold - Opinions?

    It looks like a good gilded tombac Meybauer cross.
  10. Jacques

    Spanish cross in bronze, Meybauer.

    Very nice early bronze cross in mint condition . I can't say if the case fit the cross, I would have expected a blue case. Nevertheless nice assembly.
  11. Hi, During the 11/11 ceremony an ''Ehrenmedaille" was also awarded to a german Nco. The attribution of the silver class is not reserved to the HQ, but it is there that you find the most part of the high ranking officers. I can't say if it is a written regulation or simply a common practize concerning the awarding of the german "Ehrenkreuz" for duty to foreigners(not in combat operation): - private = Ehrenmedaille - Nco = Ehrenmedaille or Ehrenkreuz bronze - Officers = Ehrenkreuz bronze - high ranking officer : Ehrenkreuz silver - general = Ehrenkreuz gold As I already said, it is not common to be awarded these medals, during 5 years I only saw around 10 French guys from my Batallon awarded by the german counterpart. French side do the same for the german who made a special duty attributing the medal of "defense nationale" in bronze , silver or gold. the date of 11 november is a commemoration day in France and for the frech troops, but not in Germany . To the D/F Logistic Bt, the day is a working day but it begins with a ceremony or at least a remembrance allocution , and then the day is dedicated to sports challenges between the Coys'.
  12. Concerning the wear of the full medals on the parade dress uniform whith weapons, it is may be a special regulation to the GF Brigade in order to be conform to the French regulations and to keep some germans ones too. the GF brigade ceremonies are full of such special arrangments mixed from both countries regulations in order to make something binational. For exemples, orders can be given either in French or in German, the Spiess is at the right place during the parades, we salute and sing both national anthem, Companies have a sing, etc, etc...It is a bit special but I do think that or german comrades, at least NCO's and Officers are happy of that.
  13. Thank you, It's just to reward 5 years of hard combat to keep and pulling forward the bi-nationality and hard working with the german comrades of the bataillon. Indeed, not so many did received this decoration, overall in silver. Most of them were attached to the HQ of the D/F Brig. OK for the medals bar, the Ehrenkreuz is larger than the other one and not yet at the right place.
  14. Hi, This morning I have been awarded with the "Ehrenkreuz in silber". All the troops were in combat dress, Only the flag guard, the French commander an the german deputy commander were in parade combat dress uniform with full medals.
  15. France has a "national defense medal" with bronze, silver and gold class , plus gold class with star or palm for a citation for good conduct in operation, commemorative medal for overseas deployment on which you can add bar of the country( Extreme orient, Tchad, Liban, cambodge, république de cote d'ivoire, cente Afrique, etc..), French commemorative medal for other deployments than overseas (with bar ex-yougoslavie, Afghanistan, etc..). War cross, military valor cross depending the engagement, with stars and palm for the citations. Each soldier knows what he done and what value to accord to his medals. Main soldiers of the French army turned somewhere in the balkans, in Africa or Afghanistan, so anybody knows what are the value of these medals, but a soldier without commemorative medals is just looked as the martian: what he has done ? Where he served ? I think that far over the value of the medal it is a testimony of an experience, mor or less stressing depending the unit and the current situation. And It is nice on the uniform when parading...and what did we collect if governments had the same opinion as you ?
  16. next week I'll attend a ceremony in Germany to be awarded the Ehrenkreuz in silver, I'll ask to the german officers concerning the wear of full medal on the full dress uniform on parade.
  17. In the french Aarmy, the wear of full medals bar is only allowed during the parades, for the troops under weapons, and for the authority who is delivering medals, generally the commander. the other ones (HQ officers, etc) wear the ribbons bar. the ribbons bar is worn with the service dress uniform. In the German army, it is quite the same rules or customs. why medals are mounted ? certainly because it is well done and have a better look than individually pinned, as they are worn during parade, the parade dress uniform must be perfect . Ii is part of the military rules of a country and part of its traditions. It has a cost for sure.
  18. What I observed is that it depends , I saw both way to wear them. I guess that german officers or NcO's prefer wear them at the german fashion...I think they prefer the german style, or just the medals pinned separatly. At the DF Brigade is a bit particular because some of them ask the french tailor to prepare their medals bar, thus the french style..
  19. for sure it is not forbidden at the DF Brigade, and I saw other units of which the guys were wearing their full medals or the ribbons bar.
  20. the double flags guard
  21. Hi, the picture was taken in 2008, but I served there from 2003 to 2008 and in 2003 , I already saw such wear during all the parades. jacques
  22. Hi, I'm surprise by this words. I served 5 years in a French-German unit and I can affirm that all the german soldiers wear all their medals during the various parades, commemoratives medals (NATO, UNO,etc..), national service medal as the "Ehrenkreuz" or "Ehrenmedaille" and foreign decorations. the " Ehrenkreuz" is also awarded to very few foreigners. jacques
  23. Jacques

    Opinions on Spanish Medal Reference Book

    Hi Scott, I don't know this book. May be our spanish fellows could help you . jacques