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  1. Kásás Adrian Árpád

    Hungarian Military Documents

    Thank you all for your input, especially on the medals section. Am trying to find out more info as I go along, specifically about where he served. I know he was on the eastern front in the Ukraine, as he won one of his medals there. Here are the medals of his that I own. AK.
  2. Kásás Adrian Árpád

    Hungarian Military Documents

  3. Kásás Adrian Árpád

    Hungarian Military Documents

    Hi guys, currently at work but will post some pictures when I get chance. Thanks for the replies. AAK. As my Hungarian is limited, I had to just photograph everything. Have worked out a few details already, but struggling with the language as a lot of it is obviously handwritten.
  4. Kásás Adrian Árpád

    Hungarian Military Documents

    Greetings all, I have recently returned home from a visit to the Budapest Military Archives; where I was lucky enough to be able to arrange a viewing of my great-grandfather's full military records. Unfortunately I only have very little conversational Hungarian, so I have taken photos of every document in the file. I wanted to ask if there are any members on here who may be able to help translate/deciefer these documents. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as Google-translate is proving frustrating. Thanks in advance, Kásás Adrian Árpád.
  5. Kásás Adrian Árpád

    Medal Collection

    Yes a big thanks to you all for your answers. I want to get my collection cleaned, ribbons freshened up and then perhaps framed. Any guidance as to where or how I could get this done ?
  6. Kásás Adrian Árpád

    Medal Collection

    Wow. Thank you SO much guys. I'll look him up. Köszönöm szépen xx
  7. Kásás Adrian Árpád

    Medal Collection

    Thats amazing. Thank you both very much. His name was Kásás Árpád, my great-grandfather. He originated from Elõpatak, but I don't know what year he was born. I never met him, but I was very close to my granddad who passed these on to me. The only medal missing from his full set is unfortunately his vitez. I have a photo of him in full uniform, with all the medals. I will try and find it to post. Will also try and find out more on the dates. Cheers.
  8. Kásás Adrian Árpád

    Medal Collection

    Brill. Here's the collection; the last two are the ones I can't find information on. Thank you.
  9. Kásás Adrian Árpád

    Medal Collection

    Hello all, Have signed up to this forum as I have become the keeper of my great-grandfather's medals. Some I have found out about through Google. But some I can't seem to find info on. What's the process for asking about these ? Should I just post pictures of the lot ? Cheers in advance.