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  1. Order of Charity (Nishani Shefkat - Şefkat Nişanı)

    Yes , exactly ... perfect !!!
  2. Order of Charity (Nishani Shefkat - Şefkat Nişanı)

    Hello ! Many of them made by Ottoman Mint and some rare ones made by famous foreign ( Mostly French ) order makers such as Kretly ... Halley .. Boullanger ... Avsar
  3. Turkish Liyakat medal

    That is above is a nice German Made "Liyakat Medal " , not an official Ottoman Mint made one ...
  4. Fake or not, Order of Medjidie

    Hello , Dont worry ... It is a very nice Ottoman Made Breast Star of Medjidie . Avsar IBAR
  5. Order of Medjidie, commander class

    Hello , Crimean War Period Made ... 1850ss - 1860ss ... This one made just after the British Made ones (The flat ones without any maker's mark or other marks ... ) Best Wishes , Avsar Ibar
  6. Authentification

    Hello , This item ( I can NOT say it an "order" ! , it will be shame if i will ...) is ALL TOTAL FAKE . Best wishes , Avsar Ibar
  7. Order of Charity (Nishani Shefkat - Şefkat Nişanı)

    Below a first class star ... and another 1st Class Set ... This time the 1st Class Breast Star is with Paste Stones .... Below , probably a European Made 2nd Class order ... Original Ribbon but in a later - Not Original Case/box. Please be note that there is NO "Wreath and Star" or "only wreath" on the reverse of the order... Also you can see that the gold center ( where the Toughra Located ) is cambered ... Not flat as in the Ottoman made ones ....
  8. Order of Charity (Nishani Shefkat - Şefkat Nişanı)

    Below another 2nd Class ... Another 2nd class with Original Box and Ribbon ... And below a 3rd Class ... To COMPARE the size of 2nd Class Order (on the left) and a 1st Class Breast Star ( on the right ) , please check the below picture ...
  9. Order of Charity (Nishani Shefkat - Şefkat Nişanı)

    Below is a 1st Class Special Type Breast Star . ( Only diamonds ... ) Below is a Classic 1st Class Breast Star . Below , another 2nd Class .. And a 1st Class Set ... A close up picture of 2nd class --- Diamonds and Rubies
  10. Order of Charity (Nishani Shefkat - Şefkat Nişanı)

    You are welcome Gordon ! Here is the picture of a 3rd class one ... ( No stones .. No diamonds ... No rubies ... Just green and red enamels ... ) Below is a 2nd Class Order ... Below a first class Star .
  11. Order of Charity (Nishani Shefkat - Şefkat Nişanı)

    Hello Gordon , It is a second class Sevkat order . 3rd class ones do not have any stones on them , you can see the Original box on the pictures but NOT correct ribbon . That incorrect ribbon is coming from a Big Imtiyaz Medal , nothing related with a Sevkat ... Best wishes , Avsar Ibar
  12. order of mejidje 3 class with swords and medals

    Chris , you mean the miniatures with swords on chain ? I never see ... ( on a chain ) but , in past i saw few miniature medjidies with swords , not on a chain , single ones ...
  13. order of mejidje 3 class with swords and medals

    Hello Chris , No exact info regarding the quantity . But over all they are quite rare . ( even to Turkish receipents and also to German Officers , if you compare with the other foreigners and Germans , you can find the posibility to find them to the Germans then others ... ) Thanks , Avsar
  14. Also , you can see the St.Anna in this picture , what i bealive , another example of the black St.Anna but NOT "absolutely flat" enamels ... Same as the Marazov made Black St.Anna in the medalirus page ....
  15. I submit a reply to your St.Stanislaus topic . best wishes , Avs