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  1. Tony, Thank you, but given the amount of info incl DINs which can be found on open source links, I'm sure if site members searched hard enough they'd find all the wanted to know about the new award. Even your modest representation of the medal ribbon should see you hauled of to the tower..! im sure all shall become clear soon enough... Bert
  2. I'd like to know myself what it looks like? The JPA action has been carried out and interestingly the issue date is in 2013 but no medal or ribon yet. I've even tried to obtain a monitor for my Mess kit but none of the usual military dress suppliers can get hold of one. Previous posts are correct, the DIN was released recently and the medals office are issuing on entitlement but as yet no work on actual issue of the award. As yet, as per the DIN, the only location attracting the new GSM is 'East Africa' which will be the wording of the clasp. I expect the ribon to be the traditional purple and green as per previous iterations of the GSM. Miniature not monitor sodding predictive text!!! Again!!! I could post how it appears on JPA if required??
  3. Hello all, to follow on from the topic of GSM08, I am a recipient for service in Somalia in 2013, the medal ribon is to have the clasp 'East Africa', even though the award has been auctioned I believe the actual medals are yet to be minted. 'Actioned' sorry, predictive text..!