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  1. Many thanks for your reply Ferdinand. Dave
  2. Good morning I bought the following medal recently. I was told it didn't have a number because it was a second award, which is clearly wrong. I wanted a WW2 related medal. I understand that they ceased to number in 1947 but clearly awarded numbered medals after this time. Is it that they were numbered when made and just stopped adding numbers on the batches after 1947? and although my medal is post 1947 could it still have been awarded in relation to WW2? Dave
  3. Good Evening Guys I have purchased the medal below, with King Leopold III on the obverse and his years of reign on the reverse. It was listed as a Resistere medal. Can anyone help with it's exact title and the qualification required to receive it,etc? Cheers Dave
  4. Do you happen to have a picture or could you possibly provide a link to one of the forums you mentioned earlier please? Many thanks.
  5. Thanks Serg So just to clarify. The original maker was ST BERC of Riga and it has been later copied by W F MULLER of Riga. Dave
  6. Serg What makes you believe this is a repro? Dave
  7. Good Evening Gents I have had a version of this medal for sometime but have only recently realised there are at least 3 versions of it. Could someone possibly provide a definitive answer as to what it was awarded for and which version is the original, or is it they all are, just manufactured at different times, or by different makers? 1-ball attachment(looks most likely to be original to me) 2-plain attachment 3-decorated attachment Thanking you in anticipation. Dave
  8. Cimbineus That is very interesting and helpful,thank you. Dave
  9. Good morning gents My interest is WW2 Allied related medals. I have come across the Order of Hungarian Freedom as being awarded for resistance to Nazi rule. I have seen several for sale so was using this thread for help, when I came upon this version which I could not see has been mentioned before. If the picture is too small, here is the link to where I found it. or alterantively Dave
  10. There was a 1914-1918 medal with the same ribbon. Dave
  11. Hi Guy How about Luxembourg: 1940-45 Volunteers Medal Regards Dave
  12. Many thanks Stuka f. My interest is really related to WW2 but interesting to see WW1 also.
  13. Vincent I have previously tried to contact Loek with no success I am afraid. I even only recently asked Hendrik if he had any contact details for him but he didn't have. Even Hendrik's amazing site has disappeared for the moment at least. If I do find anything I will let you know. Dracomedals has a variety of medals with descriptions I have used in the past. Best wishes Dave
  14. Many thanks Stuka f and VC89 for your help. It is not a group I had seen any mention of before. If either of you are aware of a site dedicated to Resistance medals I would be really interested in it. Cheers again. Dave .
  15. Good morning all I thought I would share a picture of several examples of Allied clasps issued for service in England/Britain in WW2. I realise the BOB clasp is not an original. For those who might not know they represent Belgium,Czechoslovakia,France,Poland And UK. If anyone is aware of any other specific examples I would like to hear of them, but not those that are just are for general overseas service. Kind regards Dave