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  1. Very nice Igor, your first cross(Spinks) is very similar to my cross. I am afraid my pictures are no where as crisp as all the other others provided. I must congratulate you and Nikos on your photography. Dave
  2. Hi Gents I have recently acquired the illustrated medal. There appear to be several types of these crosses, some with 2 part crowns,some with holes in the crown etc. There also appear to be differing bars with 1940 on them. Could you give me your opinions on this with regards to WW2 authenticity please, and maybe show different versions you might have with regards to makers etc and highlight any differences. Cheers Dave
  3. Thanks for the confirmation of my cross, and sharing the pictures and the information on your Gold Cross Nikos. Dave
  4. Thanks, a little disappointed as I was hoping it was partisan related with the date shown.
  5. I have recently seen these medals and wondered if anyone could provide any information on them please. The first 2 backs are plain other than makers name from Ljubljana and the third completely blank. Cheers Dave
  6. Many thanks for the information and pictures. Dave
  7. Good morning I wondered if you would be kind enough to give your opinion on the authenticity of the attached medal,please? Are the versions with the 6 leaves either side earlier than those with 8 leaves? Kind regards Dave
  8. Shots Dave

    Ethopian Victory Medal, 1941

    Amazing selection Owain, I had no clue there were so many versions and I particularly love the boxed version with the Mappin & Webb clasp.
  9. Shots Dave

    Ethopian Victory Medal, 1941

    Owain Sorry, I am afraid I do not. If I have it wrong please all accept my apologies. The wonderful website "Royal Ark" has it listed like this and all the other examples similar to this I have seen have been labelled in a likewise manner e.g. domestic engagement. I had no reason to doubt their description and as the ribbons are so close it seemed very plausible. Dave
  10. Shots Dave

    Ethopian Victory Medal, 1941

    Here are 2 of the versions- Left-Auxiliary & Medical Personnel Right-Military
  11. Shots Dave

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Finally realised how to draw on pictures!
  12. Shots Dave

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Hi Emmanuel Nice to see both versions of the General Service Medal(Military & Civil) with the black stripe This I believed to be the 2nd version until I read Tony McClenaghan's book "Indian Princely Medals" where he mentions the second type has a blue stripe and a possible 3rd type with a black stripe. I have attached a fuller picture of the version with the blue stripe and you will see that this has the slightly differing attachment to the medal as shown in my original pictures. You will notice both of your examples have the same two elements overhanging the edge of the medal itself, whereas the "blue" version is attached directly to the edge. I have now established three versions are in existence but I cannot see that anyone other than Tony McClenaghan has mentioned this fact.
  13. Shots Dave

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    It appears that Tony McClenaghan has 3 possible issues for this medal, where the second version has a blue stripe and the third version a black stripe. So I guess they could both be right.
  14. Shots Dave

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    I have realised all the Military Medals with this attachment (as above) have the wrong ribbon attached. It has a blue stripe where it should be black.
  15. Shots Dave

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Thanks Peter, I will give it a try.
  16. Shots Dave

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Hi Guys I have noticed there appear to be two different versions of attachments to this medal, are they both OK or is one a replica? I appreciate the pictures are of the military and civilian versions but they were the first images I found. I am referring to the part that directly attaches to the medal not the whole suspension device. Cheers Dave
  17. I have recently happened upon a second variation of the medal awarded for this network. Originally I had read there were two versions of this cross, a silvered-brass version and a brass version but they both displayed the same suspension. This recent acquisition has a different suspension which corresponds to the miniature versions I have previously seen on the web. I struggled to find any crosses similar to the second suspension but eventually located one in a photograph of medals awarded to Jaques Neyme at http://polices.mobiles.free.fr/biographies/bio_neyme.html . Does anyone else have anything to confirm of contradict my views? This network is a very interesting one in relation to the SOE and Captain Michael Trotobas whose biography I am currently reading. Here are some links for anyone who is interested. https://collection.nam.ac.uk/detail.php?acc=1997-04-66-11 https://collection.nam.ac.uk/detail.php?acc=1997-03-48-4 https://collection.nam.ac.uk/detail.php?acc=1997-04-66-15 http://reseausylvestre.skyrock.com/1.html 1st Suspension-Silvered Bronze Reverse Sorry I can't manage to upload the reverse of the first picture or comparison pictures, probably too big I guess.
  18. Shots Dave

    Romanian Veteran help?

    Thanks for your comments. Dave
  19. Happy Easter Everyone I recently acquired a collection of medals and badges from Canada belonging to a unknown Romanian veteran. I have a couple of questions which I hoped someone might be able to help me with please? 1-Within the collection of badges appears to be a Chess Champion medal 1951, would this maybe be able to locate the owner's identification? 2-It appears the medal of Liberation from the Fascist Yoke has been attached to Military Merit Medal ribbon(don't know whether it was 1st or 2nd class). Was this deliberate or as the other ribbon attachment appears to be broken just an error by someone later? Cheers Dave Here is the medal
  20. Good evening Guys I have located another Unofficial Belgian Resistance medal. Does anyone happen to have any information they could share with me please? It is blank on the reverse. Cheers Dave
  21. Stuka Here is an opportunity https://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/1921-commemorative-cross-75y-anniversary-telegraphes-with-the-rare-gold-clasp/222798432981?hash=item33dfd24ad5:g:UokAAOSwZ11aXeCt Good luck if the price is right? Dave
  22. Hi Guys I recently saw this medal and wondered if anyone could tell me what it is? Merry Christmas to you all. Dave
  23. Shots Dave

    Unknown Belgian? medal

    Thanks for your observation. I seem to remember this medal described as a Resistance Association medal previously, but not anything specific. I guess the original medal in question could be yet another variant, it would be nice to know the exact title though.
  24. Hi guys Does anyone recognise this?
  25. Shots Dave

    Belgian association medal?

    Thanks again Guy , that is very helpful.