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    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Finally realised how to draw on pictures!
  2. Shots Dave

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Hi Emmanuel Nice to see both versions of the General Service Medal(Military & Civil) with the black stripe This I believed to be the 2nd version until I read Tony McClenaghan's book "Indian Princely Medals" where he mentions the second type has a blue stripe and a possible 3rd type with a black stripe. I have attached a fuller picture of the version with the blue stripe and you will see that this has the slightly differing attachment to the medal as shown in my original pictures. You will notice both of your examples have the same two elements overhanging the edge of the medal itself, whereas the "blue" version is attached directly to the edge. I have now established three versions are in existence but I cannot see that anyone other than Tony McClenaghan has mentioned this fact.
  3. Shots Dave

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    It appears that Tony McClenaghan has 3 possible issues for this medal, where the second version has a blue stripe and the third version a black stripe. So I guess they could both be right.
  4. Shots Dave

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    I have realised all the Military Medals with this attachment (as above) have the wrong ribbon attached. It has a blue stripe where it should be black.
  5. Shots Dave

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Thanks Peter, I will give it a try.
  6. Shots Dave

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Hi Guys I have noticed there appear to be two different versions of attachments to this medal, are they both OK or is one a replica? I appreciate the pictures are of the military and civilian versions but they were the first images I found. I am referring to the part that directly attaches to the medal not the whole suspension device. Cheers Dave
  7. I have recently happened upon a second variation of the medal awarded for this network. Originally I had read there were two versions of this cross, a silvered-brass version and a brass version but they both displayed the same suspension. This recent acquisition has a different suspension which corresponds to the miniature versions I have previously seen on the web. I struggled to find any crosses similar to the second suspension but eventually located one in a photograph of medals awarded to Jaques Neyme at http://polices.mobiles.free.fr/biographies/bio_neyme.html . Does anyone else have anything to confirm of contradict my views? This network is a very interesting one in relation to the SOE and Captain Michael Trotobas whose biography I am currently reading. Here are some links for anyone who is interested. https://collection.nam.ac.uk/detail.php?acc=1997-04-66-11 https://collection.nam.ac.uk/detail.php?acc=1997-03-48-4 https://collection.nam.ac.uk/detail.php?acc=1997-04-66-15 http://reseausylvestre.skyrock.com/1.html 1st Suspension-Silvered Bronze Reverse Sorry I can't manage to upload the reverse of the first picture or comparison pictures, probably too big I guess.
  8. Shots Dave

    Romanian Veteran help?

    Thanks for your comments. Dave
  9. Happy Easter Everyone I recently acquired a collection of medals and badges from Canada belonging to a unknown Romanian veteran. I have a couple of questions which I hoped someone might be able to help me with please? 1-Within the collection of badges appears to be a Chess Champion medal 1951, would this maybe be able to locate the owner's identification? 2-It appears the medal of Liberation from the Fascist Yoke has been attached to Military Merit Medal ribbon(don't know whether it was 1st or 2nd class). Was this deliberate or as the other ribbon attachment appears to be broken just an error by someone later? Cheers Dave Here is the medal
  10. Good evening Guys I have located another Unofficial Belgian Resistance medal. Does anyone happen to have any information they could share with me please? It is blank on the reverse. Cheers Dave
  11. Stuka Here is an opportunity https://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/1921-commemorative-cross-75y-anniversary-telegraphes-with-the-rare-gold-clasp/222798432981?hash=item33dfd24ad5:g:UokAAOSwZ11aXeCt Good luck if the price is right? Dave
  12. Hi Guys I recently saw this medal and wondered if anyone could tell me what it is? Merry Christmas to you all. Dave
  13. Shots Dave

    Unknown Belgian? medal

    Thanks for your observation. I seem to remember this medal described as a Resistance Association medal previously, but not anything specific. I guess the original medal in question could be yet another variant, it would be nice to know the exact title though.
  14. Hi guys Does anyone recognise this?
  15. Shots Dave

    Belgian association medal?

    Thanks again Guy , that is very helpful.
  16. Shots Dave

    Belgian association medal?

    Many thanks Guy, do you possibly have any further information on the Association, as I am not familiar with it? I can find a similarly named French Association but not a Belgian one.
  17. I recently acquired this medal and felt the need to share with anyone who is interested. I am afraid I don't have the certificate that the Prime Minister issued to the recipient. Dave
  18. I think I am right in saying the civilian workers at Bletchley did not receive any award at all prior to this and were not allowed to speak of their activities for a very long length of time. Thus many passed away with nobody aware of their considerable services to the war effort and were even looked upon in a bad light for no mentionable contribution to the war effort. Also being eligible in 2009 for services which ended in 1945 l do not think many of these actually survived to receive their badge,although I would be glad to be mistaken .
  19. Further to above: "Those who served at Bletchley, but are sadly no longer alive, are currently listed in a register held and maintained by the Bletchley Park Trust. Although we cannot issue commemorative badges in respect of those who have died, GCHQ will support the Trust by preparing a properly bound copy of this register to be held at Bletchley Park, and by maintaining an online copy of it." I know some of you will be saying this is not a medal as the title clearly states it is a badge. So I apologise for wrongly naming it as so, but as you were required to provide wartime service and received it with accompanying literature from David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, it seems a little more than a "badge".
  20. Hugh From GCHQ website: Bletchley Park commemorative badge On behalf of Her Majesty's Government, GCHQ is delighted to recognise the vital service of those who worked at Bletchley Park and its outstations during World War II, by presenting surviving veterans with a commemorative badge. Who is eligible? Surviving veterans on 1 July 2009 who: Were employed by the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) at Bletchley Park or its outstations Served in the Armed Forces at Bletchley Park or its outstations Served in the "Y" Services of the Armed Forces collecting material which was sent to Bletchley Park Served in SLUs or SCUs Served in the Radio Security Service Worked for the GPO in the COLOSSUS team at Dollis Hill
  21. Shots Dave

    ribbon identification

    Although I am not sure of the order of wear the no.3 ribbon is very similar to French Cross of the Voluntary Military Services too.
  22. Many thanks for your reply Ferdinand. Dave
  23. Good morning I bought the following medal recently. I was told it didn't have a number because it was a second award, which is clearly wrong. I wanted a WW2 related medal. I understand that they ceased to number in 1947 but clearly awarded numbered medals after this time. Is it that they were numbered when made and just stopped adding numbers on the batches after 1947? and although my medal is post 1947 could it still have been awarded in relation to WW2? Dave
  24. Good Evening Guys I have purchased the medal below, with King Leopold III on the obverse and his years of reign on the reverse. It was listed as a Resistere medal. Can anyone help with it's exact title and the qualification required to receive it,etc? Cheers Dave