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  1. Thank you Dave. I am doing this 'investigation' for a friend and we know nothing about this chap. However "York' is a great connection as the family that she is researching is a Yorkshire one. We will 'delve' a bit more.....
  2. P.S. I can see that he is also wearing a medal ribbon over his breast pocket - although it's not clear, could it be the long-service ribbon?
  3. Please can anyone help with the identification of this man's uniform. So far, I think he may be a Special Constable wearing an 'on duty' brassard. However, if he is a Special, I am struggling with the cap badge - having looked at the examples on this topic (of which there are many!) the nearest I can get is Guernsey (or Salvation Army!!). Unfortunately, although I have tried to enhance the picture, I can get no further detail. Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas about date, etc?