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  1. King Edward VII Coronation Medal Can it be this medal?
  2. Nice bar! show please the back also, from the front it looks very much like a Godet bar...
  3. Hi Admiral, I think it must be a "Ritterkreuz" (Caballero) because it's without rosette, given usually to subaltern grade officers (lieutenant-captain, for the German KM from Leutnant z.See to Kapitänleutnant). See also Order of Merit Chile C
  4. First ribbon bars has two ribbons of non-official 1st WW Weimar-Republic era: 1) Ostfront-Kreuz des Ehrenbundes Sächsischer Weltkriegsteilnehmer (just half of it) 2) Ordensrat der Deutschen Ehrenlegion i. V. des Verbandes national gesinnter Soldaten e. V. with crossed swords for combattants cheers, C
  5. Some more data (ancestry) on Friedrich Theodor Ludwig von Stamford: Friedrich Ludwig Theodor von Stamford geboren am 23.11.1832 in Allendorf Werra (Bezirk Kassel, Kurfürstentum Hessen), Sohn des Friedrich Wilhelm Leopold von Stamford und der Charlotte Sophie Wiederhold (geb. 1810 – Todesdatum unbekannt), verheiratet in Littlemore (Oxfordshire, England) am 29.09.1869 mit (Harriet) Maud Huntingford (1848-1942). Ehegattin am 23.07.1942 in Belgium verstorben. Tochter Wilhelmine Maud von Stamford in Frankfurt a.M. (Hessen-Nassau, Preussen, Deutsches Reich) 08.02.1871 geboren. Interesting that he married in England! C
  6. Hi Vince! I thought it too. I couldn’t find nothing about the German branch of this family though. https://www.houseofnames.com/stamford-family-crest
  7. Great picture! Thanks for posting it; it looks like this photo was taken during the same period when Stamford would have gotten his Persian order, I wonder the reason of the bestowal. Maybe a high ranking visit from Persia in Waldeck?
  8. Thanks for the kind words. Actually you are right; there weren't many other interesting bars to bid on, with exception of one that had extremely interesting pre-1870/71 combination (MEZ1+2 both first type), also if not researchable. Fortunately this was successfully acquired by another GMIC member... ;-)
  9. @ Paul: I thought so... that marine-blue fabric on the back... ;-) @Heiko: thanks!
  10. New entry... no label on the back, but nonetheless typical early 20ies Godet medal bar. Blue backing, Landwehr staff officer (medical? Not necessarily). I was wondering if this one is ID-able... that BMVO3X and the Lippe cross combination...have a good “viewing”! cheers, C
  11. Interesting... thanks for the most valuable inputs. It could also well be that that Pr66 was listed as a mistake. That wouldn’t be the first time that it happened. Furthermore most of the officers who participated the Franco-Prussian war didn’t always automatically end up with a EK like in later wars when EKs were more abundantly awarded. Not to mention that he got a KDM 70-71 in steel (not in bronze) henceforth for non-combatants. C
  12. Thanks Heiko for the correction... yes it’s a m not n. My fault. There’s no mention of 1866 campaign cross in Efler’s book. I don’t know why Stamford didn’t wear on his bar or miniature chain... that is most strange....
  13. Dear forumites, I'd like to present my latest purchase. A fine medal bar with and a "Miniaturkettchen" (Miniatures) for civilian attire. • Preußen, Roter Adler Orden 4. Kl., Herst. Wagner (OEK 1703 ), S/emailliert; • Preußen, Kronenorden 3. Kl., Herst. Wagner (OEK 1757), G/emailliert; • Preußen; Offz. DA f. 25 Dienstjahre, 4. Form ab 1895 (OEK 1970/1), Br vg; • Preußen, Kriegsdenkmünze für Nichtkämpfer 1870/1871 (OEK 1941/2), St; • Preußen, Zentenarmedaille 1897 (OEK 1965), Br vg; • Persien, Kaiserlicher Sonnen- und Löwenorden gestiftet 1808, Ritterkreuz für Ausländer (sitzender Löwe); • Waldeck, Militärverdienstkreuz für Offiziere 2. Klasse 1861 (OEK 2867), S vg mit echt goldenem AV-Medaillon, Efler Seite 60 133 Verleihungen, zurückgegeben (Tod des Trägers) 38, verliehen am 14.1.1882. This officer resided in Hofgeismar and was Lieutenant-Colonel in the Dragoon Regiment 5 and got his Waldeck MVO2 on January 14th 1882. He was promoted Rittmeister during the Franco-Prussian war (1870-71), Major in 1885 and retired as Oberstleutnant (all this info I got it from the very interesting book of Efler about Waldeck-Pyrmont orders and medals). However I do not have more data about him: date of birth and death, his CV or any other interesting info. It would be also quite interesting to know how he got the Persian order. I would really appreciate a lot if someone could provide me with more info about this a bit elusive officer. Thank you very much in advance for your interest and your future comments and inputs. Best regards, C

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