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  1. Time Left: 16 days and 5 hours

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    1 Pair (green) of Schutzpolizei shoulder boards of a Meister (highest NCO Police rank) in good conditions. Eur 55.- plus Eur 15.- insured shipping. 1 Pair of Police shoulder boards of a Gendarmerie Meister (highest NCO Police rank) in good conditions. Weitze sells these (lower rank than this) for Eur 60.-. Eur 55.- plus Eur 15.- insured shipping. 1 Pair of early Wehrmacht (1934-36) Oberfeldwebel shoulder boards with pointed extremities (1935-1939/40) still used in the WW2 early campaigns of Poland and France (1939 and 1940). Eur 149.- plus Eur 15.- insured shipping. 1 Pair of a Panzerjäger Oberfeldwebel shoulder boards of a with metal device cypher "P" (Gothic script) and subdued Tresse, late war, in excellent conditions. Eur 249.- plus Eur 15.- insured shipping Price for both Police shoulder boards (2 Pairs), special price including shipping (+10% discount): Eur 109.- / CHF 130.- Price for all 4 pair of shoulder boards, special price including shipping (+20% discount): Eur 400.- / CHF 475.- Preferred payment in Swiss Francs (CHF) on Swiss bank account free of charges for receiver.


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    I am selling a very nice Officer visor cap EREL in very good condition "Tellerform", or flat upper side of the cap, not saddle type, stiffened by a internal flexible metal wire, to keep the shape. Usually officers they took this wire out in order to give it a more crushed (veteran) look to it. There is only a very tiny moth hole on the crown, barely visible, see pictures. My price is EUR 749.00 + registered shipment Eur 30.00 within EU to be paid by bank transfer (Ebanking/IBAN) on my Swiss Bank account preferably in Swiss Francs (CHF 925.00).


  3. Wooooooooooooooooooow!!!!! no more? Just joking.... thanks a bunch!!!! Now I have pretty enough... interesting the assessment of his superiors, the data on almost all the orders he got.... and also a picture! From very little now we know quite a lot of this E officer...
  4. Hi Paul, Yes, I know... ;-) I just wanted to know more about the Hugo Oster... I can't find anything about him! I was just curious about his career and especially about the POW camp for officers (OFlag VII A Murnau), he very likely commanded in WW2 (see also : https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=218675 ) Here there's an interesting article about the discovery of pictures of that OFlag and its stories... Deutschland 1945: Spektakuläre Lager-Bilder (Artikel Merkur.de) Also this article is quite interesting: BSZ 24.07.2015 Some E officers are really very elusive... Ciao, C From this website (German Camps –British & Commonwealth Prisoners of war 1939-45)
  5. Hi Grey! Thanks for your additional info: WBK Gelsenkirchen I posted also the WAF’s thread in my previous initial message; the info I’m still looking are more specific (see the end of my message). Thanks anyway. C
  6. Dear forumites, I am trying to get more information about the above-mentioned officer. this is all I could find on him: Oberst (E) on 01.05.1934, Hugo Oster born 01.10.1882, commanding officer of WBK Gelsenkirchen (what is that???) Apparently he served in WW2 as a commander of a POW camp (OFlag) for high ranking officers (mainly Polish officers), but there's no confirmation. It is possible that this bar below was his, but there are no pictures or other solid evidence to confirm that also (see: thread on the WAF discussed by poor Rick L. among the others). Moreover there's a very interesting short Bavarian TV produced documentary about the POW camp. Any additional info (like date of promotions, dates of his orders and decorations bestowal, place of residence, date of death, etc.) it's most appreciated! ciao, C
  7. Dear forumites, Just freshly and safely arrived. I had a good "gut feeling"... the ribbon bar it's a typical Godet constructed one and the backing of the bar is flawless. Enjoy... Cheers, C
  8. Hi Dave, Many thanks for having explained it in detail; I thought so, that such officers with mixed career could count together all his years of Services... It reminds me a bit this bar Georg Meissenburg of IR 96 who also could have had a "mixed" career. But... because of the Label on the back (Erfurt) and the fact in 1938 Capell was in Erfurt, we could assume it is bar, couldn't we? I mean... if Paul found 3 officers who had this kind of combination, I don't think that there are many more with such long service and such combination, don't you think? I'd say max 5-10. A picture of Capell would definitely help, but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack... Thanks again for your Inputs again! ciao, C
  9. Hi Paul, Capell's time of service (1920-1935, 15 years) in the police plus about 10 years in the army (although the years in the war 1914-1918 would have counted double) could have been added in order for him to get a WH-Long Service Award for 25? Ciao, C
  10. About Paul Capell... I noticed that, according to the list, he was in Erfurt in 1938... on the back of the bar, there's a Label of the Orders/medals dealer "Hans Hillmann, Erfurt". I haven't received the bar, yet, but I need to check the reverse of the bar. That will confirm , contrary to what I thought, that this bar might have been of OLT Capell after all!
  11. Hi Paul, Thanks for your fast reply. @ Laurentius: Thanks for the compliments! ;-) OTL Capell died before the war in a car accident... but I'm pretty sure this is a KM-medal bar (Kriegsmarine). Oberstleutnant (01.04.37) Paul Capell *13.07.1890 in Soest †27.01.1939 auf einer Übung mit Kfz. tödl.verunglückt 1912 im Inf.Reg.162 01.06.1920 im Polizeidienst 15.10.1935 Übertritt zum Heer 15.10.1935 Kom. IV/Inf.Reg.25 (Köslin) 06.10.1936 Kom. II/Inf.Reg.94 (Köslin) 10.11.1938 beim Stab Inf.Reg.71 (Erfurt) 27.01.1939 tödl.verunglückt Here's the link to the history of : Generalleutnant Hans Basse I don't think is Basse, his ribbon bar seems a bit "longer" on this Picture, although the combination of decorations is "almost" confirmed by the link above mentioned: according the the data of that link he had also the Hamburg Hanseatenkreuz. I think it must be Kapitän z.See Eugen Richter, commander of the III. Marine-Flak-Brigade in Brest (France) : http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/Marineflak/MFlakBrig3.htm, just my feeling about it. Now I have to find a photo of him... Ciao, C
  12. Dear forumites and friends, I'd like to know if it's possible to ID this medal bar that I recently purchased: Preußen, Eisernes Kreuz 2. Kl. 1914 am Kämpferband (OEK 1909), E gs/S; Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Militär-Verdienstkreuz 2. Kl. am Kämpferband, 76‘615 Verleihungen im 1. WK (OEK 1352), Br vg; Lübeck, Hanseatenkreuz 1915-1918, ca. 8‘000 Verleihungen (OEK 1265), vs Ku E; Deutsches Reich 1933-45, Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer (OEK 3803/1); Deutsches Reich 1933-45, DA 1. Klasse für 25 Dienstjahre (OEK 3852); Deutsches Reich 1933-45, DA 3. Klasse für 12 Dienstjahre (OEK 3854). In my opinion is a typical KM combination... see also the eagles on the ribbon bar. Thanks in advance for your comments/Inputs. Cheers, Claudio
  13. Ja, sorry... ich habe den Namen des Trägers momentan vergessen, jedoch aufgeschrieben (katalogisiert)... here some more details about it http://gmic.co.uk/topic/28893-ribbon-bar-questions-again-and-again/?tab=comments#comment-273033