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  1. hansen screwback variant?

    Hi Nice cross i hve one the same wht org Box
  2. ys thy came togheter its made tht way the cross ys period
  3. S&L cross wht Hansen disc
  4. 4 Star Battle damaged EK1

    Nice cross here is mine
  5. Really Nice cross i love Zimmermanns to here is mine wht 20...L/52 and 20+L/52
  6. Hi Ys tht Box is not org Here is one of mine SB wht org box
  7. Its a very early orginal Steinhauer&Lück cross Nice one
  8. Thanx ys pinback is Nice.I hve some of those to
  9. ys only one has stamp.
  10. Thanx ys its Nice here is the inside
  11. Do u hve the case for it lool Nice cross its amazing
  12. Ys i know its not 100% Hansen and i love the Box not often seen