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  1. Hi a very good thread. Here is my LW engineers,
  2. MH

    hansen screwback variant?

    Hi Nice cross i hve one the same wht org Box
  3. ys thy came togheter its made tht way the cross ys period
  4. S&L cross wht Hansen disc
  5. MH

    4 Star Battle damaged EK1

    Nice cross here is mine
  6. Really Nice cross i love Zimmermanns to here is mine wht 20...L/52 and 20+L/52
  7. Hi Ys tht Box is not org Here is one of mine SB wht org box
  8. Its a very early orginal Steinhauer&Lück cross Nice one
  9. Thanx ys pinback is Nice.I hve some of those to
  10. ys only one has stamp.
  11. Thanx ys its Nice here is the inside