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  1. Can anyone tell me where I can find the award document for a Russian soldier awarded the Military Medal during WW2. Is there a list of foreign recipients available at Kew? Many thanks, B.
  2. Hi, could anyone help me with any dealers that specialize in Imperial Russian militaria. I am only looking for basic stuff like an enlisted mans and officers cockade. I am in the U.K. I tried collectrussia.com but they have to charge huge postage costs for the U.K. Are their any reputable dealers in Europe/Russia or a Russian collectors forum other than this one?
  3. Hi, does anyone out there have one of these surplus to requirements that they would like to sell? I was in Russia a short time ago where I saw several but stupidly didn't buy. EBay prices seem a bit over the top but as a starter in the collecting game what do I know! Any pointers appreciated. B