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  1. I am looking to collect American Police visor caps, I have some but would particulaly like a New York cap either an ordinary patrolmans type or an officers with the gold badge. Anything considered. Thanks Phil
  2. philsidey

    Godet Knights Cross Opinions

    Thanks to everyone that gave me their opinions, I am of the opinion that the 21 marked on the cross is somewhat suspect and that this piece is to be avoided.
  3. Can anyone confirm that Godet only ever marked the loop of their knights crosses and not the cross itself. I have seen one marked 800 and number 21 on the top of the cross and wondered about it's authenticity.
  4. Can anyone confirm that the firm JMME produced U boat War Badges Thanks Phil
  5. I have just been offered an alleged autograph of Rudolf Hess signed when he came to scotland. Does anyone know where I could get the item autenticated or anyone who is capable of authenticating it. Also what sort of money would this item be worth if geniune.
  6. Many thanks Tony You have been a great help, The person I got the tags from has got about another 13 which I intend to have from him. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my enquiry and to reply. Phil
  7. Over the weekend I picked up what appear to me to be german dogs possibly issued to POWS They are marked Stalag 344 and they look like they have been dug up from somewhere. Can anyone give me any information regarding this stalag 344, what type of camp it was and where it was. In fact any information relating to the tags would be of great help, each tag is individualy numbered different so I take this to be the persons number.
  8. I have recently acquired a cigar box that I am told was once owned by Winston Churchill. The box is made from solid phosphur bronze and inside the bottom is lined with wood to take cigars. The top lifts off and is a half round ink blotter. I am told that there was a picture of winston holding the lid of the box and the box was sitting on a desk which appeared in life magazine. I have tried to track the picture down but with no success. If anyone knows of the picture or can help with any other information I would be grateful.
  9. philsidey

    U-Boat Badges

    Thanks for the information, it would appear that a few dealers still think they are genuine and are selling for genuine prices. I can see how people could be fooled into thinking they are real. All the ones that I have seen have been made of brass or tombak. I haven't seen any zinc ones.
  10. philsidey

    U-Boat Badges

    Hi Gordon, Can you confirm that Frank and Reif did NOT make U boat badges, I have seen a few recently at fairs being sold as original and I must say the the quality is excellent. Thanks, Phil
  11. Dear Rick,I have managed to find out a little more about this officer I am told that he was born in a place called Travemunde on 29th January 1888. That is as far as I have got at the moment. He could still be the officer that you were able to find. but perhaps some more digging might reveal him. Thank you for the trouble that you have taken so far. Phil
  12. Can anyone give me any information about a german naval officer named Thedor Heinrich I think he is more likely to have served in the first world war as he was born before 1900. I am told that he came from Kiel