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  1. Joe, pin for civilian wear, active LW personnel. The silver version was for "Luftnachrichtenhelferinnen"
  2. Claudio, thanks for the link, I do wish I knew Italian though. I read two different eye-witness accounts for the events around Mussolini's capture, one Italian partisan and one American soldier who belonged to the first US troops to enter the villa at Como. Non of them shred any light over the existence of the star in question and I'm curoius if there is any "paper-trail" regarding this piece.
  3. Correct, a fake based on the Deumer design.
  4. Thanks Pierce. Apparently there isn't consensus amongst the various authors whether it should be labelled Grand Cross or 1.class, hence the rephrase (and it cought your attention). I'm just trying to find the pieces of info, in order to build myself a plausible scenario.
  5. Please allow me to rephrase that to Red Cross decoration 1st class. In addition to this inquiry, what about the DAO Grand Cross (not the Sonderstufe mit Brillanten)?
  6. Gents, does anyone know when Mussolini was awarded his Grand Cross of the German Red Cross (1934-37)? cheers Peter
  7. Of course in happened. The method was similar to how the Germans marsched out the natives into the Kalahari dessert and starved them to death. What's rarely mentioned in conjunction with the Armenian episode is the reason for these dramatic occurances.
  8. The Hoffstätter version with raised letters and orthodox pin.
  9. Defective colour-sight is a bummer and red can be problematic. Thanks for your help John, you're a very alert Moderator As promised, the tombak Deumer MS with vertical pin.
  10. I tried to post one with a vertical pin, but after the upgrade I'm totally lost
  11. Not bad an attempt, but still IMO a fake. Godet in Berlin made the fanned type in silver (21 on the ring), although pieces is bronze were claimed to have been found in the remnants of the Zimmermann factory fire. A recently offered Sonderstufe was also claimed to be produced by yet another producer (Rath in Munich if I remember correctly), but with no real evidence to support this statement. Due to the upgrade of this forum, I still haven't figured out how to post an image, hence I can't help you with a comparison image. The major differences are: Wrong design of the heads, wrong design on the ball-attachment, pointy shape of the fan, missing outer feathers on top of the feathers, missing "ribbon" between the claws, incorrect "ribbon" below the swastika, wrong swastika design. The markings should always be positioned on the reverse, where the eagles are facing the right. cheers Peter
  12. Kasle, thanks for sharing your thoughts and presenting an IMO plausible scenario. I suppose it's safe to assume there were no actual rules or regulations prior to the LDO. I do have an excerpt from one of Doehle's books, giving an account for the correct wear of miniatures on miniaturschnalle, including the internationally adopted custom of adding pieces of ribbons and rosettes for identifying the classes. How this was done practically has always been an enigma for me, as I've never seen such a piece. The question that started this inquiry was whether or not a single EK-device was being viewed as a EK1. Perhaps this was correct for the period prior to LDO, but I doubt that was the case later on. The forementioned publication from Schickle specifically state: "Auflagen sind verboten bei: Neues Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse". In addition the LDO made a regulation a few months later, presenting the only way of wearing a single EK2 miniature (other than as a 16mm cross on a chain or/and miniaturschnalle) i.e. a "kleine bandschleife". My very personal conclusion: if a specific device was banned as a specific decoration, I place my bet on the assumption that it was also used as such. Just my two bits
  13. Kasle, can you please tell us more about those "unofficial" rules i.e. before the regulations established by the LDO?