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  1. Here is a little find from a few weeks ago. It's a permit given to a Belgian soldier to go from 1 part of the lager to another part without any armed guard. It might be just a little piece of paper and not in the best condition but i can't imagine there were alot of these given to prisoners of war. I've placed a piece of paper over the soldiers name because they still have to empty the house and if the shed was an indication, there will be alot more militaria to be found. In the past months i've bought a Belgian shako, a Belgian adrian, a m16 camo and a bunch of ww2 stuf which i've sold already.(almost everything was in great condition) Here's the link to the m16 camo: From that household, the father (colonel) and 2 sons were in the Belgian army during ww1. One of the sons was taken captive in 1914 and spend the rest of the war in captivity. There are atleast 300 letters written by both sons to their relatives, 4 Belgian gazettes which were published by the Belgians prisoners in Soltau and alot more papers dating from 1600 to 1950. During ww2, the son of the person on the permit fled to England during the German invasion of Belgium and became a spitfire pilot. Even his uniform and flightsuit was discovered in the shed. At the moment i'm trying to get atleast all the papers from ww1, i especially want the letters and the gazettes but at the moment he wants to sell the 3 bananaboxes full with papers together for a high sum. I hope i can show you more stuff soon as the negotiations are still going on. Greetings Pickelhaube
  2. Pickelhaube

    Belgian m1915 uniform 11th artillery regiment

    Thank you. I do consider myself Lucky that i have 5 model 1915 tunics since they became very rare and expensive. I forgot to mention tat the trousers were made in London and that they're dated november 1917. Greetings Pickelhaube
  3. Pickelhaube

    WW1 Uniforms...all nations

    Belgian m1915 uniform of the 11th artillery regiment Greetings Pickelhaube
  4. Since i was reorganizing my collection room and i needed a break from that, i tought i would take some pictures of 1 of my Belgian ww1 uniforms. Greetings Pickelhaube
  5. I have some helmets which have the chinstraps over the visor also, but those are just my French and Belgian helmets. None of my German stahlhelmets have their chinstraps over the visor. Here are some additional photo's: Greetings Pickelhaube
  6. Yesterday i was walking on a fleemarket when somebody said he had a helmet and some papers in his car which he had found while clearing out an old barn. Not expecting something exciting i went with him, but when he pulled out this helmet, i knew i had to have it. It's not a camouflagepatern i come across alot and one i didn't had in my collection until now. The leather interior is in great condition and it even has the chinstrap. I know the foto's don't do any justice, but at the moment i only have my Phone to take photo's. Greetings Pickelhaube
  7. Great display!!! Greetings Pickelhaube
  8. here are some bavarians: artillerie 3rd schwere reiter Greetings Pickelhaube
  9. Yes, they did. I'm still looking for a Bavarian with a balltop. Here's my bavarian. Some people think these are all cavalery, but the chinscales show clearly it's an artilleriehaube. Greetings Pickelhaube
  10. For some reason i like artilleriehauben. M1915 Prussian marked to FAR 8. M1895 Baden M1895 Würtemberg(fake chinstrap) M1895 Pruissian marked to FAR10 Prussian one year volunteer If you have artilleriehauben you wanne share, please do so. Greetings Pickelhaube
  11. For some reason i like artilleriehauben. M1915 Prussian marked to FAR 8. M1895 Baden M1895 Würtemberg(fake chinstrap) M1895 Pruissian marked to FAR10 Prussian one year volunteer Greetings Pickelhaube
  12. I tought i would place 1 of my favorite helmets in this thread. It's a garde dragoner reserve offz helmet. This was my 2nd pickelhaube i ever owned and still one of my favorites. I know the silverwash turned black on some places, but im afraid to clean it because this helmet still has his silverwash. Greetings Pickelhaube
  13. Here is my latest helmet that i bought yesterday at the militaria fair in Wavre. Thanks to a forum member that was willing to sell this great shako, i was able to buy it. The helmet started his life as a train shako, marked with both TB12 and TB19, in his later life it got converted to a Jägershako. Greetings Pickelhaube
  14. Pickelhaube

    Renault FT-17 light tank

    That's something you don't see every day. It's just a shame to see this tank outside. Where is that museum and tank located? Greetings Pickelhaube
  15. Pickelhaube

    Name Tags

    That's indeed an interesting find, i doubt many of these have survived. Greetings Pickelhaube