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  1. Great display!!! Greetings Pickelhaube
  2. here are some bavarians: artillerie 3rd schwere reiter Greetings Pickelhaube
  3. Yes, they did. I'm still looking for a Bavarian with a balltop. Here's my bavarian. Some people think these are all cavalery, but the chinscales show clearly it's an artilleriehaube. Greetings Pickelhaube
  4. For some reason i like artilleriehauben. M1915 Prussian marked to FAR 8. M1895 Baden M1895 Würtemberg(fake chinstrap) M1895 Pruissian marked to FAR10 Prussian one year volunteer If you have artilleriehauben you wanne share, please do so. Greetings Pickelhaube
  5. For some reason i like artilleriehauben. M1915 Prussian marked to FAR 8. M1895 Baden M1895 Würtemberg(fake chinstrap) M1895 Pruissian marked to FAR10 Prussian one year volunteer Greetings Pickelhaube
  6. I tought i would place 1 of my favorite helmets in this thread. It's a garde dragoner reserve offz helmet. This was my 2nd pickelhaube i ever owned and still one of my favorites. I know the silverwash turned black on some places, but im afraid to clean it because this helmet still has his silverwash. Greetings Pickelhaube
  7. Here is my latest helmet that i bought yesterday at the militaria fair in Wavre. Thanks to a forum member that was willing to sell this great shako, i was able to buy it. The helmet started his life as a train shako, marked with both TB12 and TB19, in his later life it got converted to a Jägershako. Greetings Pickelhaube
  8. Renault FT-17 light tank

    That's something you don't see every day. It's just a shame to see this tank outside. Where is that museum and tank located? Greetings Pickelhaube
  9. Name Tags

    That's indeed an interesting find, i doubt many of these have survived. Greetings Pickelhaube
  10. Best unit or not, the tunic is a killer. Greetings Pickelhaube
  11. Some of my Belgian trench knives

    Has anybody seen or owned a belgian trench knife which was made from a bajonet made by the american company Hopkins and Allen. I wonder if they made the trench knives before Hopkins and Allen started delivering the bajonets. Greetings Pickelhaube
  12. Here are some of my Belgian trenchknives, these were made in England in 1915-1916 from obsolete Belgian m1889 bajonets. I have 2 more, but theyre still in my boxes somewhere. Needless to say i like these trench knives. The frog is a gomez frog, which was supplied to the Belgian army together with the gomez belts. Two of the trench knives on the photo were made from 1889 bajonets which were produced early in the war by sanderson for the Belgian army. I'm wondering if these trench knives were made from bajonets that were shipped to England or did they used the bajonets from the Belgian soldiers that arrived in England. I hope i'll ever find some personalised Belgian Trench knives, i have seen some in the past with carvings in the wooden handle. Some had "yser" scatched in the handle but 1 looked like it had scratches in the handle that looks like they represented kills.
  13. This is a shell i bought last year. It's the shape and size of a Belgian 77 mm shell, but yet its an odd one. This piece should date from just before ww1. Some people said it was an experimental shell while other said the piece had instructional purpuses. I think it's the 2nd option, but maybe somebody here can shed a ne light on this. The only marking on the shell is "R.10" Greetings Pickelhaube
  14. I bought this helmet 3-4 years ago at a small militariafair in Ypres. It lacked the helmetplate and feldzeichen, but when i saw the silver fittings on the chinstrap, i knew it was a garde schutzen/luftshiffer/telegraphen shako. So i took the chance buying it since the price was "low". I started asking around the same day if people had the helmetplate, but all plates i saw were either incomplete or restored. I did saw some good plates, but i was Always to late to buy them. My luck changed on xmas day last year, when i was browsing a webshop from somebody i know. I suddenly saw the helmetplate on the webshop and i decided to purchase at once. Since it was the holidays, i had to wait a few days on the confirmation that the helmetplate was mine. It's only 1 foto atm, but when i have the time i'll make sure. Greetings Pickelhaube