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  1. Nice research Egorka. Magierow not far away from my home town!
  2. Salutation, ground dig awards very often bring a deeper history, despite of their condition (only s/n matters). And here is original citation of Hamitov's ORS. Whats more,i think if we talk about Battle of Kursk we should consider it as a sereies of military operation, battles, local offensives and counter-offensives (ex. Zitadel, Kutuzow, Rodimtsev, Prokhorovka, Obojan, Bogodukhova, etc.) All fights between 5th July and 23th August in region of Kursk we could generaly call Battle of Kursk. Regards
  3. Salutation, as Kursk battle is in range of my interest (and 1943 in general), here i post pictures of ground dig Order of the Red Star Guards Sergeant Sajdahmet Hamitov - 13 Motorized Brigade (12 Tank Corps, 3rd Guards Tank Army) He was KIA on 19.07.1943 during 3rd Army Counter offensive (Kobjakovo - Kursk Oblast) He has received his ORS in march 1943 for shooting down 4 airplanes and killing up to 100 facists during battle at Kursk. Regards