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  1. Egorka, thank you for the quick reply as well as for your time and effort. So it is a veteran's group?
  2. Hello, Can anyone please help identify this Soviet Submarine Badge. I think it may be an anniversary or an educational badge from the Soviet Submarine School. Thanks, John
  3. Hi Mike, Wow I just read my post with all of its errors...no more cell phone posting for me. No, thank goodness the medal is not named.
  4. Hello, Can someone please help me to correctly Identify this medal? It appears that them medal started of as The Military Medal GV and then the "For Bravery in the Field" was buffed down )shadow markings) and then stamped "Distinguished Service". Can anyone please shed some light on this? Thanks, John
  5. Owen, Thank you for the help and offer.
  6. Peter, I would imagine the Sgt Major would have been and excellent and competent soldier/leader. Too bad he didn't get to enjoy the victory or his medal.
  7. Jonas (aka: GRA) - Thanks for the heads-up on the book "The Cavalry that Broke Napoleon" I just ordered it from Amazon! Owen: I'm going to take advantage of Ancestry.com free trial 14 day membership. Paul W & Paul 1957: Thanks for the info and sources. I can't wait for the holidays to be over and the in-laws to be gone and the kids are back in school so I can start the research undisturbed. I'm really looking forward to it. Best, John
  8. Hello Gents, Thanks for the replies and I appoligize for the delay in getting back to you. Here is the requested pic but please provide no information:
  9. Hello, I am a veteran medal collector but I am very new at collecting British Medals. I recently purchased this 1815 Waterloo Medal named to a soldier in the 1st Regiment Dragoon Guards. I am very excited about this medal because it is the oldest medal I have in my collection and most expensive. I am withholding the recipients name because I know that there are some people who are very helpful who tell me everything I would want to know about the soldier but I would prefer to do the legwork myself in order to get the experience in researching British medals. With that being said I do need some help with a starting point for my research and was hoping that someone could please point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance! John
  10. Polish Order of Virtuti Militari – What Time Period? Can anyone please help identify the time period of this Polish Order of Virtuti Militari? I checked in Dr. Wesolowski’s book on Polish Orders, Medal Badges & Insignia but to no avail. Thanks, John
  11. XII Fiera Campionaria Internazionale – Padova 1930 I picked this medal up ( XII Fiera Campionaria Internazionale – Padova 1930) several years ago while in Italy and I just recently re-discovered. The medal appears to be some sort of an award for the 12th International Trade Fair in Padova in 1930. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this medal before and if it is was an official medal issued by a local government (province or city) to the organizers who planned, organized and executed this event? The medal is too well made and ornate just to be a souvenir. Best, John
  12. Hi Robert, Thank you for the quick reply and detailed answer. It is a smart looking badge. Best, John
  13. This is really not my area of interest but I bought this bullion cap badge not knowing what it was, I just thought it was aesthetically pleasing with its design and bullion thread. Does anyone know if it is military or civilian? I could not match it to a Royal Navy.
  14. Paul, Thank you for your help! Tony, Thanks, however I don't own the medal. I found it on-line and was curious about the "DEAL 3007-S" because I had never seen one named like that.
  15. Peter, That sounds like a good and logical possibility. Thanks for your time and effort. Best, John