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  1. Hi Dave, thanks for that; I confess that I did wonder if Herbert was not being entirely truthful in his description of himself as he was certainly not referred to as a detective in the 1901 census, or in 1911 by which time he had retired. Thanks again Neil
  2. Hi Brian I have read your history of the Staffordshire Force and also another history somewhere which agrees with yours; there is something though that seems not to tie in with a discovery I have made. I have a marriage Certificate for Herbert Moreton from the 'Mining Divison' (Bilston) dating from June 14th 1887 where he is clearly described as a detective. He was a former NCO in the army and went on to become a Police Sergeant. Your history states that detectives did not exist in Staffs until the 1890s. Do you have any possible explanation or has someone somewhere perhaps made a slight error with the date of the introduction of detectives? Thanks Neil