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  1. South Gansu Governor Medal

    Waac those are beautiful pieces , are they yours James ? Thank you for info. it is really helpful. Do you think it is fake ?
  2. South Gansu Governor Medal

    Hi, does anyone know any more information about this medal? SOUTH GANSU GOVERNOR MEDAL
  3. Help to identified

    Cool James , its awesome by the way do you know the name of the man on the medal ? thank you Petro
  4. Looking for this medal

    I bet it will come through your mind one day
  5. Help to identified

    Hi James , really appreciated your help , is the reverse saying something more then merit medal? I have translation as "With the robe, shame to teach war" . or did you see one of those ?
  6. another china medal

    Waaaaaaw , thank you for info i will start to dig in it .
  7. Looking for this medal

    Hi guys Iam looking for those medals hope someone here is the owner
  8. another china medal

    Just arrived new medal any idea ?
  9. Help to identified

    they use that shape Hunan province 1920 ,1922 Tan Yankai ,commemorative medal and merit medal ?
  10. reassure

    Cooooooool thank you .
  11. Pins , Badges

    Cool you know a lot about them THANK YOU LINGQI .
  12. Japanese Manchukuo

    Thank you.
  13. Help to identified

    Hi who knows something about this medal?
  14. reassure

    Interesting 922F and thank you for correction . Can you share some of those web sites please ?
  15. reassure

    thank you Paul i really appreciate it , i was searching everywhere online and never meet that information , where did you get that info ?