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  1. lazyschnauzer

    Belgian Shako

    Many thanks for posting the shakos! All the best, Dan
  2. lazyschnauzer

    Bringing History to life...

    I've loaded most of my collection of color uniform, equipment and weapons references for the Great War on www.Planetfigure.com Uniform Reference pages. They're broken down by combatant nation, in some cases the year of the war represented. If you are looking for a specific reference, let me know and I'll see what I can find. All the best, Dan
  3. lazyschnauzer

    Bringing History to life...

    Larry T - Can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your colorizing the posted photos! Really neat! Do you consider suggestions for photos to colorize? If yes, do any of these WW1 Germans provoke an interest? If you don't have uniform color references, I can provide them. All the best, Dan
  4. lazyschnauzer

    A few A4 and A5 sketches

    Yes...you should do more of them! All the best, Dan
  5. lazyschnauzer

    Imperial Russian 4th Don Cossack Lancer 1914

    Many thanks! Glad you liked it! I'm attaching some reference photos used to complete the project. All the best, Dan
  6. I've recently done a series of 8 lancers of the combatant nations of the First World War. As the title says, this one is a Russian lancer from 1914. I started with a Verlinden Napoleonic kit horse, removed all the saddle and equipment molded on the casting and then re-sculpted the correct saddle and equipment, including the bridle. The sculpting media I typically use is a mix of Kneadatite and MagicSculpt, both of the air-drying two part putties. To build the horseman, I used a kit head, but modified it heavily. The boots and rifle came from kits. Just about everything else was sculpted. Eduardo Lopes, a multiple gold medal winning Spanish painter, completed the model for me. I'm sure you'll agree with me that his skill is definitely on display with this piece. Hope you like it! All the best, Dan
  7. lazyschnauzer

    Army Air Corps Apache

    Very nice commemorative! Beautifully painted! All the best, Dan
  8. lazyschnauzer

    Canadian Mounted Rifles Scout - Boer War

    The original (if memory serves) is life size or maybe larger and I'd estimate about 12 feet from the bottom of the scout's boots to the top of the horse's ears. Of course the original is also mounted on a base which is 5 or 6 feet off the pavement. 1/4th scale! So - 2.5 or 3.0 feet in height for 1/4th scale, not counting the base! Do you recall who purchased the 1/4th scale model? All the best, Dan
  9. The idea for this figure came from seeing George W. Hill's Boer War monument to the Canadian Mounted Rifles and Strathcona Horse in Montreal, Dorchester Square. This figure of a frightened, rearing horse and a dismounted CMR trooper with field glasses is in 1/16th scale and was made using a Verlinden horse. The horse was modified, all hair and saddle and related horse furniture removed and re-sculpted. I sculpted a western saddle, but otherwise what I think is Canadian military cavalry kit. Head, hands and other resin kit parts were used. The hands were slightly altered to fit. A DJParkin metal SMLE rifle was converted to a Long Lee Rifle. The terrain is combinations of a resin base, MS, rocks and pumice paste with various green and brown grass, moss, shrubs and flowers. The terrain has been washed with various acrylics. The model sold unpainted as you see it and I've never seen photos of the painted version. Hope you like it! All the best, Dan
  10. lazyschnauzer

    Goodbye Cobber or Journeys End

    Many thanks Peter! All the best, Dan
  11. lazyschnauzer

    Goodbye Cobber or Journeys End

    Thanks very much Mervyn! The piece is in Australia now because it was a gift for Tony. I could possibly put you in touch with him if you want to pursue putting it in a museum. I would be most honored. All the best, Dan Morton, Maj, USAF, BSC, CIH (Retired)
  12. lazyschnauzer

    Goodbye Cobber or Journeys End

    Thank you Chris! I've enjoyed your posts! This piece is actually several years old now, but I thought why not post it? All the best, Dan
  13. lazyschnauzer

    Goodbye Cobber or Journeys End

    This is a 1/16th mostly scratch built model of an Australian infantryman saying goodbye to a fallen comrade. It was inspired by e-mail conversations with Tony Dawe, a medal-winning Australian painter, whose relatives fought in Gallipoli and on the Western Front during WW1. Tony painted the model both with attention to historical accuracy and detail and a marvelous eye for color and took all the photos. Hope you like it! All the best, Dan
  14. lazyschnauzer

    Bringing History to life...

    Remarkable! I thoroughly enjoyed the colorized photos! All the best, Dan
  15. This is the first of six 1/16th scale mounted lancers to be completed. All of them have been sculpted and assembled and are just waiting for painting. [I don't paint!] This was also the first one I sculpted started last October. The horse, head and hands came from various kits. The horse came from a Verlinden Napoleonic kit. I removed all the Napoleonic saddle, blanket, bridle, etc. and cut out all the interior of the horse to reduce weight on the back legs. Then I resculpted the appropriate saddle and other equipment on the horse piece by piece. Basically I finished almost all of the horse before even starting the figure. The Verlinden Napoleonic dragoon's head was modified a bit. The rest was sculpted using a mix of air-drying Kneadatite and MagicSculpt. The lance is a piece of brass with a sculpted blade on one end and a sculpted holder bit on the other. I added a holder for the lance on one of the stirrups and modified a kit rifle to made the Berthier carbine fitted into the rifle bucket. When assembled, the horse and figure were painted by Luis G. Ibanez, a very talented Spanish painter. He regularly posts to and is a forum member on www.Planetfigure.com. Finally I added the groundwork over the past three days. Hope you like it! All the best, Dan