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  1. Sadly I'll have to postpone the trip. Hopefully in february. In another forum I was told that there won't be any problems or issues with travelling around and that the locals will be pleased that someone shows interest in their recent history... We'll see... E*
  2. Very interesting. I hope to see the medals on the uniforms soon... E*
  3. I am planning a one-week vacation with my girlfriends, and we're 90% sure on Oman. We'll stay in a resort not far from Salalah, and I was thinking of taking a quick trip to Mirbat, renting a driver/Guide and spend a couple of hours there. Will it be feasible? Any suggestions/connection? Any other interesting stuff I may see there (relevant to the Dhofar "war"). One other thing, we're flying from Italy to Muscat (with a very short layover, no time for getting out of the airport), and from Muscat to Salalah, my concern is that the Omani Customs/Border Police may create problems because I have Israeli Visa on my passport, do you know if it's possible? I've previously travelled to Egypt & Jordan with Israeli visas, with out any issue. Thanks a lot! E*
  4. Thanks a lot... Just a lucky find on eBay... E*
  5. The Antelope badge has been positively identified as Signals... E*
  6. Yes, of course... E*
  7. It's obviously a replica... Is there a way, a part frome the patina, to tell "originals" from replicas/commercial specimens? Thanks a lot! E*
  8. Here's my little Omani collection... Unsure about the center on on bottom row... Any ideas? E*
  9. I just got this stuff from an eBay auction... I think that I didn't get the whole lot, but the 2 beret badges are unknown to me... Any opinion? Of course the last medal is Malay. Thanks a lot... E*