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  1. Sadly I don't think the portrait is of Lucy. I have searched online and it's a Portrait of Countess Ferdinand Colloredo-Mannsfeld 1913) by Philip Alexius de László (1869-1937), an English painter, Oil on canvas. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Laszlo_-_Countess_Ferdinand_Colloredo-Mannsfeld.jpg Her maiden name was Eleonore Iselin (New York 27 Dec 1881-New York 25 Feb 1939) and she married Ferdinand Johannes Hieronymus Maria Colloredo-Mannsfeld (Sierndorf 5 Jun 1878-Vienna 18 Dec 1967) in New York on 10 May 1909. Ferdinand was from another branch of the noble Austrian Family to Lucy's fella, Joseph II, who married again but had no children. The Colloredo-Mannsfeld family had a tough time of it with the Nazi annexation of Austria, followed by the Soviets nationalising the family's properties in Czechoslovakia, so maybe Lucy was better off with Rupert after all, even though he was a bit of a cad... I am conscious that I am probably misusing GMIC as I am searching for information on Lucy Jonquet, but if anyone (dante?) can put me on the right track, I'd be interested to hear... Thanks, it's been fun.
  2. Thanks for this. Scrubs up OK doesn't she? I have been unable to trace anything connecting Lucy to Rome where she died in 1940. Any info? The Ancestry.com site has quite a bit on Roland Cartwright - looks like he was born in Kingston, Surrey, but maybe 2 years earlier than the date you give? Certainly at his death he was aged 40.
  3. Very interested in any further info that dante can provide on Lucy Jonquet who is a distant relative by marriage of mine. There is quite a lot about the Colloredo-Mannsfield connection I have found, but I'm always interested in more, and if you have any more background on her relationships with Roland Cartwright and John Graham I'd be keen to hear from you. The description of her in the Met Police report of 1915 is superb. What a chancer she must have been. Peckham remains a pretty poor area south of the Thames but near to inner London. Looks like she transitioned to the high life quite convincingly. What's the story behind the gravestones - I cannot read the inscriptions.