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  1. Hello , I am in accord with Christian , Heimwehr ,
  2. Hello , Just now I read your post . The theme is highly sensible . but the facts were the facts . First ,existed among the popoulation of Poland a good number of ethnic Germans . Second The Polish Army was the de facto ruler of the Country and their commands were if not pro germans at least rightists and not leftists . Third ,the Antisemitism was current in Poland and the Anticomunism . The Poles were confronted to the eternal dilemma ,Prussia or Russia , Marshall Pilsudski and colonel Beck the foreign minister searched an aproach with the nazi Germany and signed a Treaty in 1934 . Poland take her piece of the desmembration of Czechoslovakia in 1938 and only the soft attitude of Great Britain and France in front of Hitler prevented a more thig colaboration between Poland and Germany.
  3. Hello , My pleasure . Interesting photo of the group of Artillerymen .
  4. Hello , The man wears collar lace as the senior NCOs but with three rhomboid stars , not the six pointed of an army feldwebel
  5. Bayern

    Hindenburg, Paul von

    Hello , A really nice document , a fine gesture of the Reichspresident to a Douane Employee .the president must had have into his staff a Schriftsteller who write on hand the documents .
  6. Hello , Nice cap and not very common , There were not much Chaplains in the Kriegsmarine .
  7. Hello , Its possible ,the colours match ,
  8. Hello , Feldwebel of the Police ?
  9. Hello : Nice pieces , thanks for share . a doubt ,i believe that the Polizei der Gemeinde weared carmine piping . Chaplain mutze ?
  10. Bayern

    Identification of the Badge

    Hello , What Junker School , the portrayed by Nikolai Bulgakov in the novel White Guard ?
  11. Hello : The 7th Infantry Regiment of the Royal Italian Army was named Cuneo ,and his garrison city was Udine . the Regiment existed until 2001 . when was dissolved and their flag envoyed to the Vittoriale . but your Barberis is clearly not the abve mentioned who died heroically in Libia . If your ancestor was from SanGermano Vercellese was of thePiedmont .near Turin ,
  12. Thanks again ! Its a strange feeling for me to see these pictures .
  13. Freikorps ? hmm , perhaps but I think more on a member of the Security Police raised in Saxony at the beggining of 1919