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  1. Thanks , perhaps he was a G FAR ,officer detached to the Btn 62 in temporary commision
  2. Bayern

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    nHello tony , Hello tony , the current peak of Austro hungarian caps was black ,made usually of leather. with the war shortages of raw materials the peaks were made of cloth in the same colour of the cap .sometimes ,of black coloured waxed cloth.
  3. Hello , the Dragoon wears one cockade on his cap ,then the photo is from before 1897,
  4. Superb ! but why the collar litzen ? Guards ? first Garde fuss artillerie regiment
  5. Bayern

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hello tony, Interesting . Is any date on the reverse ? They look as Home depot recruits later in the war . field grey caps , pre war waffenrock with the colour of the collar concealed , field grey breeches and putees and ersatz belts . The second photo shows what appears to been recruits also but tthese with hungarian pike grey trousers . and with blue blusen and not waffenrock
  6. Hello The Prussian , All right , but as with all the related to the Balkans included Greece this history of the Army Corp is plenty of not clear circumstances .example the manpower of the Corps , other, they not surrended ,obeying orders of the legitime government ,they retired with their armament and organization .if the historian is Greek is not imparcial , if French ,also, i am referring to the contemporary .
  7. Not great estimation mine for this kerl , responsible of Luftwaffe destruction and other disasters,
  8. The prussian , I discovered another information , the commander of the IV Greek Army Corps was Colonel Ioannis Hatzopoulos .an Artillerymen who died in Gorlitz the 21 st of April of 1918. the book were i saw the pic and read the caption saids Colonel Karakallos with Erstorff . so the second named must have take command after Hatzopoulos death .
  9. Hello Farkas, The Austro Hungarian General portrayed was Franz Xaver von Shoenaich 1844 1916 .he was war minister in 1908 . the Biography that you posted belongs to a German cavalry officer.
  10. Andrei, Without serious and well documented studies of each war the Romanians had fought not a definitive balance will take place
  11. Bayern

    Austro-Hungarian unknown uniform

    Hello , the man on your post of October 3 is a infantryman of German regiment ,note the long trousers .
  12. Servitore ! The Romanian Army is usually bad known or treated with contempt .by historians inclusive . Romanian Cavalry and Vanatori de Munte fought very well in WW2 .the Romanian Artillery of WW2 was good but insuficient . The Romanian Armed Forces were in 1939 at the beginning of a period of modernization , not fully eficient due to the bad politicians .
  13. Hello , Existed the Crucea nationala Serviciul Credincios and the Medalia natinala Serviciul Credincios .the cross was higher than the medal .both were awarded to military or civilian personnel in peace time or war time . The were the highest award for people without higher school education . For the better educated existed the Order . Ordinul National Serviciul Credincios , with a fixed number of members among Romanian citizens civilian and military. the Order was awarded in five degrees Grand Cross ,great officer ; commander ,officer and cavalier. the order was for strangers also and out of the number fixed for Romanians. Cross and medal were also extensibles to foreigners whitin the same education frames
  14. Hello Morar Andrei . Your request is not easy to answer . The Romanian Army was able to fight well when it have good High Commands . for example during the Russian Turkish war of 1877. during the second Balkan War the Romanian Army althoug not much involved in battle contributed much to win the war .During the ww1 the Romanian Army first fought well but later was defeated by a combination of political motives linked to Russia . During the war with Hungary of 1919 the Romanians beated easily the Hungarian Red Army .in the Second world war the Romanians fought well at the side or at the front of the Germans and HUngarians . In Stalingrad It was not the total responsability of the Third and Fourth Romanian Armies . both fight well with their scarse resources . the Soviets chose well the target. the two Armies were overextended ,underpowered and undermanned.