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  1. Nice photo , Its of before 1890 , the soldier poses with a Gras rifle , 1874 1886 into service . apart the small kepi , the heavy equipment . nice and non common .
  2. Its very sad , King Ferdinand was present at Kaiser Franz Joseph funeral dressed in the uniform auctioned . in the same dress assisted to the coronation of emperor Karl as King of Hungary . The uniform is charged with History and in last instance belongs to Bulgaria .too .
  3. Hello : To me they are members of the Red Cross . the bearded man wo rests his right elbow on the table appears to have officer shoulder boards and neatly a officers type belt and clasp . the other man appears to wear unterarzt shoulder boards . similar to the SB s used by offizierstellvertrer with a aesculapius staff on the middle . The man at the right of the civilian wears too officer SBs and belt .
  4. Hello : Yes its the site . Very interesting , contains much data and of quality ,
  5. Hello : Cross and Islam ? not possible . A Dutch award with arabic inscription , probably
  6. The Royal Egyptian Army was based on the Khedives Army which was British patterned . Dr Chris Flaherty in his work about ottoman uniforms dedicates a section to the Egyptian Army till 1919 .
  7. Very interesting ! A collection that contains many pieces of vanished times
  8. Farkas : At least one photo contains info , The one with the men holding a board . on the board says that they belonged to the imperial and royal urgency hospital located in the sporting club of Ried . Ried im Inkreis is a town in Upper Austria .
  9. Naxos : Thanks , I dont know that the shoulderboards for greatcoats were bigger .
  10. Hello : Good photos ! The bicorne is in rather good condition . the feather bush would be of green ostrich feathers .perhaps you could find an artisan able to make a replacement . after all its question of make a green duster .
  11. Hello : Adecuate surname for a hussar regiment which was armed with sharp blade sabres .
  12. The Etatmasige Feldwebwel was called Leithammel (ram ) and in second world war Ruckgerat (spinal chord ) der Armee.
  13. Hello : Sanitatsoffiziere weared dark green one row , jackets with red collar and cuffs , Medical officers ; double breasted jacket in blue colour with black collar and cuffs piped red . and gold buttons . at first look the jacket looks to my eyes as blue . later realized that it is green
  14. Gentlemen : I suggest a visit to www . mlorenz. at Sammlung