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  1. Hello , Thanks for share. The Lorette Heights were a very strategic position for their tennants , In past wars existed the conviction that who commands the Heights Commands France. In October 1914 ,Bavarian troops of Prince Rupert Army occupied the Heights and received the order of hold firm there.
  2. Hello ,I had forgotten the Julian Alps , Irish Gunner possibility is suitable. Something else ,there is a italian war film of 1970, Uomini contro la Guerra, the plot is about the first world war in the Asiago Plateau ,were a Italian Division lead by a foolish General suffers badly. The film was realized In the then Yugoslavia due to the opossition of the Italian Army. the field scenes were filmed in the Slovene Alps
  3. Hello UNR , Police ? Its a Kurassier type Helmet . Please where you find it ?
  4. Hello UNR 1917, Probably It belonged to a German soldier who lost his life there .
  5. Hello GreyC ,Well ,then they are two possible reasons for use the device, one ,the shot with blank cartridges other the use of real ammo with lower charge of propellent perhaps that of the Gehwer 1888 .
  6. Hello , Thanks for Share, once upon a time I was the owner of a Cigarette Cards Album titulated Rhumesblatter des Deutsche Geschichte .a very nice piece covering from Teutburger Wald to the Herero war. the cover was embossed with medaillons in relief ,also oak leaves and so on all matt gilded
  7. Hello UNR , During 1916 , Germany collected Gold among her citizens . You Give a Watch Chain of gold and they give you one made of iron . the same with wedding rings . I possesed a watch chain of my Grandfather , very similar to your bracelet. I am unable to post a pic due to the fact that the chain returned to Germany with my brother who lives there The inscriptions says , In iron times one and Gold for weapons iron for the honour the other . the date 1916 is the year of the campaign
  8. Hello GreyC , If I had understand well you suggested that the device is a recoil strenghtener,
  9. Bayern

    Cockade Shako - ukrainian type!

    Hello ,Ucrainian clearly patterned on the Imperial
  10. Interesting the corduroy jacket weared by the young man with Telegraphiste badge on collar and breast .the button of his shouldrestrap appears to be an artillery one also his whistle.the peakless Cap Cavalry or Horse artillery model.
  11. Bayern

    WW1 Uniforms...all nations

    Hello, Since ever i am an appasionate of the History of the Austro Hungarian Empire and sice i read The White Guard , the Novel of Bulgakov ,interested in Ucrainian History. thanks for the video althoug I dont understand Ucrainian .some knowledge of the facts i have
  12. Bayern

    French mid 1800s epaulettes?

    Hello , Certainly US Navy model 1852 Epaulettes for Captains were very similar ,but the eagle was in silver and lacks on the field the anchors equally in silver .
  13. Never seen before the device. perhaps some sort of muzzle brake ?