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  1. Apparently ,gefreiter in a Bavarian Cavalry regiment, either Chevaulegers or less probably ,Heavy Riders
  2. Its a nice piece, good quality wool cloth, well tailored and well preserved. many thanks for share !
  3. Glenn , the sabre he carries is of the type used by officials
  4. Hello Morar Andrei, If you are looking for metal tank models , you must explain more. first ,scale ,second model of which tanks and what is available in Romania . time ago ,existed metal tanks miniatures usually in 1 72 scale destined mostly to play .existed too others in 1 35 scale for example those of the French manufacturer Solido ,quite well made with rolling tracks and other details, today existed large scale Tank models made in England or China priced between 6000 sterling pounds and 10000 us dollars in kit form.
  5. Hello cslamo, Your answer to Glenn inclined the possibilities to a Official , that is your great grandfather served in the AH Army as one . Civil servants weared uniforms also and in war time these were Pike or Field Grey.but the use of cap badges as in the Army was not in use among them. Regarding the Mourning armband, i have no other info apart of the concerning to FJ1 death.The Army Chaplains weared in service a black armband like that of your GG fther . but Chaplains either Roman Catholics , Orthodox Catholics , Protestants ,Jews and Muslims all weared on the cuffs golden rank stripes, those of the Hungarian Honved with lace trefoil over the others.
  6. The last career rank reached by William II was Generalmajor und kommandeur of the 2nd Garde Infanterie Brigade tje 27th january of 1888. his birthdate . after his fathers death ,the 15th June of 1888, He became Supreme commander.
  7. Hello, your great grandfather wears Austro Hungarian Army uniform , the cap is that of a officer. He wears also a Karls Bluse , a model of field coat allowed to officers and officials. altough his beard obscured the collar ,on it appears to be either a star or a rosette and behind that a strip of cloth in regimental colour . his coat is without shoulder boards ,another officers feature. he carries a sabre ,not a infantry officer one , its a model for officials. the badges on his cap are unidetifiable. the black armband possibly is the mourning one for the death of Francis Joseph I .weared after November 21th of 1916 ,
  8. Hello ,certainly the Scot Greys badge is a Napoleonic Eagle
  9. Hello ccj . The rank of Generaloberst mit der rang eines Feldmarschall was conceded in peacetime in place of the wartime rank of Generalfeldmaschall. These Army Chiefs weared four pips on epaulettes or Shoulderboards intstead of the three of the Colonel General.
  10. Officer de Reinseignemet ?
  11. Yes ,Hermann Kusmanek von Burgneustadten was born the 18th September !860 in Hermannstadt
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