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  1. Hello : photo 4 shows bavarian infantry with what appears to be Podewils Lindner rifles , a percussion breechloader used between 1858 and 1867 , The bavarians of photo 3 carry the bayonet of the Werder rifle used from 1868 onwards till replaced with the 1871 Mauser
  2. Almost always the kunftige friedensuniform, were privately purchased . it was not provided by the Bekleidung Amt . It was authorized to all ranks inclusive privates and many purchased it .
  3. Chris : There is another detail , the stand type collar , feldgrau uniforms have a stand and fall collar .
  4. The badge is not much neat in the photo and the 10th and 11 th badges were very similar in shape . of course is not the badge of the 3rd of hussars . the date of the photo is around the turn of the century or more accurately between 1905 and 1914 . the haircut of your grandfather , the slim moustache and the clean shaved face , all are details of the era .
  5. Bavarians belonging to th Leibregiment , and wearing the light blue uniform pre war ,1888 rifles and bayonets old style ammo pouches too . the cuffs appears clearly of other colour . red piped withe . buttons looks plain and bright . lion buttons were matt .
  6. It looks like the uniform of the 10 th Prince of Wales own Royal Hussars Regiment .
  7. hucks216: Helmut Weize offers the soldbuch und wehrpass of General der infanterie von Obstfelder , WW2 era . 14 000 euros !!! take a look into his page .www weitze militaria Wehrmacht 1933 45 .
  8. Hello : Here in Argentine is current to give to generals at their retirement a copy of the personal file and record of services , in the course of a public ceremony . perhaps the german army of WW 1 era used to do the same.
  9. The crown is a royal not a mere aristocracy crown , and yes , Goering forbade the chaplains into his" Luftwaffe . My Luftwaffe is nazi saids the pompous kerl . but as most of the members of the LW were believers , they got in the need of lend a chaplain from the Heer or the KM . curiously the Waffen SS of Himmler allowed the muslims of the Handschar division to have a imam and to the finns of the volunteer finnish bataillon of the Waffen SS to have a protestant chaplain .
  10. Hello : White coffin with royal crown , catholic chaplain , inciense bearer altar boy , interesting . a high ranked dead .
  11. Heusy68 : Very interesting , its true the Chaco War is generally ignored, and was a long and bloody one ; tree years and between 80 000 and 100 000 dead according to the source consulted . two countries with scarce population , limited manpower and wealth commited themselves to a fruitless war . it was a singular one , a motorized war , with lorried infantry,and a logistical dominance of th motor. Bolivia employed with relative effect tanks , flamethrowers and a up to date air force , it was a war of fortified strongholds (fortines ) to conquest and of ample manouvres , developed on the vastness of the Chaco Boreal .was a war with few generals . with field officers commanding divisions and captains regiments , at the beginning , the belicist Bolivia had a Army in cadre , theoretically with 6 divisions , yes they exists but as skeletons of a division . total strength of the Army was less than 5000 men .Paraguay did well , declared a general mobilization . well its a theme very interesting the Chaco War . about the war few books exists in english , one the conduct of the Chaco War of the captn USAF ,D H Zook , the other The memoirs of marshall Estigarribia edited first in USA after the war, Osprey had edited a book , not very good , but with much usable information , about the air war exists a book of Antonio Sapienza and other , The militaria related to the war is mostly weapons , equipment and some decorations of the bolivian side, ,the paraguayan is limited just the decorations you have posted, initially the three crosses were only for the officers, I will try to post a few notes about the uniforms used by the bolivians
  12. Hello : Ernst Rohm was a condottiero , with many followers not all of them, were killed with the stabschef ,after his death many of the top nazis beggining with Goebbels received menacing billets signed R V . Rohm Avengers , inclusive the famous dr Sauerbruch who was not nazi was counseled to do his duty (to kill) Goebbels during a surgical intervention . the signers : R V,
  13. The waffenrock is a fine piece it belonged to a infantry NCO sergeant or vizefeldwebel , collar lace and grosse adlerknopf and lace on the cuffs . the diference between sergeant and vizefeldwebel was that the second was a portepee NCO. is strange that the light blue shoulder straps have no number. the colour denotes the army corps , I dont have at hand the list .
  14. Alamein : The foot artillery regiments were divided in two bataillons each with a staff and two batteries . The field artillery regiments were divided in abteilungen , the equivalent of a group , usually each abteilung with three batteries some regiments with three abteilungen others with two . the Guards with two normal and another mounted .