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  1. Bayern

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hello tony ,the man with the white headwear is an Austrian he wears a kepi with the neutrality band wrapped around . other man is an austrian uhlan . lancer cap on head.
  2. Hello , Regarding the Month ,I think in the period from May to August due to the full foliage of the visible trees
  3. Bayern

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hello tony , War games ,but i dont see Germans , only Austrians
  4. Chris , In post ww1 Germany existed a great number of organisations and societies aimed to the rescue and preservation of the memory of the combattants of the past war . In fact the Old Army was not disbanded until the summer of 1919
  5. Hello Chris , Perhaps its real action before the Wood was desvastated entirely. the man with a flamethrower indicates that the photo was taken after February 1915, probably from May to August . The Argonnerwaldlied was a song of the Pioneers, who were operators of flamethrowers
  6. Beautifully faked, or a post WW1 kameradeschaft badge of ex soldiers of the KB RIR 16
  7. Bayern

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hello ,tony and Grey C . German hussars ,as Grey C saids , one of the German hussars employed in the Eastern Front along the Austro hungarians was the 18th Regiment a saxon unit .Only the German Cavalry employed the lance , The Austrians not ,having abolished the use of the lance circa 1895, inclusive for the Lancers , the Uhlans . The German Cavalry was armed with sabre , lance ,and carbine .all the Types of horsemen . Cuirassiers , Dragoons , Lancers , Chevaulegers , Bavarian Heavy and Light Horsemen ,Saxon Heavy Cavalry and Mounted Rifles. The Austrian Horsemen either Lancers,Dragoons, Hussars or Mounted Rifles carried sabre and carbine .and the NCOs and musicians ,pistol or revolver in lieu of the carbine.
  8. Bayern

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hello ,interesting enough , the lancers are in fact Hussars and in some number , thats was more current in the eastern front were cavalry was deployed at regimental level .
  9. Hello Farkas . The men on the first pic are Bavarian Light Horsemen . which regiment '? hard to say but ,existed eight regiments two with white facing colour , two with carmine, two with madder red and two with pfirsich that is peach colour. the collars and cuffs appears as lighter than reds and obviously not white . then could be peach used by the third and sixth regiments one with gold the other with silver buttons and etc. the third was garnisoning Dieuze .
  10. Hello , Grey C . I got to post, it shows me the last pic and I saw then I write , later I discovered that you had writed before . Hello Grey C .Thanks for your answer . and regarding the Saxon , I wrote without having see the top of the pic
  11. Hello , Prince Henry of Prussia the younger brother of William II was a enthusiastic of the cars and races , a flyer also .Prince Waldemar washis eldest son . he was haemophilic . althoug he served into the Navy as his father .thats was for a short time . his disease prevented him of real service . Another form of service was to volunteer with your own car . The uniform of the Kaiserliche Freiwillige Automobilkorps ,was as all reglamented . perhaps for influence of Prince Henry ,the uniform was connected with tthat of the Schutztruppen linked with that of the Navy .
  12. Hello tony , as ever ,your photos are interesting . This time i center on the Obermusikmeister .the man with the fiddle in the center of the first pic . Why? because in another pic he wears the slouch hat of the Schutztruppen .the colour of his waffenrock appears lighter in tone than the others . the dark facings on cuffs and collar made me risks that he was part of the Togo Cameroon ,Schutztruppen who used red facings.