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  1. Hello Stuka, Probably the wedding of King Baoudouin with the Spanish aristocrat Doña Fabiola de Mora in 1960 is related to this Belgo Spanian association
  2. Bayern

    Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Hello , I dont dare to ask about price .
  3. Dragoons Regiment N 19 . until 1867 it was a cavalry unit of the Great Duchy of Oldenburg. from 1867 until 1919 it was a Prussian cavalry unit.after the Great Duke signed with Prussia a military deal , Prussia took charge of the Regiment and Oldenburg provided the men .for these cause it carrird the Prussian dragoon eagle surcharged with the coat of arms of Oldenburg. regarding the helm itself i think that is a good piece.
  4. Bayern

    Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Hello , thanks for your answer I hope that the collection go to good hands
  5. Bayern

    Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Well, a notable person, is the SB in a Museum ?
  6. Hello, Its the 305 mm Skoda Mortar . some of this pieces , take part in the siege of Belgian forts at the beginning of the War alongside with German Great Berthas. they fired 590 projectiles of 42 cm and 2130 of 30.5 .
  7. Bayern

    Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Sajkaca ,Thanks . Is Kniaz Alexander Baratinsky , the Governor of the Caucasus?
  8. Hello , I had never see one in person sic. only in photos and plates. the article in Wikipedia about Frederick Francis IV the last Great Duke contains a rather good pic of the Duke wearing field grey Generals uniform .with the special collar tabs.
  9. Bayern

    MGSSA 10 EK1, Nivelle Offensive....

    Hello , The Russian mutineers were neutralized by the French Army with use of the weapons including Artillery.
  10. Bayern

    Kingdom of Yugoslavia - cap badge

    Rollo, Gendarmerie forces in Serbia, Yugoslavia, Austria Hungary, Greece ,France , Turkey, Austrian Republic,Hungarian Kingdom, Romanian Kingdom , etc were Police Forces yes but with Military structure and training.
  11. Too small to be a busby totenkopf of the LeibHussars
  12. Bayern

    Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    The SBs are those of a field marshall but i dont believe that belonged to Nicholas II . Its well known that he never self promoted himself beyond the rank of Colonel that his father conceded to him . inclusive he