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  1. Hello ,the man portrayed is a machine gunner but his rank is feldwebel ,three stars and lace
  2. Alex K : All well done but ,the colour of the collar and cuffs must be green . the trousers double strpes also green .the stripes on the sash must be black.
  3. Hello The Prince wears the uniform of Feldjaeger Bataillon 12 with the rank of Colonel.Feldjaeger certainly means literally Field Hunter but more adecuate would be to say Rifles Bataillon. The Bohemian Feldjaeger Bataillon N 12 was stationed in Innsbruck in 1914. was formed with 67 per cent of Czechs 32 per cent of Germans and 1 per cent of others. commander was the Lieutenant Colonel Dante Bontadi . in 1914
  4. Bayern

    Is this Italian submarine badge?

    hello von Thronstal . My pleasure. the centre of the badge was enamelled in red for active men and in blue for those in school
  5. Bayern

    Is this Italian submarine badge?

    The Regia Marina badge for submarinists was different. It consisted in the figure of a dolphin into a circle surmoouted with the royal crown. The badge is Spanish ,from before 1931. it lacks of the stone on thecentral circle. I said 1931because of the royal crown eliminated after 1931 . the nationalists forces during the Civil War restaurated the crown but not the royal . they used a open marquisal crown and this lasted until 1975 .
  6. Bayern

    Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    that are
  7. the 115th was a Hessian regiment ? 1920,certainly the French exercised a great revenge against Germany
  8. certainly the badge on the left collar patch looks as the one of the Teno but the uniform looks rather archaic
  9. 1917 and the soldiers with the Mg ,although they weared bluse, looks as in 1914
  10. Grey C . Dont forget that the Bavarian Cavalry comprised two Heavy Regiments ,two of Ulanen and eight of Chevaulegers , uhlans and chevaulegers weared similar uniforms of lancer type. diferenciated by the helmet and the shape of the cuffs.
  11. That the Prussian uniforms remained the same more or less from 1813 to 1848 and i think also that the Prussian Army was notable for conservative use of resources ,then it could be a Landwehr button
  12. Bayern

    Spanish or USA march

    Hello , the spanish march must be the base of the Belgian parachutists march
  13. Perhaps is a military button of circa 1840 .
  14. Hello tony ,the men with the MG are Bavarian Light Horsemen .
  15. Hello , The SS Obergruppenfuhrer that appears in one pic is Arthur Phleps , a veteran of the Austro Hungarian Army after the WW1 he served in the Romanian Army reaching the rank of General . dismissed of the Army in 1940 ,in 1941 he joined the SS were he was ranked as Standartenfuhrer . he rose up into the SS . a interesting life . as austro hungarian officer he reached the rankof Lieutenant Colonel .He was a Ethnic German from Transylvania
  16. Bayern

    Austrian military merit cross

    Curious uniform that of von Nagy , first the narrow lace of his collar patch , second the badge between cockade and button on his cap or kepi, looks like a Bergfuhrer one
  17. Hello Rollo, Which metal? Pewter, Bronze, Tombak . You says Bronze but in the pic appears white
  18. Bayern

    Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Hello Sajkaca. So ? Are of the Tersky Cossacks ?
  19. The Prussian , The plate is from Enciclopedia Espasa Calpe. and the uniforms depicted are the ones of the regulations of 1904. these uniforms were changed between 1911 and 1913 to a Prussian style . the greatcoat for officers was modified in 1910 to a entirely Prussian model . Grey with blue collar piped in arm of service colour. Believe me the Japaner is a Argentinian
  20. The most probable candidate but iam not certain