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  1. Mystery Medal - Potential French Navy Medal

    Yes , and the Mission is named Jeanne d Arc because when it was established was on board of the Jeanne d Arc R97 a Cruiser launched in 1961 with the name La Resolute . changed for Jeanne d Arc when comissioned in 1964 . she served until 2010 .
  2. Yes , and the manufacture is the same.
  3. Hello Its what in German is called a Wimpel . they were for use on vehicles . as means of indication of the rank of the user .
  4. Relic / ground dug Gun Plate - AT gun?

    It fits , the question is to know if any unit equiped with the 105 mm LG operated in the area where the shield was found.
  5. Relic / ground dug Gun Plate - AT gun?

    Rohleder : In which battlefield was digged out ?
  6. WW1 Uniforms...all nations

    Hello : Really uniforms of the seventies of the 19 th century. but appears to be of good quality.
  7. Mystery Medal - Potential French Navy Medal

    Perhaps Its linked to the Mission Jeanne d Arc , of the French Marine Nationale . this mission is a campaign that takes place each year and is destined to complete the training of the naval cadets . it lasted several months.
  8. Austrian uniforms

    bcalkins : Thanks for your answer, I dont thougt in foot jaegers. in mounted ones yes but the patch doesnt match. Regarding to the 1st Feldjager , according with Lorenz , the ethnicity was 62 per cent Germans 26 pc Czechs and 2 per cent others, Perhaps after the reorganistion of the year 1917 the Battallion was merged with a Hungarian one
  9. All points to a Red Cross Society , but which ? Its not Lithuanian , Estonian or Letonian . Danzig also no,Poland ? no too.Scandinivia ? another time No . The ribbon appears to be of the type used by women . Knoted . and the colours are rare, Incidentally those of the uniform of the QARANC Scarlet and Grey.
  10. Austrian uniforms

    A question ,The fourth cap looks as a cavalry one or mounted artillery . but the J1 on the patch puzzles me.Its not Dragoner Husaren or Ulanen . neither Reitende Feldartillerie. what means?
  11. Certainly , the only users of ghotic S were the schools .and the jager green colour points to mountain troops .
  12. Relic / ground dug Gun Plate - AT gun?

    Perhaps a Italian one ? The Farina breastplate ?
  13. WW1 Uniforms...all nations

    HIgh class pieces, Thanks for share.
  14. Russian (Police?) Tulup Bekesha

    Jurgen Fritz , yes the Army weared a white creamy model ; but existed also a black one .
  15. Monte Santo : Thanks
  16. Russian (Police?) Tulup Bekesha

    As I know this was a distinctive garment of the Police
  17. Jurgen Fritz , post please a pic of the marks that must exist on the blade .
  18. Austrian uniforms

    skippy : The rank stars for NCOs from gefreiter to feldwebel into the Austro hungarian Armies were always white .independently of the button colour. they were made of bone or celluloid , the Officers rank stars were of different nature. PS I wish you a better health.
  19. The Tunic is rare, litzen on the collar, bright plain buttons , brest pockets and what appears to be Saxon cuffs.
  20. Admiral , Yes , von Lans is a more suitable candidate.
  21. Hello , The Admiral is probably , Paul Behncke. 1866 1937 , He was awarded with the Pour le Merite in October of 1917.
  22. Excuse me ,I forgot the rank held by the Prince , Its Lieutenant Ypolochagos in Greek
  23. Hello : The Duke of Edimburgh and the Late King Alexander were First cousins. and Alexander was nephew of William II ,kaiser and king. The Prince wears the parade uniform of the Artillery.