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  1. Bartholomew : The tunic is very similar to the Prussian Ueberrock . used by the Russians until the reign of Alexander III
  2. The uniform is really much old fashioned and directly back to the tsarism .
  3. Chris : The lace slide was carried at the base of the SB
  4. Hello ; The prussian regiments of JzP number 8 to 13 dont weared Kurassier helms except the officers . they used Dragoner helms and Dragoner boots. So the machine gunners portrayed must be JzP.
  5. Hello Chris : I am nearly sure that the lace means the status of Kapitulantenanwarter granted to the unteroffizier to which belonged the SB .in this case the lace was carried at the base of the SB
  6. Perhaps belonged to a Schuetze . To me is too big and stiff for a Student mutze.
  7. Gentlemen : First Boer War ? the weapon looks like a Martini Henry carbine. not as a Lee Metford one .
  8. Fritz : The style of number was rather uniform for all the German Empire Armies .
  9. Looks as if the german offizierstellvertreter had added a pair of badges of his own to the turkish pilot badge Apart , he is wearing a kunftige friedensuniform .coloured collar and cuffs , bright plain buttons and bright lace . perhaps the photo is of postwar era
  10. Not much . remember that the Flieger branch was of small size at the beggining of the war and until October of 1916 was not independized under genera von Hoeppner .
  11. Hello : Gentlemen , my pleasure , regarding to General Urban I aventure that during WW1 he dont had a first line command . other point that come to my mind is that probably he was awarded with the Militarverdienstkreuz during the occupation of Bosnia in the year 1878
  12. Hello Gentlemen ,Good news , I found into the Schematismus fur de KuK heer 1914 , our man or so I believe , Eduard Urban , who received the Militarverdientskreuz in 1879 , he was in 1914 Feldmarschalleutnant ,that is lieutenant general .
  13. Hello : The five pearl crown is a modern nobilty crown for noblemen without title .in Germany . modern refers to the class of nobilty . Otto von Bismarck was by birth only Herr von Bismarck Schoenhausen .
  14. Hello : The uniform could be light blue pike grey.one of the colours of Generals uniforms .the Austrian Generals were unique in wearing buttons with a design on them . a rosette . Artillerymen weared buttons with a design too but this was cannon and balls . All the other military corps weared glatte (plain ) buttons .Regarding to the name i suggests to look for a Urbanc . the germanized form . another question . Vrban is the paternal or maternal name ?
  15. Hello .: A question first , which is the name of your friends mother ? .second ,if the tunic is white ,or light blue and the buttons are not plain ,the man portrayed is a General .
  16. The Prussian : Pioniere ,or flieger,or railway, more improbably,Garde Artillery, The uhlan officer wears M15 bluse with lancer cap and carries a type of sabre not common. to me what appears on his shoulder board is an L. the man with tschako to me is a Garde jaeger.
  17. Hello . the observer appears to be a major .of technical branch .
  18. Bayern

    Unknown badge

    The Pussian and Farkas : First my best best wishes for both in this Christmas and coming New Year. Second, existed into the Prussia Army Doctors which were Regular . serving with the standing Army and Reservists .during the War Reserve Arzte were incorporated and other Doctors with no previous connection with the Military who volunteered were also incorporated as reservists but in commision .Apart the Pepiniere continued functioning with regular and newly incorporated students ,among this group many front experienced Unterarzte .that were included into the Reservists. The Prussian Army bureucracy was very compartimented but efficient and procured to find ever the correct niche to place every piece of the war machine with the correspondent uniform ,badge or distinctive .
  19. Paja ; Gentlemen : There are a few points about the cockades , one the type of metal , second how it was gilded and last but not least ,the type of enamel As new world asked . the enamel or glaze must be of the hard type .this material is prone to chipping . the best manner of discover the truth is to buy a cockade and made to it tests ,
  20. Hello the man at right wears the spanish falangist badge of the yoke and arrows.
  21. Fritz : Yes ,its possible .the Royal Bavarian Army at the beginning of the war numbered 23 line Infantry Regiments and the Leib Rgt . except the Leib ,all weared Shoulderboards with only the number in chainstitching as your SB.
  22. General staff patches for M1910 uniform were crimson . a rather pinkish red . the patch that you shows is for me a General Staff one.
  23. Bayern

    Identification of cap

    Appears as Dutch WW2 era . Air Force of the Colonial Army .but the badge doesnt fit .