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  1. Question on french uniform

    Looks reasonable. It was not until 1942 that Transmissions was created into the Army of the Armistice .and adopted a different collar patch ,black but with two chevrons Skyblue in colour.
  2. Hello Gentlemen ; The uniform is Greek and the portrayed is Prince Alexander ,Later between 1917 and 1920 ,King Alexander I of Greece
  3. Question on french uniform

    The Prussian : I discard Cuirassiers because there were no 18 th Regiment of Cuirassiers .
  4. Austrian uniforms

    Hello : The tunic is the one of a musician Feldwebel ; a German Regiment of the Common Army, Judging by the colour of lace and buttons ,that of the collar and cuffs , probably belonged to the famous Kuk Infanterie Regiment Hoch und Deutschmeister Number 4 . whose colour was Himmelblau , Skyblue.
  5. Hello , Crossed Axes ,surmounted with a flaming grenade , appears to be Genio .Engineers of the Royal italian Army . and into the divisions of the branch ,sappers . the others were railways , telegraph and bridge layers . the number 1 inside the grenade may be the regimental .
  6. Rohleder : Take a look to : Dienstgrade der Seestreitkrafte der DDR ,Parow und die Marine.
  7. Question on french uniform

    Or Cuirassiers ,dark blue patch with two red chevrons.
  8. US Marine Corp service dress jacket

    Thanks ! Peter . once upon a time a friend gifted me with a old publication of the USMC. in these I read about the Cavalry and , The Air Squad . and the Parades that carried in Shanghai .sadly I lend the magazine and vanished .
  9. Unknown badge

    Late answer : Yes
  10. Question on french uniform

    Hello Gentlemen : The man on the photo wears a interwars uniform , very smart , he is not an officer but a career NCO ,entitled to use a Sam Browne belt without the shoulder bandoliere. the dark patch could be Cavalry ; Dragoons , Cuirassiers ,Hussars Or Chasseurs .but also Engineers. the colour of the uniform is probably bleu horizon and judging by the apparent length of the tunic skirts the date is around 1930 .
  11. filfoster : into the page Gradi del Regio Esercito Wikipedia In Italian exists the colour plates
  12. GreyC : Its hard to say . the mostrina (collar Patch) is not visible . shoulder boards also not are carried on the Pastrano (coat) A closer view of the cap badge may help.
  13. Aw Hecht!

    filfoster : The colour called Hechtgrau was adopted by AH for a new field uniform in 1908. It was no a newcomer .really was and old one .it was the colour of the Rifle regiments and Bataillons since the Napoleonic Wars.and originally was a medium grey with a strong blue tint .but always the exposition to the sunlight faded the tint and yellowished (sic ) the colour so appears greenish , an Austrian collector and fisher said me that the same occurs with the pike fish when caught and exposed . The Army Museum in Vienna shows many Pike grey uniforms . those in mint condition are openly light blue in tone but others ,with signs of wear are more light in tone and a bit greenish. An american reporter who saw the German Army in Belgium in 1914 and the Austrian Howitzers deployed there says in his reportage Austrians with silvered ! colour uniforms . Its a matter of light and another facts .
  14. Bringing History to life...

    Kriegsmarine I suppose .but why the lace on the shoulder boards is blue and the SBs itself are gold?
  15. Ah Ja ; es ist klar . clear as water,.
  16. Hello . I think that the tunic certainly is for a musician .but its not Swiss. Its much British in Style an even manufacturing.
  17. Chris : Thanks again . by way of simple curiosity, Anyone is truly sick ?
  18. Superb display Chris , Thanks for share. a question : the mutze with carmine band and piping is of a GS officer? or perhaps of a Chevaulegers Regiment ?
  19. US Marine Corp service dress jacket

    Interesting ¡ Once I read about the China Marines a force very special with mounted Marines inclusive.
  20. Nice posts Morar Andrei.
  21. British Indian Army cap badge from WW2

    Well , solved my mistake.
  22. Hello : The Prussian , Yes Sir ! . Ostuf , The three men in the first pic (ampliation ) are from left to right, Prince Boris , General Jekow and General von Steuben. its curious the use of tropenhelme by the Prince and another Bulgarian officer.
  23. Von Roques Maumont is a nobility family of French origin . one branch via Switzerland settled in 1760 in Celle and their members provided officers to the Elector of Hannover
  24. Lieutenant general Nikola Zhekov (1864 1949 ) was first minister of War in 1915 and then Commander in chief of the Bulgarian Army (oberbefehlshaber) from1915 to 1918 due to the fact that King Ferdinand I resigned his prerrogatives and appointed the General