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    identification required

    Hello , The piece is poor quality copy of the original .
  2. Bayern

    Soviet Uniforms, Circa 1920's

    Hello , the documentary is post fall of the Soviet Union .
  3. Nice and , I believe , not common pieces
  4. Bayern

    Lt. Col. of the NKVD

    Parade Uniform ?
  5. Bayern

    Soviet Uniforms, Circa 1920's

    Hello , thanks for answer , I thought on the Red Air Force because of the badge on the upper sleeve very similar to that of Aviation. Exists a documentary video in four parts about the Uniforms and badges of the Red Army since 1919. Is Russian and speaked in russian but didactic with plenty of diverse eras film footage and pieces of uniform .
  6. Bayern

    Looking for image

    My pleasure
  7. Bayern

    Soviet Uniforms, Circa 1920's

    Hello , Was a judge of the Air Force ? Its notable that the Red Army used the same branch colours as used the Imperia German Army .
  8. Hello , Yes exists an Osprey book about the Freikorps .
  9. Hello Boris ; exists many valuable information about the Prussian Army in english . as for example the three books The German Army in WW1 of NIgel Thomas And Ramiro Bujeiro .Osprey publishing Men at Arms series
  10. Bayern

    Looking for image

    Hello Andrei , Exists a monography about Comuna de Magura Judetul Teleorman ,during 1939 1944 .the title is Contributii Documentare La Istoria Localitatii Teleormanene Magura 1939 1944. author :Madelina Diana Rusanu Radu . The site is www.magurapastpresent.eu / Rural Landscape
  11. Boris , perfectible means upgrade something well done , your work it is .
  12. Hello , The interior as far as i know is correct , only the material offers some doubt, appears as it is artificial silk . well this material exists pre WW1 but iam not sure if it was used then to make the liner of uniforms
  13. Boris , Nice work but perfectible .
  14. Hello : Do you means a fantasy item ? , a cheap copy ?
  15. Bayern


    Hello , more possibilities then in favour of authenticity
  16. Bayern


    Hello ,the cross looks well made , thats conducts to think It is original. A question : the red enamel is of the glazed type ?
  17. Thanks , a very interesting site . remarkable the high quality of the badges .
  18. Gentlemen . It was current into the German Army if a regiment have two Mullers ;by case to call one Muller I and the Other Muller II irrespective of their first names.
  19. Hello Larry , Yes but the badge existed , the sword , gilded or silver . pointing to the neck of the wearer. on the SBs .
  20. Hello . The Heeresjustizbeamten weared a badge on the SBs , a sword ?
  21. Hello JohanH : If you excludes the Swedish Navy , excluded the Belgian , remain the Dutch navy . A question ,the cap badge of the Navy includes the three crowns ?
  22. Hello . the measures are into the range of the SB s for waffenrock .
  23. Hello , To me is a Bing helmet , the Bavarian Army was the main user of the Bavarian made Bing helmets . by Gebruder Bing of Nuremberg. ah of course were metallic . and made of one piece . skull , visor and rear peak . The Bings were manufacturers of tin toys