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  1. Hello During the Kingdom of Yugoslavia , the police weared dark blue uniforms ,for the constables at least ,with a helmet very like the british bobbies helmet . the facing colour , dark red, The other police Force was the Gendarmerie, this weared Army style uniforms ,in khaki grey colour, with cherry red facings . I believe that the Grey uniform and light blue facing colour for the Police appeared with the comunism.
  2. Hello , Police of the cities or Gendarmerie ?
  3. Bayern

    A Masonic Badge?

    Hello , Many people in Austria viewed the societies like Schlaraffia ,as proto masonic
  4. Hello , The strap could be part of a EM ;NCO ; uniform of the Kunftigefriedensuniform , reglamented in 1915 , to replace the old peacetime uniforms. EM and NCOs were authorized to wear this model .purchasing it
  5. Bayern

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Farkas , Iam sorry , tellermutze is the peaked cap . teller means dish ,plate,
  6. Bayern

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Christian , The hungarian knot over the trousers ,certainly was common to all Hungarian Infantry Regiments , but the Honved ones weared madder red braid and the Common Army ones ,yellow and black braid. The Common Army retained the yellow and black with the pike grey uniform. the Honved adopted slate grey braid. Farkas , The men wearing tellermutzen, are Austrian Republican Gendarms , the men with the mortar ,Hungarian Honved soldiers of about 1930
  7. Bayern

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hungarian Lanwdwehr infantry ,around 1895 1900
  8. Bayern

    Found in a village

    Regarding the shell , Romania used the 57 mm Gruson fortress QF gun . It a gun inside a steel domus, armored and movible. most of these guns were concentrated in the Bucharest area Forts . Romania used another 57 mm gun a Krupp mountain gun
  9. Bayern

    Found in a village

    Hello Morar and Farkas , The sabre is a Austro Hungarian one It was carried mainly by Infantry Officers , senir NCOs ,and ensigns.whats strange is the white paint. the Helm is a good piece , apart from being without the lacquer coat ,is in well form . Its for officer , Cavalry , Dragoon , of the Wurttembergian Army ,WW1.
  10. Hello , The harvesters of the Death , Brrr
  11. Hello I agree , Not all the mountaineers were bavarian , Think f example in the Wurttemberg Mountain Bataillon
  12. Hello , Tony ,the Beamte is a official , who served into the Armed Forces ,in some capacity ,and entitled to the use of Officer or senior NCO . the theme is complex , due the numerous classes of Beamten that existed into the German Armed forces . The use of officer or senior NCO uniform . the beamten possesed the consideration of officer or NCO but they had not military authority .
  13. Hello Tony , A curious group , Some Police officers, a Luftwaffe Beamte and I think, nearly all the others are beamten too .
  14. Indeed very interesting ! Three senior NCOs , and an officer , The officer , wearing a litewka appears to belong to another regiment . Why ? well, the helmet badge looks as Saxon , and he carries a different type of sabre.
  15. Bayern

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Honved Hussar . Private . The Group photo shows also Hungarian hussars.
  16. Hello Alex K . I am not a wizard ,but some details of your pickelhaube are too genuine for a fake one
  17. Hello Farkas , Idont laugh ,but i know that there were no cockades with F F for Franz Ferdinand . probably the cockades with the double F belonged to the Freiwillige Feuerwehr . The Firemen .
  18. Hello Farkas, I think Its possible . the 48 98 medal was a simple design like a coin and with a red ribbon .
  19. Hello again Farkas , The tall kepi of the man is a pre ww1 model . concerning to the medals I believe that the one next to the button is a Signum laudis with red peacetime ribbon and the third medal that of Franz Joseph conmemoration 1848 1908 .
  20. Hello ,Farkas the last photo shows a Rittmeister of Dragoons , three stars on the collar, left shoulder cords ,and plain buttons. light blue tunic with regimental colour collar and cuffs , black salonhose, instead of the madder red breeches.
  21. Bayern

    Schoerner, Ferdinand

    Hello , Very interesting , of mention ,the fact of the separate status of the Royal Bavarian Army . The Pour le Merite is a foreign Orden
  22. Hello , I am in accord with Christian , Heimwehr ,
  23. Hello , Just now I read your post . The theme is highly sensible . but the facts were the facts . First ,existed among the popoulation of Poland a good number of ethnic Germans . Second The Polish Army was the de facto ruler of the Country and their commands were if not pro germans at least rightists and not leftists . Third ,the Antisemitism was current in Poland and the Anticomunism . The Poles were confronted to the eternal dilemma ,Prussia or Russia , Marshall Pilsudski and colonel Beck the foreign minister searched an aproach with the nazi Germany and signed a Treaty in 1934 . Poland take her piece of the desmembration of Czechoslovakia in 1938 and only the soft attitude of Great Britain and France in front of Hitler prevented a more thig colaboration between Poland and Germany.
  24. Hello , My pleasure . Interesting photo of the group of Artillerymen .
  25. Hello , The man wears collar lace as the senior NCOs but with three rhomboid stars , not the six pointed of an army feldwebel