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  1. The Prussian : Find a friend with a complete binoculars , then a dentist technician to make an acrylic or resin copy of the rings .
  2. Sword Identification help please

    Hello : To my limited knowledge its a French one , napoleonic , of line cavalry , Dragoons . If is long , heavy and straight could be of cuirassiers ,
  3. My pleasure , but kept in mind that i only gave you a guideline . you must advance more .
  4. Pre-WW1: Saumur - Officiers Etrangers

    Trooper : to me they are foreign Armies officers studying in Saumur . they are subaltern officers In the second photo are two British officers one a lancer the other of the RHA, one Dutch , a hussar ,A Serbian of cavalry , All the officers are of mounted branchs .
  5. Paja ; You are Right , in the ampliation appears clearly that the cap has two cockades and the braided shoulderboards . perhaps the officer is Norwegian .
  6. Paja : from left to right : A Romanian pellise , a Swiss officer , another swiss , a French ,a Bulgarian , a Japanese ,a Chilean , a Italian staff officer , a German ,and the Serbian
  7. If your musket is dated 1828 probably is a prussian 1809 musket converted from flint to percussion in 1828 .the letters KFG R could mean Kaiser Franz Grenadier Regiment , the name between 1814 and 1820 of the then Kaiser Franz Garde Grenadier Regiment Number 2
  8. In the site http marksrussianmilitaryhistory. info exists a better photo of the attaches . dated 1913 .
  9. Yes , indeed . and the ground into forests tended to be wet .But the Germans used to like very much the western books of Karl May (1842 1912 ) and admired the Old Shatterhand and his friend the Winnetou chief.generations grew familiarized with explorers and indians reigning in the woods and mountains . as the fish in the pond , quietly , almost furtively , chasing game or hunters . the sole of the boots is very like that of a indian mocassin . The Maymania of the Germans was extended . Hitler yes , was a fan of Karl May . is recorded that during High Command sessions the Fuhrer recomended to his officers the lecture of Karl May with the goal of learn tactics.
  10. The Prussian : They are hard to find pieces , because were made of baquelite were prone to break .
  11. Tobias : Thanks you for share . I thinks that the boots without heel were less noisy walking into the forest.
  12. Perhaps he is a bergfuhrer , a civilian one . The Weimar Army officially not was permitted Mountain units , but in practice these units existed . one was a Infantry Bataillon located in Goslar whose chief one time resulted to be certain Erwin Rommel .
  13. Incredible ! appears as if never was used . over 100 years old and slightly aged .
  14. The men in this photo are soldiers of the Weimar Reichswehr.
  15. Spanish Franco regime shoulder boards

    Boris : My pleasure .
  16. Very interesting , with a neat 3rd Reich flavor , Hermann Goering , loved to use the same hat showed ,the Loden cape too .
  17. The Prussian : No i dont read meidling , i just said that the 12th Lancers were part of the British ocupation force in Austria and they lodged in the Meidling Barracks ,Vienna .
  18. Karl Truppen Kreuz ?

    Trooper : My pleasure , Rudolf von Slatin was a very interesting figure , I advise you to search about his life .
  19. Karl Truppen Kreuz ?

    Reviving a theme : The Austro Hungarian Army was something not current , Bruzelius was not the only foreigner serving . In the list showed appeared two brothers of Empress Zita , technically enemies as Italian born , other two brothers were officers serving in the Belgian Army, A duke of Braganza was cavalry general , Slatin Pasha , Rudolf von Slatin , was an Anglo Austrian officer and administrator when the WW1 broke out he was in Egypt serving as inspector of the Sudan with military rank of british general . he resigned his high position an returned to Austria and worked into the Red Cross .
  20. British soldiers but not 8 th Army , a little contribution , among the british units occupyng Austria was the 12th Lancers , posted in Meidling Barracks , Vienna .
  21. Spanish Franco regime shoulder boards

    Boris : To me are for Comisario Principal escala de mando later type .
  22. Flyingdutchman : Many thanks for share, a sad story indeed , one more of the thousands that take place those terrible days of the late summer of 1914. The french emigration to Prussia and other countries was produced by the revocation of the Nantes Edict the year 1685 by Louis xiv .over 200 000 Frenchs emigrated , peasants , artisans , bourgeois , tradesmen , and nobles . Later the French Revolution produced another emigration . the aristocracy in first place . to escape of the massacre. many of the emigrants were soldiers .whose talent was greatly appreciated . Trooper : The document is the reproduction of a marriage certificate , emited in 1941 by the French Community Church ,
  23. Spanish Franco regime shoulder boards

    Boris : thanks for the links , in the last site http mundomilitaria a forist stares clearly that Serrano in Hendaya weared El uniforme del Movimiento . that is of Falange . coincides with me .As minister Serrano weared always the uniform of a Jerarca , of Falange . in summer and winter versions . normally with peaked cap . perhaps he disliked the red beret of Carlist origin.
  24. Studio photos. RPPC.

    Farkas : My pleasure , the new photo posted is interesting ,Austria troops in the western front says over the pic . Nancy Toul Verdun France .Well , in the year 1914 the only Austrian soldiers serving in France were artillerymen . with the heavy Skoda mortars .used against the belgian fortresses . The uniforms of the men appears to be pike grey . one of the men holds a carbine . a weapon for artillerymen
  25. Could that be French Badge

    If think its not French .looks more British , but with some sort of connection with the Middle East or more probably with black Africa Muslim units , King African Rifles for example .