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  1. Austro-Hungarian unknown uniform

    Hello : the man pictured wears the uniform of the Austro Hungarian Army used prior to 1908 for the field .for Infantry . Pike grey coloured cap , dark blue tunic . and not shown in the pic ,Pike grey coloured trousers .the two stars on his collar marked him as a Korporal .he is not an officer . his tunic with shoulder straps is for Rank and file . Being originary of Transilvannia ,probably he belonged to an Royal Hungarian or a Imperial and Royal Regiment .(hungarian ) Do you know of which town or city they belonged?
  2. Ottoman Soldier 1860s

    The man in the photo wears a officer type jacket but carries a rifle and bayonet .and the percussion carbine , dont matches much with the bayonet .other strange item is the turban ,dark coloured . enfin , it appears to be a studied exotic portrait .
  3. Bringing History to life...

    Alex K : The button colour must be matt silver ,and i not mentioned the red piping at the front of the tunic .Excuse me this omission .
  4. Bringing History to life...

    Alex K : I discovered your posts just yesterday . Its a great Job , very well done . but could be better ,not technically but in accuracy . one example : Max Immelmann was officer of a Technical branch so he weared the uniform of that . In field grey , black piping on collar and cuffs , kronenknopfe in matt silver grey , and silver litzen over black patches piped red on the collar . The capband was black piped in red and red was the upper piping of the crown of the cap . If you need some assistence regarding uniform details . ask freely .
  5. Bringing History to life...

    This one is a musician .keep in mind that .because Musikmeisters ,Obermusikmeisters and Stabsmusikmeisters carried special shoulderboards . and collar patches . the colour of the patches was according with that of the unit to which belongs the Kapelle .Yellow for Air , red for Flak ,white for Hermann Goering , black for the RLM and so on
  6. Bringing History to life...

    The Navy officer in field grey is Prince Adalbert of Prussia the only son of William II that pursued a Navy career
  7. Bringing History to life...

    Looks like the white Russian General Anton Denikin 1872 - 1947 . If not in any case is a White Russian General Looks like a Prussian General waffenrock .inclusive the rare number of twelve buttons . but the Prussians used to wear the four inferior buttons ,unbuttoned.
  8. Double purpose . in the book Army Uniforms of World War One . by Mollo and Turner is a Photo of a Austrian officer carrying a mix of walking stick and weapon . the stick ends with a russian bayonet . many German officers carried batons with heavy ironed ends.
  9. Some time ago I heard in words of a military attache . After all we (attaches ) were not other thing than an acredited spy .
  10. Japanese visor hat

    My pleasure . Original Imperial Japanese Army visor caps , side caps and uniforms are scarse I believe .
  11. Trooper : The uniform of the Swedish attache is the 1906 model . the first modern field uniform of the Swedish Army . it was in grey bluish cloth . with blue collar ,cuffs and the facings of the three cornered hat .
  12. Japanese visor hat

    Dolfek : The Japanese Army adopted in 1930 the model 90 service uniform . this uniform was khaki and comprised tunic with stand collar ,trousers or breeches and peaked cap for officers and men alike . these peaked caps were WW1 era style . with model 90 uniforms the arm of service was marked by collar patches in different colours .red for Infantry ; green for Cavalry ; yellow for Artillery etc.The 98 uniform was a modification of the 90 model . It was adopted in 1938. The peaked cap was retained but in different shape more modern . the collar patches in arm colour dissapeared and were replaced on the collar by rank tabs . Only the troopers of the Imperial Guard continued the use of the peaked cap . and the Military Police . the majority including officers used as service headgear the well known and unique Japanese cap .
  13. Kronenknopfe , at first sight , and the lower cockade is definitely not Bavarian .
  14. Japanese visor hat

    Officer type . And of the M98 uniform
  15. ID from Army????

    French Colonials , Moroccan , Algerian ,
  16. Hello : In catholic simbology , the skull and bones is of antique use . Apart , the place where Jesus was crucified was the Mount Golgota or Calvary and both words mean the same Mount of the Skull
  17. Karpathenkorps for sure , officer , his cockades and his well tailored tunic marked that .but the shoulderboards ? please , I too need a close up view of the SBs
  18. Hello : Once i read that the Artillery of the Orange Free State weared Pickelhaubes .
  19. Why ? In pure common sense ,the badge was not like the pilot or observer one ,not even as a wounded badge .it was a conmemorative piece . Granted by ? I dont know . according to which statute ? neither know . In another sense ,how many Tank crewmen served in the German Army ? Roughly 20 A7vs and around 60 british Tanks were the number of German Army Tanks , thats implies at most 500 tankers how many survived the war '? and how many rejoined the Army or the Freikorps ? ,or war veteran associations ?
  20. Ulsterman : The first photo shows an Argentinian Army Colonel .wearing the full dress uniform of the NCOs School .the rank is carried on the braided shoulder boards . Three circular gold suns . over a disc of black cloth.and as a oak leaf motif braided in gold over the collar which carries too a serrated braid of gold . the circular badge on the front of the tunic collar is the emblem of the NCO s School .the badge like a gold and red cockade pinned on his right breast is the badge of the graduated Staff Officers.he is also a War veteran .The second photo is of a Honduran Air Force Officer .
  21. Trooper D : The officer with the strange hat is a Swedish one .
  22. Austrian uniforms

    Hello : The feldwebel , Ormester , in Hungarian , carries the 1861 model sabre for Infantry officers . Farkas : The Infantry NCo s entitled to carry sabre used the same model of the officers .all metal . certainly existed swords and sabres with leather scabbard , they were for the officials .
  23. Austrian uniforms

    My pleasure , I left incomplete my last post . All ranks of Cavalry carried sabres . a model for troopers . apart , mounted artillerymen carried sabre too , mounted Gendarmerie also . usually of the 1869 or the very similar 1904 models
  24. The Prussian : perhaps the best traduction of durchzug to english is across or crossed .
  25. Austrian uniforms

    Dario Cro : The sabre , was carried By : officers , feldwebels ,kadettfeldwebels, one year volunteers) ensigns .music masters ,doctors , the officials , according with his status carried either sabre or a sort of sting , apart , the sabre was carried by Cavalry