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  1. Hello : to me is Great Duke Nicholas and not Tsar Nicholas
  2. Bayern

    marking on French belt plate...

    In these way may be 3 genie abteilung .
  3. Ostuf : Please , a better pic of the bottom of the photo .Iam not able to read .
  4. Hello , If today is still of interest , the grey shoulderboard with a silver soutache transversally applied could be a Romanian sublocotenent shoulder board.
  5. The 21th regiment of Uhlans completed the use of Gebirgsstiefelhose with a lancer cap with neck curtain, and retained the Ulanka
  6. Hello , To me , Royal Thai Army .before WW2
  7. Bayern

    Adrian Paul Brodeur

    Chris . The book is an autobiographic novel of the Swiss born writer Blaise Cendrars , intitled La main coupee, A English version exists with the title The bloody hand .
  8. Yes , Rostagno in 1909 was 42 years old. perhaps the apparent subaltern was a non identified aide or adjoint to a senior officer
  9. Bayern

    Austro- Hungarian buckle help

    Thanks , The pouches dont look as Austro Hungarians .
  10. Hello , How big ? 60 mm wide and 150 mm long ? Its no so big
  11. Hello ! Sadly its not very clear what kind of shoulder strap carries the officer . if they were of a captain ,three gold laces 7mm wide each or that of a Lt Cnel ,a rectangle of black cloth edged with 5mm wide gold lace and with two five pointed gilded stars on it Hello , My knowledge of the German Army is not so big . And yes ,German History is my favourite theme of study.
  12. Bayern

    Austro- Hungarian buckle help

    Hello . Are Mannlicher rifle clips ?
  13. Hello Gentlemen I just remembered a Argentinian Army officer . certain Lt Colonel Enrique Rostagno who in the year 1904 was commisioned as observer in the Imperial Russian Army HQ then fighting with Japan . perhaps another officer was commisioned in the Imperial Japanese Army at the same time and later transferred to Germany .and is not impossible that he received the surname the Japaner . I promise to search about the subject
  14. Hello . Interestingly the officer appears to wear a Saxon 1907/ 1910 officers tunic with eight matt kronenknopfe closing the front and with the characteristic Saxon cuffs with two buttons. The Kalpak and the Shoulder Boards slightly pointed are turkish . also the belt buckle and the dagger.
  15. Hello : The German influence on South American Armies was great, inclusive in countries like Peru , Brazil and Uruguay .traditionally linked to the French Military . The first Nation to call a German Mission was Chili in 1885 . about the armament ,German Mausers were ubicuous .
  16. Hello : In that case , the presumptive Argentinian officer must had been a visitor .
  17. Hello : Not only Staff officers , and not only as visitors , the Argentinian Army of the first four decades of the 20th Century, send many officers in service commision to the Imperial German Army , the Reichswehr and lately the Wehrmacht Heer. these officers were incorporated into a German Regiment during a year or more in some case, and served as regular German officers. gaining expertise . they weared Argentine uniforms or at least for photos . I think that on duty at least they wore German ones
  18. The Prussian : The officer is probably Argentinian . the Argentinian Army adopted beginning in 1909 German style uniforms including the grey greatcoat with blue collar .the peaked cap was blue with the band in arm of service colour and carried on the top the white and sky blue cockade and on the band the emblem of the unit . the four point pip was the emblem of the War Ministery if gold and of the General Staff if silver. the rank was carried on the shoulders as shoulder tabs , PS . the officers cockade was of 25 mm of diameter and made of a string of celluloid beads white and sky blue ,rolled to form a circle.of course the troop cockade was a simpler one of stamped enamelled tin
  19. Bayern

    Tiller Mór és Társa- Budapest

    Hello : Moritz Tiller or Tiller Moritz in Hungarian ,was a famous Taylor , Founder of Moritz Tiller & Co. a firm dedicated to the confection of fine uniforms . military , civil service and diplomatics.Moritz Tiller lived between 1842 and 1921. His Firm was located in Vienna with sucursals in Budapest and Belgrad , It was provider not only of the KuK Army, it was also of the house of Archduke Joseph,the Royal Serbian house the Royal Greek and the Imperial Persian , If I not remember wrongly , Tiller was designated as Consular Agent of the Austrian Empire in San Marino.
  20. Bitte , Dont mess with me , it was a lapsus I forgot to write 1907 /1910 . and nothing more
  21. Hello , The Urgross Opa wears the uniform of the Grenadier Regiment Nr 101 Kaiser Wilhelm II Konig von Preussen .( 2nd Royal Saxonian ). the Rank , Grenadier . you can see the litzen on collar and cuffs of the 1910 model waffenrock.The Regiment was the second oldest Regiment of the Army of Saxony . his long history spanned between 1670 and 1919. from 1877 onwards his Garnison was Albertstadt a part of the city of Dresde .where many military installations were located . Today here exists among others the Bundeswehr Museum and a Heeres Offizierschule
  22. Hello Linda , Yes , kommandeuse could means in certain sense wife of the kommandant, but the term was also applied during ww2 to the female KZ wardens tpe Ilsa Koch and others.
  23. Hello . Any indication of regimental number ? or bataiilon ? The piece is apparently a cigarette case gifted to some officer who won the 1913 shoot competition .the bataillon command payed the prize . the crest of arms engraved on probably is that of the recipient of the prize. Requires a Nobilty Almanach to determine the Family .
  24. The black cuirasses were a gift from tsar Alexander I to the Garde du Corps .