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  1. Hello : As Argentinian i must said about the 1982 War that the theme is hard to debate , The general feelings here are : the Malvinas Falkland are ours , Great Britain posseses the islands by the force , Its as if a German of 1912 , intended to debate wiyh a French about Alsace . The war was for us a disaster , political diplomatic and military. the discrete military power that we have detented for decades was broked a pieces . the valour of the soldiers and their blood was dilapidated , not only by the Junta , all the Governments that come after made the same . misuse , manipulation . bad politic . Personally the 2th of April I was a civilian official in the Argentine Army . At early morning I arrived at my post , surprisingly the first lieutenant who shared with me the office was awaiting with a portable radio receptor in his hands . What happens ? asked ,we have reconquered Malvinas ,what you think about ? Well If I were British I will think that what begins in Friday not ends well . was the first that came to my mind .
  2. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Paja : De Vedia , Herbenstein, Mondragon , appears as in those years the duration of thepost of attache was longer .Mondragon is the inventor of the semiautomatic rifle of the same name , used to same extent by German flyers during WW1.Apart from this skills was a typical Mexican putschist militar .
  3. Slovakian award ,not Czechoslovakian .
  4. Sword Identification help please

    The pommel is not French type , the hilt is rare , its like the one of the Polish Navy officers sword 1927 pattern . Solingen various manufacturers provided swords , sabres and bayonets to many countries , in South America and the Balkans , Spain too .
  5. Accuracy in Movies - Does it Matter?

    Brian : My pleasure , I think that the younger viewers are more interested than one could think , in the ambientation and details My daughter 21 y o viewed Downton Abbey with great attention to the details of women vestiment and its variation along the years .
  6. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Thanks , A bit more of knowledge for me
  7. Accuracy in Movies - Does it Matter?

    Brian : I am an old searcher of innacuracies or anacronisms in movies .And i had viewed all the War themed movies at my disposition . Well , nearly all movies contains some type of innacuracy . The Blue Max , not only the British rifles and bayonets . The German pilots appears as if all of them were Uhlans . or as if the uniform of the German Luftstreitkraft,was normalized in a Uhlan like one . The more recent Red Baron , contains various innacuracies . Von Richthofen , flies an Albatros thats correct but Lanoe Hawker was not a thick bearded guy and Major Hawker was killed piloting a Dh2 . As Dhs were the majority of the British fighters in service during the Bloody April , Other mistake is the General receiving Richthofen in informal attire or Hindenburg in civilian clothes going to Palace . The cars appearing in the movie were not all contemporaries. Exists some movies with a high degree of Accuracy but not Perfects . Uomini contro , a italian movie about the ww1 in the Italian Front is a good one . The first All quiet in the western front tht of Lewis Milestone , another good movie .also Westfront 1918 , The Dino de Laurentis produced Fraulein Doktor movie is a mixture of Accuracies and mistakes , but generally speaking a good spectacle with the Germans attacking with poison gas , flamethrowers and Cavalry , riders and horses protected against the gas . I think that the complete accuracy is near impossible not ever for budget reasons or lack of skilled advicers . Is another cause , the adecuation of the historic facts to the ideas of the directors and their point of view . To finish : War Horse . With great budget Spielberg constructed a historic falsification
  8. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Paja: each day one learns something new ,i ignored until now that Franchet D Esperey was honoured as Voivoda , Title that was something more if I am not wrong, than a mere military honour ,
  9. ccj : The last shoulderboards you have showed are of the first Fliegerbataillon , the officers ones for a Major, note the mouse grey backing and the white inner piping
  10. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Very very interesting Paja , thanks . I discovered the name of the Argentinian Attache , Vedia , might be the later General Agustin de Vedia .The Austrian , Herberstein , Count Herberstein was later ,General and Chief of the Militarkbinett or something similar of Archduke Friedrich , the Commander in chief of the Austro Hungarian forces during ww1 until 1917 when he was replaced by his cousin Archduke Joseph . Herberstein was a mix of soldier and courtier . Petar Bojovic if i am not wrong ,later became one of the most succesfulls Voivodas of the Serbian Army .
  11. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    My pleasure , yes , a delicate affaire de etiquette , complicated more with the other theme , the precedence ,based in the seniority of the the attaches in the appointment
  12. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Trooper : Thanks , and in your last post is another pair of points to note , one the presence for the first time of the German attache . the other the contrast between the warm attitude with Russia and the hardly correct with Japan and Great Britain . Well ,Japan was besieging Port Arthur , in the hands of France ally , Russia . respct to Great Britain , Fachoda was not so far in the time
  13. Pre-WW1: Saumur - Officiers Etrangers

    The captains assisted one year to became Chef D escadron , the lieutenants to became chef de section ,
  14. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Interesting , very curious the mongolian boots of the chinese officer , the Argentine and the Bolivian attaches are still wearing full French type uniforms , the Chilean is nearly Prussian , not full yet .
  15. Hello : Its a curious tunic . coarse wool cloth , the litzen ,are not of quality , altough are officers type . In 1915 the litzen for Engineers as for the doctors were weared with the bluse , with the Kunftige Friedensuniform they weared larger litze braided .the pre war Flugbataillons weared the technical troops uniform .with white buttons and collar litzen, the officers shoulderboards have grey backing and a interior piping white , red , yellow or light blue according with the numeration .
  16. The Prussian : Im sorry , here in Argentina, is not so expensive .
  17. The Prussian : Find a friend with a complete binoculars , then a dentist technician to make an acrylic or resin copy of the rings .
  18. Sword Identification help please

    Hello : To my limited knowledge its a French one , napoleonic , of line cavalry , Dragoons . If is long , heavy and straight could be of cuirassiers ,
  19. My pleasure , but kept in mind that i only gave you a guideline . you must advance more .
  20. Pre-WW1: Saumur - Officiers Etrangers

    Trooper : to me they are foreign Armies officers studying in Saumur . they are subaltern officers In the second photo are two British officers one a lancer the other of the RHA, one Dutch , a hussar ,A Serbian of cavalry , All the officers are of mounted branchs .
  21. Paja ; You are Right , in the ampliation appears clearly that the cap has two cockades and the braided shoulderboards . perhaps the officer is Norwegian .
  22. Paja : from left to right : A Romanian pellise , a Swiss officer , another swiss , a French ,a Bulgarian , a Japanese ,a Chilean , a Italian staff officer , a German ,and the Serbian