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  1. Could that be French Badge

    If think its not French .looks more British , but with some sort of connection with the Middle East or more probably with black Africa Muslim units , King African Rifles for example .
  2. Spanish Franco regime shoulder boards

    Boris : The shoulder boards ARE Policial . I dont said that Serrano Suñer wears the same type of shoulderboards . Falange shoulderboards were of rectangular form ,pointed ,of black cloth piped red silver or gold , and after the unification of falangists jonsists and carlists carried on the st Andrew cross and one two or three red silver or gold yokes .most commonly the SBs carried in place of the cross the yoke and arrows emblem in red . The breast insignia of Serrano denotes his rank , over all the yoke and arrows then two four pointed silver stars (luceros ) and finally three yokes . Only Franco carried three luceros . as Caudillo and Jefe Nacional
  3. Studio photos. RPPC.

    Farkas : here has the rank of fahnrich , yellow silk borte with one silver braided six pointed star . and no shoulder straps . as an officer
  4. Hello : I believe that the man of the right is a feldwebel . the lace on the collar patch is barely visible , and he carries a officers sword. the two men probably belongs to a unit of sappers . they wears jackboots , without spurs .
  5. Its possible, in that case he wears a war time field uniform . During peacetime forstmeisters wear other type of uniform but with green lapels and silver oak leaves on , the silver leaves marked the rank .
  6. Uniform and cap are typically austrian , but the collar badge is not . Polish Austrian legion ? no they used a zig zag motif on the collar patch .neither Ucrainan Sich Rifles .
  7. The three men of the right are officers, and the other two probably are officers too all the five wears either blusen or overcoats without shoulder straps a distinctive feature of officers uniforms
  8. Studio photos. RPPC.

    Farkas : your grandfather wears the uniform of a one year volunteer with the rank of zugsfuhrer . The fine gentleman Bohumil Hinger , wears a fahnrich uniform , apparently of mounted branch ,but not cavalry . .
  9. this officer belongs to a non executive branch. no curl over the top lace ring and colour cloth background to the lace rings . appears to be either the grey of engineering officers or the light blue of the accountants , the colour was crimson for technical , black for doctors and brown for clerks,
  10. Marineoberstleutnant implies a technical officer
  11. I dont understand the contempt about German Daggers .expresed
  12. Hello Gentlemen : take a look to site German Daggers com , into it to the Forum and iside this to Imperial combat badges .
  13. Captain Harry Cator Victoria Cross

    Hello : In the book Army uniforms of World War 1 , John Mollo , Blandford Press . is showed a coloured photo of Harry Cator .
  14. Photo of old Austrian unit

    The 8 th landwehr infantry regiment was garnisoned in Prague . In 1917 was renamed SchutzenRegiment. Number 8 .
  15. Fritzel : The Imperial German Navy counted with two types of Land Force , one the Seebataillone , the other the MatrosenRegiment . the first were like the Marines , the other were sailors with infantry training and equipment . Take alook to the site www. germancolonial uniforms co uk
  16. Farkas : The people that i mentioned was born during the Empire and emigrated after the fall of the Monarchy . Personally I am Argentinian born of a german born father , bavarian and a argentinian mother of spanish remote ancestry .
  17. Photo of old Austrian unit

    The Imperial and Royal 2nd hungarian Infantry Regiment weared Kaisergelb collar and cuffs and gold buttons . the colour was a deep yellow . The Imperial Royal Landwehr used for all their Infantry Regiments Grass green collar and cuffs . The Royal hungarian Honved Infantry used no distinctive collar and cuff colour , with the field uniform pike grey , the collar patches were dark blue grey , The Landwehr was recruited into the Austrian part and this included Bohemia moravia . and Prague .
  18. Thanks , I suspected that from the beginning . jokes apart , I knew here in Argentina , years ago ,Hungarians Croatians , Slovenians , Poles some czechs inclusive that feeled themselves as Austrians ,
  19. Photo of old Austrian unit

    Hello : In the group photo he bears the rank of fahnrich or before 1908 cadet deputy officer , in the studio photo h bears the rank of feldwebel , 3 celluloid stars and the yellow silk borte , i think that the white line is to the purpose of delineate neatly the golden yellow borte over the orange yellow patch . The regiments with pike grey patches used the patch with a thin white piping .
  20. Photo of old Austrian unit

    The Prussian : The austro hungarian Fahnrich was classed between the oficers , so weared officers kepi and cockade , and was admitted in the officers mess .
  21. If it is gold with light blue stripes is of a beamte
  22. The gentleman with the Golden Fleece and Leutnant rank must be a Habsburg
  23. Farkas : Are you of hungarian ancestry ?
  24. Unknown medal.

    Hello : Argentinian is not , yes we have the faced sun as emblem of the land Army but we never used the mural crown that topped the sun . the 2nd Spanish Republica replaced the royal crown with a mural one very similar to the crown of the medal .Its a curious thing The Cuerpo de Intendencia ( Supply Corps ) of the Spanish Army has as Badge a sun topped with a crown and circled with a double wreath of laurel . but the sun is faceless .