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  1. A nice piece . It is certainly of German type , but without the knowledge of the marks ant stamps of the sabre is hard to said more .this type of sabre was carried until ww1 by artillery officers ,but also by some others . please post the marks .
  2. It dont looks German , the use of braided numbers was not a German practice.
  3. Gentlemen , They tempted me . some explications : Its not Russian ,because is made of poor quality leather, not German .the next week i promise to post a figure of a hungarian book .showing a kuk officer carrying the mapcase . and to finish , the last object posted is a tornister.
  4. Not common .nothing is normal , Bavarian Light Cavalry tunics but without collar borte . and modified cuffs . the piping appears white that is regiment 7 or 8 . the men wearing the bluse may belongs to the same unit . both the 7th and the 8th fought dismounted from 1916 to the end .
  5. Romanian soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian Army

    The participation of Romania in the WW1 on the side of the Allieds was a disaster for the country .Romania until the death of King Carol I was at the side of Austria and Germany . inclusive with formal alliance. but the King died and with him his policy. In 1916 Romania declared the war to Austria and invaded Transylvania .in the confidence of the support of Russia .and her great victory over the Austrians .the Brussilov Offensive. the offensive not destroyed the Austrians and the Romanians invading were repulsed and obligated to retreat then the Austro Germans invaded and occupied nearly all Romania . except Iasi .and forced an armistice . and a treaty .
  6. Unknown MG Badge - Spanish?

    My pleasure .
  7. Farkas : My pleasure .
  8. The Italian Army carried on the collar ,collar patches called Mostrina , and on these ,five pointed metallic stars .the famous stellete, all ranks carried the stars . they signified pertenence to the Armed Force. Apart , Officers ranks were marked by five pointed stars also .the stars were carried during ww1 on the cuffs .
  9. Gentlemen : Search among the ranks of the Bavarian State treasurers.
  10. Unknown MG Badge - Spanish?

    Machine gunner badge mod 1946 . Spanish Army .
  11. Hello : Estonians certainly no . Turkish probably.
  12. To me is a enlisted men tunic , 1 Garde Dragoner Regiment . of the 1910 pattern . If you not find the cyphered shoulders boards . is correct to attach to the tunic a blank SB ,field grey with red piping .
  13. EK2 Schinkel Type.

    Its not a Schinkel kreuz .
  14. Some badges and pins...

    The past and the tradition were persistent in the Old Austria .and are
  15. Some badges and pins...

    A nice group .
  16. Warrant Officers . or Petty Officers . notice the cap badges.
  17. The Prussian : The mules , to me are Alpine Horses like the Pinzgauer .
  18. Gentlemen : To me is a Austro Hungarian mapcase of the type used with the pre Pike grey ,field uniform
  19. Bringing History to life...

    King George of Saxony . King George reigned only two years 1902 1904 and was not popular . in the photo he wears the uniform of a Saxon infantry regiment with general epaulettes .
  20. Austro-Hungarian unknown uniform

    Between 1900 and 1909 , but in fact ,the old uniforms were used to some extent until 1914 .and inclusive after the war broke out.
  21. Perhaps ,but both types of Renault Armored car used the characteristic low engine bonnet of Renault
  22. Bringing History to life...

    Fine Job !
  23. WW1 or pre-war uniform?

    Morar Andrei : Yes , the dark uniform is Honved .