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  1. Carol I : Thats the point .In 1936 Voivoda Mihai was too young .I think . Remember that he was commisioned in the Romanian Army just in 1937. Exists another possibilty . Post War .after all Benes was again president and King Mihai was an Allied chef of State
  2. Beautiful . and rare .Military . Hard to date .perhaps a closer photo of the buttons would be useful .because of the crown .
  3. The photo is taken during the visit of Benes to Romania . Prince Mihai wears a military uniform with no visible badges of rank .evidently the photo was made in the moment of Little Entente meeting as Prince Paul is present too .the last officer at the right appears to be Prince Nicholas . The date is June of 1936 . after , King and Prince visited Czechoslovakia .perhaps he the Prince ,was awarded in this visit.
  4. King Carol payed state visits to Poland and Czechoslovakia before 1939 , in both with the then Voivoda Mihai. Carol in Poland weared Polish uniform . at least once . he was Colonel of a Polish Regiment. of a Yugoeslavian one too.
  5. When Hitler decided to invade Norway and Dennmark chosed for the task the then General von Falkenhorst because of his experience in Finnland as member qf the staff of General Rudiger v der Goltz.
  6. RIP for King Mihai . my condolence to Romanians . He was the adequated King . A long life always at Romania s service .
  7. My Pleasure. Major Heinrig commanded the regiment between October 1915 and March 1919 .during 1918 was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel .
  8. Major Franz Heinrig last regimental commander until 1919 .
  9. Italian Marshal's Baton?

    The title of Maresciallo was a creation of Mussolini .was conceded to a few generals . Seven of WW1 actuation ,two of the Ethiopian war and Four of WW2 . The King and Mussolini were created Maresciallo del Impero ,
  10. Italian Marshal's Baton?

    Gentlemen : The bastone de maresciallo existed .its the one showed in the photo .It was of rather simple but elegant design .gold extremes and the rod covered with red velvet the crosses of Savoy were in silver. Please take a look to : www museobadoglio.altervista.org .img bastone .there is a photo of Badoglio s baton .with the footnote that the baton was a present of the Italians of Brazil .as apostille , King Vittorio Emanuelle 3 was famous for his care and parsimonia with the money . specially with the funds of the State and the Royal House .the batons were expensive so ..if anyone desires to donate a baton ,welcomed ! The highest decoration of the Kingdom was the Collare della Annunziata . the collar must be returned at the recipients death . well It happened during the voyage to Brindisi that the King asked to his AdC ,a captain Cuneo ,said me you are son of X Cuneo ? Yes his Majesty . Then your grandfather was A Cuneo . Yes his Majesty . Ah his Collare was not returned , Perhaps it is into a hidden cabinet of your family Palazzo . When you returns to the Palazzo I Encommend to find the collar.
  11. Some old Austro Hungarian Generals received honorary ranks in the German Wehrmacht .for example Eduard von Bohm Ermolli who was granted the rank of German Feldmarschall. anther example was Freiherr von Balldorf promoted first to wehrmacht lieutenant general and then to General der infanterie . King Ferdinand must have received the same recognition .Hitler during his table conversations expressed his high steem for the King.who after WW1 returned to his ancestral home in Germany. Ferdinand was roman catholic . so the cross over his left lower side must be a Maltese Order one and not the Cross of the Johanitter Order common among lutherans.
  12. The flag over the anchor denotes Merchant Navy.
  13. Tony : I relied only in my memory . remembering that the luftschiffers had a badge . but after verification i need to say that i was wrong the badge for the airshippers existed but was oval .but the badge on the ring still appears to be Naval .because the bird is facing left.
  14. Princess Marie Louise of Bourbon Parma ;first wife of the then Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria . mother of King Boris and Prince Kyrill.
  15. Chris : Your mapcase is probably as i said , of a older type ,used by Austro Hungarian officers and cadet officers between 1880 and 1909 .made of black leather . but after the replacement by the tan leather type , your model continued in use .
  16. Gentlemen : Please enter in the site : militarie repliky cz .into the site ask for : offiziere kartentasche. and you will find the mapcase .
  17. Gentlemen : Probably the young man is member of a Freikorps air unit . and the badge on the ring ,to my view ,is the Zeppelin one
  18. A nice piece . It is certainly of German type , but without the knowledge of the marks ant stamps of the sabre is hard to said more .this type of sabre was carried until ww1 by artillery officers ,but also by some others . please post the marks .
  19. It dont looks German , the use of braided numbers was not a German practice.
  20. Gentlemen , They tempted me . some explications : Its not Russian ,because is made of poor quality leather, not German .the next week i promise to post a figure of a hungarian book .showing a kuk officer carrying the mapcase . and to finish , the last object posted is a tornister.