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  1. On 15/06/2018 at 06:16, tompress said:

    Paul von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg

    Generalfeldmarschall and Superme Army Commander in WW1

    Reichspräsident 1925-1934

    Image: handwritten signature as President of Germany, on a congratulatory certificate, 1929



    Hello , A really nice document , a fine gesture of the Reichspresident to a Douane Employee .the president must had have into his staff a Schriftsteller who write on hand the documents .

  2. Hello : Nice pieces , thanks for share . a doubt ,i believe that the Polizei der Gemeinde weared carmine piping .

    6 hours ago, sabelwerke said:


      Wonderful!   Great topic and coverage.

      I know that Wasserschutz Polize/Kustenpolizei Uniform information is "Scare-as-hens-teeth" also the Photographic evedenmce is scarce; However I do have a few photos that I will endeavor to find and post (in a few days) for all to review.

      Non K.M. early navy replaceemts and substitutes is one of my favorites to go for in collecting.  I have a few unusual Items and uniform parts and I will add them in  few days as a method and "Prime-for-the-Pump" of continuing and exploring the subject.     the enclosed caps are off a few pf my moree uncommon caps.....I do not have a W.S.P. cap as yet.

      Thank you for your patience, in advance.

    Best wishes, and great collecting.


    Michael Cameron,     sabelwerke1@gmail.com


    HJ Marine Officers Cap IMG_0154.JPG

    Vacation Florida 2013 150.JPG

    Vacation Florida 2013 151.JPG

    Chaplain mutze ?

  3. Hello : The 7th Infantry Regiment of the Royal Italian Army was named Cuneo ,and his garrison city was Udine . the Regiment existed until 2001 . when was dissolved and their flag envoyed to the Vittoriale . but your Barberis is clearly not the abve mentioned who died heroically in Libia . If your ancestor was from SanGermano Vercellese was of thePiedmont .near Turin , 

  4. Hello , My pleasure , An interesting point ,the birthdate ,year 1879 , so when Italy entered in ww2 he was on his 60 years old . and you said that his rank was lieutenant a low rank for the age .inclusive for a reservist called to duty. try with these : Tenente Edoardo Barberis Gazzetta Ufficiale del regno de Italia. you wil discharge a Pdf  in Italian . If you dont read Italian , well someone of your family perhaps can .The Gazzetta is the official bulletin where all  and i remark all about the Italian Army Navy and Air Force was published between 1860 and 1946