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  1. 21 hours ago, The Prussian said:

    Like I said before, in the war several cavalry regiments were raised with those high numbers; some of them became Kavallerie-Schützen-Regimenter. KSR 93 was dissolved in 1918.

    In the ranklist of honour is a Lt. Werther named in württ. Dragoner-Rgt.25. He ended the war as Rittmeister a.D.

    Lt. 16.6.10

    Olt. 18.12.15

    In the list of 1919 he still was Olt.

    I don´t know if he is it...

    Its possible , wurttemberger officers were interchangeable with prussians . 

  2. Ostuf , Thanks for your answer . as i suspected ,the regiment 93 was not a common one . The Kavallerie Schuetzen Regiments were dismounted Cavalry .the German Army began in 1915 to employ cavalry in the trenches and in 1916 to dismount regiments .then appeared a new type of Cavalry the Cavalry Rifles . their regiments were of bataillon size , three or four squadrons ,equivalent to infantry company in number and a Machine Gun squadron with 6 Mgs and four minenwerfer . apart ,normally the regiment possesed also a mounted platoon of 25 men . The 93 K S R judging by the number was a unit raised from the 93 kavallerie regiment which was a war raised unit . i will search about the 93 .to me it was a Landwehr unit .

  3. filfoster, The Colonello in command of a Brigade weared between 1916 and March of 1918 on the cuffs a rectangular insignia made of silver lace of about 12 cm high and 4cm wide .placed over a green grey patch . from 1918 onwards the rank was renamed Brigadier and the lace on the cuffs placed on a red cloth patch. the three silver stars surrounded with gold corresponds to a colonel in command of a regiment .if the whole is placed over red cloth .Take a look to : Gradi del Regio Esercito Wikipedia.

  4. Gentlemen , The officer portrayed wears the type of feldachselstucke .introduced into the Prussian Army for the campaign of 1866 . later these shoulderboards were used with the service dress . The Landwehr cavalry weared blue and not light blue tunics and interims rocke .with the interimsrock litzen were not used . the pic is from between 1866 and 1889 , judging by the type of SBs but the EK II situates the date more precisely between 1870 and 1889. A 1813 EKII is exclude by way of the age of the officer and his rank