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  1. The Prussian : perhaps the best traduction of durchzug to english is across or crossed .
  2. Austrian uniforms

    Dario Cro : The sabre , was carried By : officers , feldwebels ,kadettfeldwebels, one year volunteers) ensigns .music masters ,doctors , the officials , according with his status carried either sabre or a sort of sting , apart , the sabre was carried by Cavalry
  3. My pleasure , Take a look to the site The Marshalls Baton . the site is dedicated to the third reich era Generals uniforms and insignia . but the part about the generals collar tabs could be useful
  4. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Hello : Johan Herbert von Herbertsein , was military attache in Paris between 1900 and 1909 , a long time Paja : You will find Mondragon when you arrives to the Decena Tragica of 1913
  5. Pre-WW1: Saumur - Officiers Etrangers

    Gentlemen : Was current to send officers to Saumur to learn riding skills and cavalry tactics . naturally not only cavalrymen ,artillerymen goes too .both used horses .
  6. Iron Cross Diamonds : The collar tabs were normally . made of a piece of cardboard covered with felt or wool cloth , the braid was made of silver or gold kantille , and thread . the kantille is the thicker part , normally the design is cutout of paper , glued over the cloth and then hand braided over .
  7. Farkas : No one is an encyclopedia , and nobody began without mistaking .
  8. Farkas : The 23th Landwehr Regiment was part of the Imperial Royal Landwehr . the particular Army of the not Hungarian territories of the Empire . The 23th was formed in 1893 and his garnison city was Zara . In Dalmatia .
  9. Farkas : I like , one question , Dalmatian Landwehr ? that is K K (austrian )
  10. Hello : As Argentinian i must said about the 1982 War that the theme is hard to debate , The general feelings here are : the Malvinas Falkland are ours , Great Britain posseses the islands by the force , Its as if a German of 1912 , intended to debate wiyh a French about Alsace . The war was for us a disaster , political diplomatic and military. the discrete military power that we have detented for decades was broked a pieces . the valour of the soldiers and their blood was dilapidated , not only by the Junta , all the Governments that come after made the same . misuse , manipulation . bad politic . Personally the 2th of April I was a civilian official in the Argentine Army . At early morning I arrived at my post , surprisingly the first lieutenant who shared with me the office was awaiting with a portable radio receptor in his hands . What happens ? asked ,we have reconquered Malvinas ,what you think about ? Well If I were British I will think that what begins in Friday not ends well . was the first that came to my mind .
  11. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Paja : De Vedia , Herbenstein, Mondragon , appears as in those years the duration of thepost of attache was longer .Mondragon is the inventor of the semiautomatic rifle of the same name , used to same extent by German flyers during WW1.Apart from this skills was a typical Mexican putschist militar .
  12. Slovakian award ,not Czechoslovakian .
  13. Sword Identification help please

    The pommel is not French type , the hilt is rare , its like the one of the Polish Navy officers sword 1927 pattern . Solingen various manufacturers provided swords , sabres and bayonets to many countries , in South America and the Balkans , Spain too .
  14. Accuracy in Movies - Does it Matter?

    Brian : My pleasure , I think that the younger viewers are more interested than one could think , in the ambientation and details My daughter 21 y o viewed Downton Abbey with great attention to the details of women vestiment and its variation along the years .
  15. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Thanks , A bit more of knowledge for me
  16. Accuracy in Movies - Does it Matter?

    Brian : I am an old searcher of innacuracies or anacronisms in movies .And i had viewed all the War themed movies at my disposition . Well , nearly all movies contains some type of innacuracy . The Blue Max , not only the British rifles and bayonets . The German pilots appears as if all of them were Uhlans . or as if the uniform of the German Luftstreitkraft,was normalized in a Uhlan like one . The more recent Red Baron , contains various innacuracies . Von Richthofen , flies an Albatros thats correct but Lanoe Hawker was not a thick bearded guy and Major Hawker was killed piloting a Dh2 . As Dhs were the majority of the British fighters in service during the Bloody April , Other mistake is the General receiving Richthofen in informal attire or Hindenburg in civilian clothes going to Palace . The cars appearing in the movie were not all contemporaries. Exists some movies with a high degree of Accuracy but not Perfects . Uomini contro , a italian movie about the ww1 in the Italian Front is a good one . The first All quiet in the western front tht of Lewis Milestone , another good movie .also Westfront 1918 , The Dino de Laurentis produced Fraulein Doktor movie is a mixture of Accuracies and mistakes , but generally speaking a good spectacle with the Germans attacking with poison gas , flamethrowers and Cavalry , riders and horses protected against the gas . I think that the complete accuracy is near impossible not ever for budget reasons or lack of skilled advicers . Is another cause , the adecuation of the historic facts to the ideas of the directors and their point of view . To finish : War Horse . With great budget Spielberg constructed a historic falsification
  17. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Paja: each day one learns something new ,i ignored until now that Franchet D Esperey was honoured as Voivoda , Title that was something more if I am not wrong, than a mere military honour ,
  18. ccj : The last shoulderboards you have showed are of the first Fliegerbataillon , the officers ones for a Major, note the mouse grey backing and the white inner piping
  19. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Very very interesting Paja , thanks . I discovered the name of the Argentinian Attache , Vedia , might be the later General Agustin de Vedia .The Austrian , Herberstein , Count Herberstein was later ,General and Chief of the Militarkbinett or something similar of Archduke Friedrich , the Commander in chief of the Austro Hungarian forces during ww1 until 1917 when he was replaced by his cousin Archduke Joseph . Herberstein was a mix of soldier and courtier . Petar Bojovic if i am not wrong ,later became one of the most succesfulls Voivodas of the Serbian Army .
  20. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    My pleasure , yes , a delicate affaire de etiquette , complicated more with the other theme , the precedence ,based in the seniority of the the attaches in the appointment
  21. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Trooper : Thanks , and in your last post is another pair of points to note , one the presence for the first time of the German attache . the other the contrast between the warm attitude with Russia and the hardly correct with Japan and Great Britain . Well ,Japan was besieging Port Arthur , in the hands of France ally , Russia . respct to Great Britain , Fachoda was not so far in the time
  22. Pre-WW1: Saumur - Officiers Etrangers

    The captains assisted one year to became Chef D escadron , the lieutenants to became chef de section ,
  23. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Interesting , very curious the mongolian boots of the chinese officer , the Argentine and the Bolivian attaches are still wearing full French type uniforms , the Chilean is nearly Prussian , not full yet .