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  1. Hello : The red shoulderboards for Musikmeister are an old model used during the Empire and the Weimar era , during the Empire the officials with 20 years of service were allowed a shoulderboard with a golden kantille cord interwoven with the red there were other colours of shoulderboards . with the feldgrau they were unified in red . The Musikinspizient of the ww1 era wears with the feldgrau uniform piped red and with swedish cuffs red collar patches with five equally spaced lines of gold braid and broad plaited shoulderboards of gold silver and red cords . The 5 lines simbolyzed the musical pentagram . on the cuffs in lieu of litzen braided Lyres ,I had never see a photo of the Musikinspizient . About the photo of the musikmester I dont know who is but I observe the use of saxophones well , In a book edited in the GDR about the Militarmusik in Germany , I read that the Luftwaffe was the only with saxos in their bands . Hitler dont like the saxos wich he linked too close with the jazz nigger music , degenerated music etc but Goering who believes he has a great culture dont conceived a band without saxos and imposed his will .
  2. Hello : The 16th Reserve bavarian infantry regiment Adolf Hitler unit , departed and went in action wearing Landwehr mutzen . there were not enough helmets , Raymond Cartier in his biography of A H relates the use of caps and says also that because of the caps they were confounded with british soldiers . the caps have a feldgrau cover . exists a film with King Ludwig III reviewing troops with the cap,
  3. Hello : photo 4 shows bavarian infantry with what appears to be Podewils Lindner rifles , a percussion breechloader used between 1858 and 1867 , The bavarians of photo 3 carry the bayonet of the Werder rifle used from 1868 onwards till replaced with the 1871 Mauser
  4. Almost always the kunftige friedensuniform, were privately purchased . it was not provided by the Bekleidung Amt . It was authorized to all ranks inclusive privates and many purchased it .
  5. Chris : There is another detail , the stand type collar , feldgrau uniforms have a stand and fall collar .
  6. The badge is not much neat in the photo and the 10th and 11 th badges were very similar in shape . of course is not the badge of the 3rd of hussars . the date of the photo is around the turn of the century or more accurately between 1905 and 1914 . the haircut of your grandfather , the slim moustache and the clean shaved face , all are details of the era .
  7. Bavarians belonging to th Leibregiment , and wearing the light blue uniform pre war ,1888 rifles and bayonets old style ammo pouches too . the cuffs appears clearly of other colour . red piped withe . buttons looks plain and bright . lion buttons were matt .
  8. It looks like the uniform of the 10 th Prince of Wales own Royal Hussars Regiment .
  9. hucks216: Helmut Weize offers the soldbuch und wehrpass of General der infanterie von Obstfelder , WW2 era . 14 000 euros !!! take a look into his page .www weitze militaria Wehrmacht 1933 45 .
  10. Hello : Here in Argentine is current to give to generals at their retirement a copy of the personal file and record of services , in the course of a public ceremony . perhaps the german army of WW 1 era used to do the same.
  11. The crown is a royal not a mere aristocracy crown , and yes , Goering forbade the chaplains into his" Luftwaffe . My Luftwaffe is nazi saids the pompous kerl . but as most of the members of the LW were believers , they got in the need of lend a chaplain from the Heer or the KM . curiously the Waffen SS of Himmler allowed the muslims of the Handschar division to have a imam and to the finns of the volunteer finnish bataillon of the Waffen SS to have a protestant chaplain .
  12. Hello : White coffin with royal crown , catholic chaplain , inciense bearer altar boy , interesting . a high ranked dead .
  13. Heusy68 : Very interesting , its true the Chaco War is generally ignored, and was a long and bloody one ; tree years and between 80 000 and 100 000 dead according to the source consulted . two countries with scarce population , limited manpower and wealth commited themselves to a fruitless war . it was a singular one , a motorized war , with lorried infantry,and a logistical dominance of th motor. Bolivia employed with relative effect tanks , flamethrowers and a up to date air force , it was a war of fortified strongholds (fortines ) to conquest and of ample manouvres , developed on the vastness of the Chaco Boreal .was a war with few generals . with field officers commanding divisions and captains regiments , at the beginning , the belicist Bolivia had a Army in cadre , theoretically with 6 divisions , yes they exists but as skeletons of a division . total strength of the Army was less than 5000 men .Paraguay did well , declared a general mobilization . well its a theme very interesting the Chaco War . about the war few books exists in english , one the conduct of the Chaco War of the captn USAF ,D H Zook , the other The memoirs of marshall Estigarribia edited first in USA after the war, Osprey had edited a book , not very good , but with much usable information , about the air war exists a book of Antonio Sapienza and other , The militaria related to the war is mostly weapons , equipment and some decorations of the bolivian side, ,the paraguayan is limited just the decorations you have posted, initially the three crosses were only for the officers, I will try to post a few notes about the uniforms used by the bolivians
  14. Hello : Ernst Rohm was a condottiero , with many followers not all of them, were killed with the stabschef ,after his death many of the top nazis beggining with Goebbels received menacing billets signed R V . Rohm Avengers , inclusive the famous dr Sauerbruch who was not nazi was counseled to do his duty (to kill) Goebbels during a surgical intervention . the signers : R V,
  15. The waffenrock is a fine piece it belonged to a infantry NCO sergeant or vizefeldwebel , collar lace and grosse adlerknopf and lace on the cuffs . the diference between sergeant and vizefeldwebel was that the second was a portepee NCO. is strange that the light blue shoulder straps have no number. the colour denotes the army corps , I dont have at hand the list .
  16. Alamein : The foot artillery regiments were divided in two bataillons each with a staff and two batteries . The field artillery regiments were divided in abteilungen , the equivalent of a group , usually each abteilung with three batteries some regiments with three abteilungen others with two . the Guards with two normal and another mounted .
  17. Hello : The Legion Española used the wide brimmed hat during the moroccan wars but not alone , it was of general use by the cavalry and artillery . the chambergo never dissapeared totally in the emergence of the war there were old stocks of them available in depots . they used the hats . for other explication , the LC was juridically equaled with the Tercio and had close ties with these,
  18. Hello , The swastika was a finnish emblem , The Falange had in Salamanca his own Military school for officers aspirants . separated of the ones managed by the Army , The director or chief instructor of the Falange Academy was finnish volunteer Von Hartmaan , politically falangist and active . perhaps the medal is of these Academy .
  19. Hello , The sahariana is post Civil War, 1943 Regulations . the isabelino too , both were of a Alferez , of Artillery, probably commisioned in a Mountain unit ( the green badge with golden horn denotes this ) In peace time the Alferez (sublieutnant)do not have effective command and perfectioned into the units or in the diverse Academies of Infantry Cavalry Artillery and so on .
  20. Chris : The crossed sabre and baton was the essentia of the General insignia in both sides , Nationalists wears it with one two or three four pointed stars . Republicans when adopted new rank badges at the end of 1936, the same with three red stars . they created initially one class of general . Both sides used the same insignia and badges of rank until the end of 1936 . the Basque Army never adopted the new republican insignia. the badge with the coat of arms was the cap badce of the republican generals .but rather bigger perhaps the yours is for a isabelino , Apart of the generals the other only user of such badge was the Presidential Escort. I hope my data be useful .
  21. The peaked caps are for the Tiradores de Ifni ,roughly Ifni Rifles , one of the caps is a officer one the other for a sargent , the Regulares used a red toped peaked cap , both Regulares and Tiradores used the red fez .
  22. Boris : The shoulderboards are of a franquist era Police commisioner . Usually this branch of the Police wears civilian clothes but they have uniforms too . The branch name was Cuerpo general de Policia , later Cuerpo superior de Policia . The old Policia Armada of the Franco years was renamed Cuerpo Nacional de Policia . finally they merged the Cnp with the CSP and formed the today Policia Nacional .
  23. A beautiful ensemble , thanks for share with us .
  24. Its not Ludwig is his brother Leopold von Bayern . Demir : The kuk naval officer is german during the third reich he is not a line officer he is a beamte .