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  1. Hello Peter, I understand .A question ,which kind of leather item you want to restore?
  2. Chris ,the crown inside a wreath was the normal badge. in metallic thread for officers and in woll thread for NCOs and troopers. the Bavarian Army was quite distinct to the Prussian or Saxon , take a look into : 2 die uniform bayern burgerwehr . its a Pdf about the Bavarian equivalent of the Prussian Landwehr . the Burgerwehr was uniformed as the regular Army with distinctive features but basically equal
  3. Chris , the pics are of Bavarian Army officers in the uniform used during the Austro Prussian and Franco Prussian Wars 1866 to 1871 and later but modified. you knows it was light blue with collar and cuffs either in red for Infantry or green for Jaegers.with gold coloured buttons . in these uniforms the rank was carried on the collar . one to three stripes of gold lace for company officers, for field officers , It was lace on the front and top of the collar and one to three stripes below. I believe that the two captains portrayed belonged to the 14th Infantry regiment .
  4. Peter. The recipe was given to me years ago by a tanner , to prevent the action of insects or fungus ,is convenient to add to the mixture some boric acid . five grains for each egg yolk .
  5. Hello , Beewax is used today by the Blues and Royals for their parade boots in the inside . on the outside ,normal leather cream .personally i used for old and very dry leather items a the following a mixture of egg yolk and olive oil yes the same of the mayonaisse, but not whisked to the point of that . only gently blended. proportion one yolk for a spoon of olive oil . after clean the leather of dust and dirt dry it well and apply the mix with a soft brush uniformly . once done left the mixture to dry for about two hours and then polish the item with a piece of wool cloth
  6. The fluted spike was normal for Chevaulegers of all ranks . These Bavarian helmets were of notable quality included those of NCOs and Soldiers.
  7. Hello, A rough guide : The shoulder boards made of gold or silver lace with a zig zag pattern and with no stripes are for Generals. The ones made of lace with two stripes are for Field Officers ,those with one stripe are for company officers .
  8. Hello , Looks Egyptian ,Ottoman certainly not ,Turks dont used a Western style crown . Egyptians ,Iraqis and Jordanians used these crown . Its very crude badge ,appears as made with lead in a clay or plaster mould
  9. Hello, The KzS portrayed is not an Engineer officer, in the first pic is clearly visible the five pointed star over the lace. Engineers wore a cogwheel.
  10. Hello , take a look to : saaf ww2pilots2 yolasite. com
  11. First battery of the 50th artillery regiment .That is Royal Prussian 50th ,2nd of Baden ,Field Artillery Regiment .
  12. Hello the Belgian Chasseurs Ardennais,used the boar head as emblem but without spear or horn
  13. Hello, some officers of the 91 Oldenburgische Infanterie regiment went to China during the Boxer revolt. perhaps the man portrayed was one of these.
  14. Not yet , i continue searching , but by analogy Ev 100 must indicate some characteristic of the pistol .
  15. Its not a Kampfpistole, its a Leuchtpistole , Flarepistol. the Kampfpistolen bears a Z engraved and painted with reflective white paint.
  16. Hello, many thanks for share, a splendid group ! Interestingly ,He was awarded the Order of the Romanian Crown in 1942 post mortem and with the rank of Major. Later in February of 1943 he was awarded the Order of the Romanian Star as Lt Cnel Post mortem . The Minister and Secretary of National Defence who signed the two documents is the same person ,General Constantin Pantazi, who was Minister Secretary from January of 1942 to August of 1944 .Pantazi was first Secretary of the Army, in August of 1944 he had the rank of Army General . arrested with Marshall Antonescu he was later tried and condemned to death . Prime Minister Petru Groza , conmuted the pain to forced labour for life with the general at hours of the execution . Pantazi died in prison n 1958 , he was in possesion of the Order of the Romanian Star in the grade of Commander
  17. Hello ,Royal Yugoslav Army Mountain Troops badge model 1932 e medals com ,offers one of the same manufacturer Knaus of Zagreb for 295 USD
  18. Apparently ,gefreiter in a Bavarian Cavalry regiment, either Chevaulegers or less probably ,Heavy Riders
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