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  1. Hi Garth, I was wondering if you would be prepared to sell your bronze QSA to Luchman. I  have one to Minto of the same unit if you wanted a replacement. 



    1. Garth Thompson

      Garth Thompson


      I'd be glad to trade you my bronze QSA Luchman for yours. I'm only interested in having an example in my collection.



    2. David Grant

      David Grant

      Thanks so much. Can you contact me on rvetc@mweb.co.za and I will get mine in the post. ATB David

    3. David Grant

      David Grant

      Hi Garth, just wondering if you are still interested in the exchange of medals. Drop me a line on rvetc@mweb.co.za



  2. Thanks Paul. This medal is one to covert and is not mine unfortunately. There were a few casualties amongst the IOD and this might be one. Unfortunately there are 2 Luchmans on the roll and we will never know unless a second one turns up. A little history for you. The transports Henzada with No.3 field medical stores depot, No.11 British field hospital, and Ordnance field park...... left Calcutta, 20th September (1899) and arrive on October 14th 1899 at Durban.The Indian Ordnance Department consisted of 4 officers, 15 men, 3 horses and 119 attendants and had a weight of 250 tons. It was the only Indian unit to participate as a whole during the war.The Indian Ordnance Field Park that was established outside Pietermaritzburg, played a critical role in the relief effort. The offloading of munitions arriving by train from Durban and the expeditious dispatch of orders for the Front Line were expertly and efficiently undertaken by Indian Officers and their staff. Another Indian stores camp was located outside of Ladysmith at Convent Hill. This camp came under Boer fire on occasions and several Indians were killed and injured. The siege lasted 119 days and ended in relief on 1st March 1900. The role of the Indian Ordnance Field Park during that siege was particularly noteworthy.After the siege the Indian Ordnance Field Park returned to India. All members entitled to Defense of Ladysmith bar to the medal if issuedMedals to the Indian Ordnance Department are impressed named.
  3. There is a good chance this man was a casualty of the Boer War. Luchman served with the Indian Ordnance Corps at Ladysmith as a 2nd Class Lascar. His son, Rane Ibass, aged 10 received a pension of Rs 28.8, payable by Britain for 12 years. From the Punjab. AG/26/11/2 (Folio 14) WO 100/298 p 3a Unfortunately there are two men with this name on the rolls