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  1. Hello Mickey, Many thanks for your response and explanation. Very logical using the leverage of the increased radius afforded by the distance of the lugs from the center of the axle. Judging from available photographs the feature wasn't incorporated on all carriage wheels of the day. All the best, Arnhem Jim
  2. Although possibly outside the intended scope of this forum, I would like to pose the following question to anyone who might have the answer. On the WWII British Ordnance, QF, 6 pdr Anti-Tank Gun Mk IV, Carriage Mk III (Airborne) what is the function of the six small lugs/protrusions on each of the rims of the carriage wheels? They appear to be installed only on the Carriage Mk III. Would hope that someone might have a copy of the gun’s technical manual in their reference library. Would anticipate that going any quasi-formal route through either MoD channels or a museum staff would take a lot of time. Please see the attached photograph. Arnhem Jim Arizona Territory
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