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  1. Hello Tony, thank you for the links, the sites are indeed very interesting and helpful! Greetings Martin
  2. Hello, the inscription is German and means basically that these boxes once contained 20 "handgrenades model dt 41". Since I couldn't find anything about "dt 41 handgrenades" on the internet I suppose "dm 41 handgrenades" are meant (try google), but that's only guessing. The boxes are definitely post 1945, so they should therefore be of rather low value, but that's guessing again; an expert opinion is required here. BTW: I hope there is nothing left in these boxes that looks like a handgrenade??? Best regards Martin
  3. Hello Mike and Brett, thank you very much for your opinions - that is good news for me. I wasn't sure whether they are original, because I had read that those clasps are often forged. Best regards Martin
  4. Gentlemen, I am a collector from Germany and new to this great forum. While I mainly collect German medals (mostly Imperial and WW1), I meanwhile also have a small collection of British WW2-Stars. While I usually buy them when on holiday in the UK, I have two stars in my collection (the Atlantic- and the Pacific-Star, see pictures below) which I bought on the Internet in a German forum. They came with one clasp each: 'France and Germany' with the Atlantic-Star and 'Burma' with the Pacific-Star. While I am quite sure that the stars themselves and their ribbons are original, I am not sure whether the clasps are. I would therefore like to ask your opinion whether these clasps are original or not. What do you think? Your expert help is highly appreciated. Many thanks Martin