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  1. So nice to see such an old medal being preserved by the family for so many years!
  2. BalkanCollector

    Socialist Yugoslavia Medals and Orders in Wear

    Today's flea market finds. Two captains. The left one is wearing an Order for Merits for the People (2nd or 3rd class), 2 Orders for Bravery and a Medal for Bravery. The right one is wearing an Order for Merits for the People (2nd or 3rd class) and an Order for Bravery. Soldier on the left is most likely wearing a Medal for Bravery. On the right is a Corporal (if I'm not mistaken) wearing a Medal for Merits for the People. Lieutenant? (potporučnik) wearing an an Order for Merits for the People (2nd or 3rd class), an Order for Bravery and a Medal for Bravery. Captain wearing an Order for Merits for the People (2nd or 3rd class). The last one isn't actually wearing medals but ribbons instead. Captain (you can't see his ranks but it writes in the back of the photo) with 2 Orders for Bravery ribbons and another one which I can't determine.
  3. BalkanCollector

    My Norwegian Hakon VII Coronation Medal

    Beautiful looking medal!
  4. BalkanCollector

    Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    A common sight on this order. Here's an example from my collection. You can also see fingerprints on it.
  5. Astonishing collection!
  6. I get it now. Thanks for clearing that up! It's harder to understand the joke if you're used to cyrillic script as myself and you naturally read "Copy" as "Soru". It's actually a pretty good pun
  7. You should probably put Copy also in apostrophes (" ") because people who don't know cyrillic script could mistake it for the English word "copy". Or even better put it in italic since that's how the linguists do it. Regards Mario
  8. First time seeing this medal. Looks amazing!
  9. BalkanCollector

    Yugoslav Plaques

    Thanks! I also haven't seen it before. I liked it's simple yet cool design, it's great condition and a very low price so I had to have it.
  10. Thanks Paja! Yes, there were tons of papers, books and all kinds of documents at the time this book was to be thrown. Maybe there was even better stuff in that pile but at least this one was saved. Not to mention, as you said, other republics' organizations, facilities etc.
  11. BalkanCollector

    Yugoslav Plaques

    Today's flea market addition to my plaques collection. Although it's not what I usually collect, I had to buy it since it's in a good condition and it was very cheap. It's a plaque for 25 years of liberation of Rijeka.
  12. Thanks guys! Really appreciate your kind words.
  13. No problem Gordon! It's an interesting find with an interesting story so I had to post it here.
  14. Here's something different than my usual collecting theme. A family member saved this from being thrown into garbage over a 10 years ago by finding this next to a dumpster in a hospital. Ex-military hospital in Zagreb, Croatia was throwing away old archive, various documents and books. It's a book of vows to Josip Broz Tito and it was signed by representatives of various departments of the old military hospital in Šalata, Zagreb. There are vows of a Major (chief of department), two Officials 3rd class (rank equivalent to Major), one Captain 1st class and about 20 more. The most interesting signature is that of General Major dr. Slava Blažević. She was one of only two women which held the rank of a General in the Yugoslav People's Army, both in the medical service and both General Majors. The other woman is General Major dr. Roza Papo. Blažević was also an active partisan, political commissar of the partisan hospitals in Lika and "prvoborac". Her husband was People's Hero of Yugoslavia and a Hero of Socialist labour Jakov Blažević. I belive her signature is authentic rather than facsimile because it's the offical document for the book of vows addressing to a military hospital which states that the book of vows to Tito should be made as an act of remembrance. I could be wrong though and her signature could actually be facsimile. The medal of 40 Years of Yugoslav People's Army which can be seen on the first photo isn't related to a book itself but I've put it here because it's my grandmother's medal and she was working at that military hospital as a nurse at the time the book was issued, plus it's a nice touch for the photo. I'm extremely glad this gem was saved because it was probably the matter of hours or even minutes until it could have been thrown into the dumpster.
  15. Welcome back Paja and thanks for the clarification!