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  1. Nice photo of the awarding ceremony and an interesting info about the brigade.
  2. Thank you Paja!
  3. Here are my 3rd and 2nd class. I cropped it from the other photo I took a while ago. That's why it has a weird angle.
  4. Astonishing uniform. Thank you very much for sharing!
  5. That would be awesome.
  6. That's too bad. It would be pretty interesting to research Yugoslav orders by number like Soviet ones. It would definately add even more history to the item itself.
  7. Great pics Paja. Love Stepanović's šajkača and Mišić's shoulder boards.
  8. Lovely pics of a great looking order! I'm curious whether it is possible to know a recipient by the order's number without having a documentation. I have one numbered 33,589.
  9. Remarkable set. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Wow, this is incredible. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Beautiful indeed. I love the ribbon with all three flags and a map of the three countries on the medal.
  12. You can tell it's fake by the screws alone.