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  1. My humble contribution...3rd and 2nd class.
  2. Just wanted to contribute by posting some photos of couple of pieces from my collection. Gold and silver swords with boxes.
  3. I've acquired the 2nd class (silver rays to be more precise) of this order recently so I've decided to share some photos. I already posted my great-grandpa's 3rd class somewhere but here's some more detailed photos. Paja I've noticed that your IKOM piece (93,268) has a close number to my great-grandpa's (93,633). Also have this box for the 3rd class with a number written on the bottom (87,436).
  4. Beautiful award! Thanks for sharing your piece with us Christer.
  5. Interesting. I've never noticed that differences.
  6. What's the difference between the Soviet and Yugo suspension?
  7. Interesting detail about the melting of the Soviet types to make Yugoslav ones. I would say thanks again but I've already done it for too many times in this thread.
  8. Great thread, thanks again! I forgot to ask a question about the Soviet made Order of Bravery. Do you know how many was made and awarded? The highest numbers I've seen on some pieces are around (+/-) 20,000.
  9. Wow, I didn't know that. Thanks for the information!
  10. I might be taking a long shot, but could it be the FRY Order of Bravery?
  11. Thank you Paja! Yes of course, here they are.
  12. I've acquired the Soviet made version of this Order recently so I've decided to put a photo of all the pieces that I have at the moment.
  13. Agreed! Most of the Croatian awards look like they were designed by a bunch of kids. I wish our governments had consulted with collectors and artists before making awards. Also I wish our governments had consulted us on other more important matters.
  14. Although I can see the connection between the orders of Sretenje and Takovo, I must admit that Sretenje isn't appealing to my eye as much as the Takovo is.