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  1. BalkanCollector

    Russian ribbon bar ID needed

    Thank you for the reply! I also thought that the first ribbon is Ushakov but the colors are reversed. Here's a photo from wikipedia: Yes, a Naval Attaché! Was looking for that word.
  2. Third medal is a medal of Marksman Association of Slovenia (Strelska zveza Slovenije).
  3. BalkanCollector

    Russian ribbon bar ID needed

    I'm struggling with identification of Russian ribbons. Any help is much appreciated! Unfortunately, the photo is what it is... PS I should have mentioned that the person is a diplomat and was in naval uniform as a Major if that helps.
  4. BalkanCollector

    Mother Heroine Order

    A good one indeed! There were 454,142 awarded so it's not that rare. Concerning the fact that it was awarded for raising 10 or more children it's actually a lot of new kids.
  5. BalkanCollector

    Croatian Medal for Civil War

    430,000 awarded so it's quite common. Yours is a 1990-1992 version which is more rare than the other type without the year in the back but it's still quite common.
  6. BalkanCollector

    Help Identify Soviet? Medal

    Not Soviet nor is it Orthodox Russian. They would never use latin.
  7. BalkanCollector

    Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    Seems like ZIN orders have also started to get shiny, well technically not as much shinny as odd. Look how terrible the backs of these Orders of Labour 3rd class look. Also here's some more shiny Orders for Merits for the people 2nd and 3rd class. Both are curently being auctioned on eMedals with a starting price of 100$.
  8. BalkanCollector

    Is this Italian submarine badge?

    Such a cool find and an interesting story!
  9. BalkanCollector

    Marshal Katukov's ribbon - please help

    I absolutely love how they added the Mongol folk patterns. Very unique and beautiful! Thanks for sharing the link!
  10. BalkanCollector

    Order of Military Merit

    I'm not sure either. It should be the paint or enamel.
  11. BalkanCollector

    Zhamila Kolonomos

    And finally the last plaque...Association of marksmen of Yugoslavia
  12. BalkanCollector

    Zhamila Kolonomos

    JUGOHROM plaque