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  1. Order of Yugoslavian People's Army

    I've never seen that a Private was awarded with such orders and I belive they never were. I've seen a few documented orders awarded to a non-commissioned officers but those were the lowest 3rd class awards. I belive that 2nd and 1st classes were only awarded to commissioned officers. These orders were also awarded to military officials (vojni službenici). Those were special ranks that were equal to normal ranks but didn't have a privilege of commanding the units during peace. There were 9 classes of those ranks, 1st was equal to Colonel and 9th was equal to Sergeant. The highest decoration that I've seen that was awarded to a military official was Order of People's Army 3rd class although I belive they could be awarded with the higher class.
  2. Order of Yugoslavian People's Army

    Very nice, thanks for sharing!
  3. Ján Prna-partisan in Odesa

    Amazing set!
  4. Croatian Officer in Austria-Hungarian Army Vrbon

    That's cool. I don't collect fascist Croatia though. I only collect Yugoslav Partisan items from that period.
  5. Socialist Yugoslavia Fakes!

    Prove me wrong but this one smells fishy to me.
  6. Croatian Officer in Austria-Hungarian Army Vrbon

    The surname can't be Vrbon. It's probably Vrban.
  7. Ivan Kosančić

    Thanks for the reply! That's the exact info I've found on wikipedia but I couldn't find a reliable source that confirms that info.
  8. 40 years of reign medal Montenegro

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing the medals and info.
  9. I picked this up a couple of years ago at a local flea market along with a medal for war merits. My knowledge is limited so I'm wondering if it's authentic.
  10. Ivan Kosančić

    I am looking for information about Ivan Kosančić. I can't find any reliable information about this supposed hero of the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. Did he even exist as a historical person or is he a creation of epic poetry? Sorry for non-militaria topic!
  11. Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    I've seen a few of those orders with two screw nuts but I'm not sure about their authenticity.