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  1. Beautiful set! Thanks for sharing!
  2. BalkanCollector

    Polish Montecassino set

    Very nice set, thanks for sharing!
  3. BalkanCollector

    A Heap of Soviet Awards

    Great addition!
  4. BalkanCollector

    WW2 USMC 4th Marines POW

    Most interesting. Thank you very much for this!
  5. BalkanCollector

    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    Nice display! I have few of those cap and visor hat stars. They seem to be very good quality and the enamel looks even better than IKOM's Partisan Stars' one in my opinion.
  6. Such an incredible photos! Zhivkov's awards are my favourite.
  7. BalkanCollector

    MGSSA 10 EK1, Nivelle Offensive....

    You've acquired quite a few documented awards and bars lately. Really remarkable stuff!
  8. BalkanCollector

    Soviet Awards for Foreigners

    Thanks for the input and good luck with buying those awards!
  9. Very interesting information and medals! Can't wait to see the South Africa ones.