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  1. Socialist Yugoslavia Medals and Orders in Wear

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. Here's a photo of what appears to be a Lieutenant Colonel. He's wearing two Yugoslav type Orders of Bravery, 10 years of Yugoslav People's Army Medal and a Commemorative Medal of the Partisan 1941 on his left side. The Order of Republic (class?), Order of Brotherhood and Unity (2nd class?), two Orders of People's Merit (possibly 2nd and 3rd class) and a Polish Partisan Cross on his right side. I don't know what's the thing he's wearing in the bottom left side of the photo.
  2. Socialist Yugoslavia Medals and Orders in Wear

    Sorry for making it unclear. It appears to be a French Legion of Honor. I've marked the photo for better understanding. 1 and 2 are two Soviet Orders of Suvorov 1st class 3 is Soviet Order of Red Star 4 is Soviet Order of Kutuzov 5 is Bulgarian Bravery Order 6 already mentioned French Legion of Honor
  3. Socialist Yugoslavia Medals and Orders in Wear

    You're right about the Bulgarian Bravery Order. I've mixed it with Swedish Polar Star Order. Decorations on the left are from top to bottom: two Suvorovs 1st class, Order of Red Star, Order of Kutuzov, another Bulgarian Bravery Order and a French Legion of Honor. Here's a photo of his another uniform with some other awards. Unfortunately there's no Order of People's Hero on it.
  4. Socialist Yugoslavia Medals and Orders in Wear

    That's an interesting way of wearing neck orders. I see US Legion of Merit and some Swedish order if I'm not mistaken.
  5. Yugoslav Plaques

    Thank you Paja! This plaque is a puzzle for me. You are right, VTA was in Zagreb, Črnomerec to be more precise. Today it's Croatian Military College. He was on duty in Zagreb for almost all of his service but he was never on duty in Sarajevo so it's a real mistery.
  6. I have a question regarding this Socialist Yugoslavia Air Force/Anti-Air Defence officer hat which I acquired recently. Is it possible to know the period of production? There are 6 torches on the button so it must be post 1963. It was produced by Jedinstvo Beograd. Those are the seller's photos.
  7. Socialist Yugoslavia Medals and Orders in Wear

    Here's some more Soviets decorated with Yugoslav awards. Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General of the Airforce Andrey Nikiforovich Vitruk wearing an Order of People's Hero. Hero of the Soviet Union Georgi Stepanovich Staradubuev wearing Partisan Star 1st class. Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel General of tank troops Vladimir Ivanovich Zhdanov wearing an Order of People's Hero.
  8. Yugoslav Plaques

    No problem and thanks for your trouble! Here's the other plaque which I mentioned. My grandpa got it for 25 years of graduation from the Military-Technical Academy (VTA, Vojno-tehnička akademija). Interesting thing is that the 25th anniversary was in 1988 but the plaque holds a mascot "Vučko" doing a ski jump from the Sarajevo Winter Olympics in 1984. The plaque is almost entirely made out of hard plastic. Vučko and a ski jump ramp is metal. The plaque is wrapped in a plastic foil and it can't get out without ripping off the foil so I didn't take it out. I don't know if it's an official plaque but it's definately an interesting one.
  9. Yugoslav Plaques

    Here's the Tito plaque which was awarded to officers for retirement. The one I have was given to my grandpa and it had a document which was unfortunately lost. The plaque is fairly big and the box is also very large. There's a sculptor's name under the Yugoslav coat of arms. B.STANOJČIĆ I've tried to find out more about him but it always brought me to this plaque and not the man. I would appreciate any information about him. The maker of this plaque is IKOM Zagreb.
  10. Socialist Yugoslavia Medals and Orders in Wear

    No problem Paja! Yes it's from that book. I will send you a private message about that book. The only thing they said about the badge is that it was introduced in 1945 and that the variety of later pilot badges which were probably introduced in 1947 but were regulated in 1953 were derived from it.
  11. Yugoslav Plaques

    Thanks for making this topic Paja and very nice plaques! I will take some better photos of the only plaque that I have soon and will post info about it. I also have something strange related to the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo 1984 which was given to my grandpa and hopefully find out more about it. I'm looking forward to discussing this subject!
  12. Socialist Yugoslavia Medals and Orders in Wear

    You are right Paja! I checked in "Partizanska vojska i Jugoslavenska armija 1941.-1953." book and I've found 2 types of this badge which was introduced in 1945. It was descibed as metal pilot badge. There was this photo also and it said that this officer was wearing that badge. However the photo of the officer on a Harley Davidson isn't larger so we can't know for sure. Here's the photo of those 2 types of the pilot badge. Nice photos of the Soviets! I'm not sure about Gagarin receiving the Yugoslav Flag but I think I've read something about it somewhere. I will share more Soviets wearing Yugoslav awards soon.
  13. Very nice Soviet type Order of Bravery that I've seen on ebay auction. Very low number also! http://www.ebay.com/itm/YUGOSLAVIA-ORDER-OF-BRAVERY-RUSSIAN-TYPE-No-108-REALLY-RARE-/253159093098?hash=item3af175336a:g:KdUAAOSwy69ZuCNO
  14. Socialist Yugoslavia Medals and Orders in Wear

    Group of photos of a Soviet Read Admiral Grigory Nikolaevich Ohrimenko. He was awarded the Yugoslav Order of Bravery (Soviet production) and Order of People's Hero. His group of awards was sold a few years ago.
  15. Thank you for uploading them. I don't know why I couldn't save the photos so I couldn't do it myself. I've tried saving them again today and now it's working...