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  1. Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    That's pretty interesting Gunner 1! I've never thought about that scenario.
  2. The Order of the Partisan Star 3rd Grade

    Very nice Elmar! I belive it's an awarded piece.
  3. Yugoslavian Order of Precedence

    It's a good forum for people who know south Slavic languages. I don't have an account there but I sometimes take a glimpse.
  4. Yugoslavian Order of Precedence

    Here's a link to a great chart of Yugoslav awards: http://www.jugoslovanska-odlikovanja.com/index-jo.html Click on "Sezam odlikovanj SFRJ". It's in Slovene but it should be much of a problem since it has ribbons shown for every medal and order.

    Nice one Eric! I keep my collection far from sight in boxes.
  6. Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    Because it's an ordinal number. I'm not sure what did the numbering system look like in Yugoslavia but today in Croatia we put a dot after ordinal numbers.
  7. Order of Military Merit

    Very nice Eric!
  8. Very nice! Congrats on your new pieces!
  9. Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    Remarkable collection Josep!
  10. Many thanks again Paja! Especially for Andrejević's sketches.
  11. Remarkable photos Paja, thank you very much for sharing them with us!
  12. Strange St Helena medal

    I haven't seen anything like this before. Beautiful medal!
  13. Wow, that's a very nice group! Sorry for not answering your question but I had to react to a nice group.
  14. I've stumble upon these photos of some new house of Obrenović decoration. Does anyone know anything more about these?
  15. Royal House of Obrenović 2015 decoration

    Thanks for the info Paja!
  16. Commemorative Medal of the Partisans of 1941

    Thank you Paja! I've been patiently waiting for 2 years and I've finally found a nice set for a reasonable price.
  17. My latest catch including a document and a transportation ticket.
  18. Order of Yugoslavian People's Army

    I've never seen that a Private was awarded with such orders and I belive they never were. I've seen a few documented orders awarded to a non-commissioned officers but those were the lowest 3rd class awards. I belive that 2nd and 1st classes were only awarded to commissioned officers. These orders were also awarded to military officials (vojni službenici). Those were special ranks that were equal to normal ranks but didn't have a privilege of commanding the units during peace. There were 9 classes of those ranks, 1st was equal to Colonel and 9th was equal to Sergeant. The highest decoration that I've seen that was awarded to a military official was Order of People's Army 3rd class although I belive they could be awarded with the higher class.
  19. Order of Yugoslavian People's Army

    Very nice, thanks for sharing!
  20. Ján Prna-partisan in Odesa

    Amazing set!