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  1. BalkanCollector

    Soviet Awards for Foreigners

    Thanks for the input and good luck with buying those awards!
  2. Very interesting information and medals! Can't wait to see the South Africa ones.
  3. BalkanCollector

    Albania- Wied era medals

    Such an amazing medal bar, thank you for sharing!
  4. BalkanCollector

    Soviet Awards for Foreigners

    Thank you for posting the Czechoslovak documents. Still no Yugoslav Order of the Partisan Star 3rd class?
  5. BalkanCollector

    Soviet Awards for Foreigners

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing! Do you perhaps have his Yugoslav Order of the Partisan Star 3rd class? I see on the wikipedia page that he was awarded with it. "1948 – juhosl. Rad partizánskej hviezdy III. stupňa"
  6. BalkanCollector

    Marshal Zhukov Awards

    Strange that there is no Yugoslav Order of Freedom displayed. Only 7 awarded and Zhukov was one of them!
  7. BalkanCollector

    Wearing other state orders, Chinese Empire officials

    These are very interesting! Thanks for sharing them!
  8. Such a beautiful mini bar! I really like that Chilean order.
  9. Very beautiful! I like them in kind of a rough condition.
  10. BalkanCollector

    Purple Heart KIA KOREA

    Very interesting, thank you for sharing!
  11. That's so sad. I don't know if it's allowed to post sellers name publicly but I think I know who you're talking about. I've seen a few groups for sale separately. One group even included a document for the Partisan Star 3rd class which is kinda rare to see. Such a shame...
  12. What happened with the document?
  13. BalkanCollector

    German troops in Finland 1918

    Those bars look amazing!
  14. BalkanCollector

    Order of Yugoslavian Flag

    I really don't know, I'm curious myself. Hopefully, someone can answer this.
  15. Remarkable bars, thank you all for sharing them with us!
  16. BalkanCollector

    Polish Home Army Items

    Nice! Hope you get those items and I'm looking forward to seeing them once you got them, especially medals.
  17. BalkanCollector

    Can someone identify this please?

    It says "Zhitomir Partisan 1941-1944". Zhitomir is a city in Ukraine so my guess is that it's their commemorative medal for the partisans who participated in Zhitomir area.
  18. BalkanCollector

    Socialist Yugoslavia Fakes!

    I'd love to hear more opinions. I'm not saying this is 100% fake, but I think it is, because hallmarks look like two pentagonal holes dug into the piece and they don't even represent a rooster and an "IKOM" logo, just some bad shapes inside of a hole. Plus, these started to appear only a year ago if I'm not mistaken. And again we're hearing the story that it's from the supplies. I have my doubts about those supplies and my personal opinion is that we're not being told the truth and that someone is pushing the agenda to sell fakes. However, I could be totally wrong and during the last few years I've changed my opinion on these being real and fake quite a few times so it's very hard for me to be certain on this matter. Hope I helped you!
  19. BalkanCollector

    Polish Home Army Items

    Kind of a late reply but have you managed to add any more items to this theme? Very interesting branch of collecting for sure! Love the armband!
  20. BalkanCollector

    Socialist Yugoslavia Fakes!

    A lot of these started appearing lately and all of them which I saw were offered as replicas. Here are all three classes. I've seen them somewhere for auction and I think the starting price was 30 bucks or so. Notice that they failed with the second class. It looks like a silver first class.
  21. BalkanCollector

    Medal box / help to ID if poss please Gents

    They don't. It's a box for Austria-Hungary Merit Cross. Here's an example in the exact box: (photo taken from the internet)
  22. BalkanCollector

    Finland : Help identify a medal

    I might be wrong but I think this medal relates to both Sweden and Finland. Finland because of the rose and the lion in the bottom left and Sweden because of the crown and two Nordic cross flags.
  23. Thank you for sharing these Ukrainian pre-WW2 awards! You don't see many of these around the internet.
  24. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!