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  1. Here's something different than my usual collecting theme. A family member saved this from being thrown into garbage over a 10 years ago by finding this next to a dumpster in a hospital. Ex-military hospital in Zagreb, Croatia was throwing away old archive, various documents and books. It's a book of vows to Josip Broz Tito and it was signed by representatives of various departments of the old military hospital in Šalata, Zagreb. There are vows of a Major (chief of department), two Officials 3rd class (rank equivalent to Major), one Captain 1st class and about 20 more. The most interesting signature is that of General Major dr. Slava Blažević. She was one of only two women which held the rank of a General in the Yugoslav People's Army, both in the medical service and both General Majors. The other woman is General Major dr. Roza Papo. Blažević was also an active partisan, political commissar of the partisan hospitals in Lika and "prvoborac". Her husband was People's Hero of Yugoslavia and a Hero of Socialist labour Jakov Blažević. I belive her signature is authentic rather than facsimile because it's the offical document for the book of vows addressing to a military hospital which states that the book of vows to Tito should be made as an act of remembrance. I could be wrong though and her signature could actually be facsimile. The medal of 40 Years of Yugoslav People's Army which can be seen on the first photo isn't related to a book itself but I've put it here because it's my grandmother's medal and she was working at that military hospital as a nurse at the time the book was issued, plus it's a nice touch for the photo. I'm extremely glad this gem was saved because it was probably the matter of hours or even minutes until it could have been thrown into the dumpster.
  2. No problem Gordon! It's an interesting find with an interesting story so I had to post it here.
  3. Welcome back Paja and thanks for the clarification!
  4. The number didn't have any meaning for converted types as far as I know. I have a converted Order of Brotherhood and Unity 2nd class with a number but without a number on a document. Gunner's documents are for the same order and as I said, the other one is an invitation for awarding ceremony.
  5. It's an early IKOM production. Very nice!
  6. Could you post a photo of the reverse Gunner?
  7. The second document is an invitation for awarding ceremony. It was presented by the Association of fighters of People's Liberation War (SUBNOR-Savez udruženja boraca Narodnooslobodilačkog rata).
  8. BalkanCollector

    Order of Military Merit

    The third hallmark is a rooster in hexagon for .800 silver. It puzzles me why there are .900 and .800 hallmarks on the same order although everything is genuine. I have a second class order awarded in 1971 with the same hallmarks. It's impossible to determine the year of production by hallmarks. Your piece is a six torch version so the earliest which it could be made is in 1963. Here's an example of my second class with the same hallmarks as your third class:
  9. Ukaz broj # (decree number #). Here's an example of it from my collection. It's in the second row from the bottom, right before date.
  10. Small addition to my Orders of Merit for the People. ZIN type, second class in it's original box. It's interesting that so far I have three second classes and only one third class order.
  11. BalkanCollector


    Very interesting, thank you for sharing!
  12. Astonishing collection!
  13. BalkanCollector

    Two French Medals (authentic?)

    I see nothing wrong with them but since I'm far from being an expert in French medals, I'd like someone to confirm their authenticity. If they are authentic I'd like to know their value. Thank you!
  14. BalkanCollector

    Two French Medals (authentic?)

    Thank you very much for your reply Eric!
  15. BalkanCollector

    GREECE - help identifying medals

    1st - Greek Victory Medal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inter-Allied_Victory_Medal_(Greece) 2nd - War Cross 1917 version https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Cross_(Greece) 3rd - Cross of Valor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross_of_Valour_(Greece) 4th - ? Unfortunately I don't speak Greek either so I can't translate the text.
  16. I've just acquired my first British medal and I'd like to know if it's possible to find out more about it's recipient. Where did he serve, his other medals etc... 33290. SGT. M.S.BROADBENT. R.A.F.
  17. BalkanCollector

    Victory Medal to an RAF mechanic

    Thank you very much Noor, I really appreciate it!
  18. BalkanCollector

    Victory Medal to an RAF mechanic

    Thank you for your reply Peter! Do you know some sites where I can find out more information or anyone who is good at researching this matter?
  19. BalkanCollector

    Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    Nothing wrong with that one. Here's my 6 torch piece awarded in 1979 to a technical Major for comparison. Five to six torch was indeed introduced in 1963. They've made big supplies of orders so five torch versions were still awarded well after 1963. Here are a few examples from my collection: - 5 torch 3rd class awarded in 1967 to a technical Lieutenant, 4 years after the change was introduced -5 torch 2nd class awarded in 1971 to an infantry Major, 8 years after the change was introduced! You can see my orders in this thread post from #96 to #98:
  20. Amazing collection!
  21. Let's see your documented groups of the Socialist Yugoslavia. Here's a group of my grandpa's awards with miniatures and documents. I've already posted his awards but I've never posted his documents. Funny story is that there's a Commemorative Medal for 20 Years of Yugoslav People's Army on his miniature bar but he never received that medal since he was at the academy at the time the medal was awarded in 1961. He also got a Tito plaque when he retired but unfortunately the document is lost. List of awards by the year: 1967 - Order of Military Merit with Silver Swords 1971 - Commemorative Medal for 30 years of Yugoslav People's Army 1974 - Order of People's Army with Silver Star 1975 - Commemorative Medal for 30 years of Victory over Fascism 1979 - Order of Military Merit with Golden Swords 1981 - Commemorative Medal for 40 years of Yugoslav People's Army 1985 - Order of People's Army with Golden Star All of the awards were awarded on December 22nd. It was the day of the Yugoslav People's Army. Additional award is Distinguished Marksman Medal. There are stamps that confirm the purchase of miniature medals at the back of every document. Another group which I have is a civil one and it was awarded to doctor Knežević. List of awards by year: 1966 - Order of Labour with Golden Wreath 1972 - Order of People's Merit with Silver Rays
  22. BalkanCollector

    Socialist Yugoslavia Documented Groups

    After a few hours of research I've managed to find where did this gentleman fight during the People's Liberation War. He was a fighter of 16th Banija Brigade which saw action in the biggest battles of that war, Battle of Neretva and Battle of Sutjeska. All in all I'm very delighted with a result of my research.
  23. A little update since I've acquired boxed and documented unnumbered IKOM type if I'm not mistaken.
  24. All good if you ask me!