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  1. My latest catch including a document and a transportation ticket.
  2. BalkanCollector

    Commemorative Medal of the Partisans of 1941

    My newest addition! Spomenica (number 16,2##) which belonged to a Colonel of a technical branch of service. He was a commander of company (četa) in the 1st Lika Proletarian Brigade "Marko Orešković" and was one of the people who helped with the creation of a book about this brigade. He was born in 1925 so he was around 15-16 when he joined the partisans. I'm very pleased that I've acquired this gem.
  3. Great addition, love the white enamel
  4. BalkanCollector

    Named Crimea Period Order of the Mejidie - Viscount Kirkwall

    Thank you very much for sharing oamotme!
  5. Very interesting, thank you for sharing!
  6. BalkanCollector

    Bringing History to life...

    Marvelous job Alex, thank you for sharing!
  7. BalkanCollector

    Socialist Yugoslavia Fakes!

    Currently on auction on ebay. Looks awful! Even hallmarks look like tiny holes dug in the shape so it looks like a real IKOM hallmark.
  8. BalkanCollector

    Order of Yugoslavian Flag

    This is the first boxed and documented Order of the Yugoslav Flag with Golden Star (4th class) I've seen so far. It was awarded in 1983 to a Lieutenant-Colonel Jovan Obradović. It is for sale (220€) here: https://www.falera-et-orbis.com/socialistična-jugoslavija?product_id=1013
  9. BalkanCollector

    Order of Yugoslavian People's Army

    Indeed, I hate it when they sell documents or groups of orders that belonged to the same person apart. I managed to save one fantastic group half a year ago. Here it is:
  10. BalkanCollector

    Order of Yugoslavian People's Army

    I saw those on ebay recently. So that's where they went. Nice ones Eric!
  11. Thank you for additional photos Eric! I love the layering and sort of a build up of this order. Kinda reminds me of an Order for Military Merits.
  12. Very nice addition Eric! I also like it's chipped enamel for some reason. Also the square silver hallmark is indeed a hallmark for .950 silver.
  13. BalkanCollector

    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    Now that you mention, I've also noticed that points on my star are more pointy or maybe it just looks like it on the photo.
  14. BalkanCollector

    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    Nice one Eric! I think it's an unawarded piece. I've also acquired a 2nd class recently and I'm having doubts whether it was awarded or not. I've already asked dozen of collectors and mostly it's been a positive response although there are some who think it wasn't awarded. Personally I think it was although I cannot be 100% sure. Any more feedback on my piece is appreciated! You can see mine has patina and kinda looks like it was worn. The last two photos are seller's photos and it looks like he cleaned it so it actually has less patina than before. I also should mention that I've looked at the enamel with a magnifier and I've noticed a few lines which could lead to think that it was worn but on the other hand it doesn't necessarily mean that. Seller's photos:
  15. This is actually pretty neat! I always wanted to make my own designs for orders in the graphic design.
  16. BalkanCollector

    Russian ribbon bar ID needed

    Thank you for the reply TacHel!
  17. BalkanCollector

    Russian ribbon bar ID needed

    I'm struggling with identification of Russian ribbons. Any help is much appreciated! Unfortunately, the photo is what it is... PS I should have mentioned that the person is a diplomat and was in naval uniform as a Major if that helps.
  18. BalkanCollector

    Russian ribbon bar ID needed

    Thank you for the reply! I also thought that the first ribbon is Ushakov but the colors are reversed. Here's a photo from wikipedia: Yes, a Naval Attaché! Was looking for that word.
  19. Third medal is a medal of Marksman Association of Slovenia (Strelska zveza Slovenije).
  20. BalkanCollector

    Mother Heroine Order

    A good one indeed! There were 454,142 awarded so it's not that rare. Concerning the fact that it was awarded for raising 10 or more children it's actually a lot of new kids.
  21. BalkanCollector

    Croatian Medal for Civil War

    430,000 awarded so it's quite common. Yours is a 1990-1992 version which is more rare than the other type without the year in the back but it's still quite common.
  22. BalkanCollector

    Help Identify Soviet? Medal

    Not Soviet nor is it Orthodox Russian. They would never use latin.
  23. BalkanCollector

    Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    Seems like ZIN orders have also started to get shiny, well technically not as much shinny as odd. Look how terrible the backs of these Orders of Labour 3rd class look. Also here's some more shiny Orders for Merits for the people 2nd and 3rd class. Both are curently being auctioned on eMedals with a starting price of 100$.