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  1. Such a beautiful watch! Love the combination of digital and analog.
  2. Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    You can almost see your reflection in them.
  3. Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    Beautiful collection Gerd! Thanks for sharing the photos with us!
  4. Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    Thank you very much for posting the results! Can we now say it's a legit piece since it checked out to be .900+ silver?
  5. Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    Thanks for pointing that out! Looks like someone's machines are a bit shaky and imprecise.
  6. Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    Some more IKOM Partisan stars 2nd class. I've already seen a lot of shinny soviet made stars from the same seller that is selling these. http://www.njuskalo.hr/korisnik/gudurasv
  7. Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    Thank you for your input! Feel free to add some pictures here.
  8. Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    Some more shinny stars being offered on facebook by the same seller. He is selling the 2nd class for 3,000 RSD and 3rd class for 1,500 RSD. Another 2nd class IKOM type he's selling for 12,000 RSD. "The rare type" as he says.
  9. name of a Russian medal

    No problem! Yes, that's strange. The theory of him being at the ceremony sound like the most likely scenario.
  10. name of a Russian medal

    It's a commemorative medal for 300 years of the Russian Navy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jubilee_Medal_"300_Years_of_the_Russian_Navy"
  11. Order of the Red Star

    No problem!
  12. Order of the Red Star

    1945 according to this chart
  13. Socialist Yugoslavia Fakes!

    Currently there are 25 bids for this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SOCIALIST-YUGOSLAVIA-ILINDEN-COMMEMORATVE-ORDER-1903-MEDAL/282711973771?hash=item41d2f25f8b:g:yxgAAOSwvTpZ9MAL The same seller from Celje, Slovenia. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SOCIALIST-YUGOSLAVIA-MEDAL-OF-PRESIDENT-TITOS-VISIT-TO-INDIA-AND-BURMA/282711764798?hash=item41d2ef2f3e:g:PZ8AAOSwhqhZ9I-9 And another one... https://www.ebay.com/itm/SOCIALIST-YUGOSLAVIA-ORDER-OF-THE-YUGOSLAV-NATIONAL-FRONT-NFJ-MEDAL/282712024046?hash=item41d2f323ee:g:b7QAAOSwY~1Z9Mrl
  14. Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    Yes, I've also noticed it. Thanks for pointing that out! Sorry for getting back to Partisan Stars but take a look at this huge group of 3rd classes. I don't remember where I've seen this photo but I remember that the guy who posted it said he got all of them from IKOM right after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Maybe it's true or maybe he invented the story so he can sell his fakes. If I remember correctly the guy was from Russia.
  15. Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    Thanks for the images Paja! Take a look at this Brotherhood and Unity with Golden Wreath which was awarded to Hajduk Split Football Club. It was awarded in 1974 but the order has 5 torches which is 11 years after the 6th torch was introduced. It also looks a bit shinny but the photo is not that good so I can't say for sure. These are the only photos I could find.
  16. Socialist Yugoslavia Medals and Orders in Wear

    Unknown Captain
  17. As the title says, I will be posting photos of Socialist Yugoslavia Medals and Orders in wear every now and then. In the first post I will post some of my favourite photos. The first photo is in my possession and it's a photo of my grandpa's uncle. All of the next photos are from the internet. Notice the Polish Partisan Cross. Major Dušan Filipović, 4th Sandžak brigade. People's Hero Ivan Šibl. Miloš Šiljegović with the youngest courier from the brigade, Nikola Zvijerac (11th Kozara Krajiška Brigade). Marko Lucić, Captain of Braća Radić brigade. Milan Tankosić, Major of Marko Orešković batallion. Photo taken in Belgrade, April 8th, 1945. Miloš Milikić "Mido", the youngest Partisan Captain (19 years), later Colonel. Notice the pilot badge and a Polish Partisan Cross. People's Hero Jozo Lozovina "Mosor". People's Hero Katarina Patrnogić People's Hero Petar Drapšin People's Hero Stevo Rauš, Commander of 1st Krajiška brigade. Photo taken in Ribnik near Ključ, 1944. People's Hero Stane Semič "Daki". Notice the Soviet Order of the Red Banner. People's Hero Stevo Došen, Commander of Matija Gubec brigade. Headquaters of Braća Radić brigade Many more to come...
  18. Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    That's really weird. I've never seen any Yugoslav decoration hand engraved. Also, does it look like it only has IKOM stamp or am I missing the rooster somewhere?
  19. Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    Thanks for the further explanation! Any chance you can share the photos of those three IKOM 1st classes?
  20. Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    I don't like these at all. The 2nd class' screw pin looks like it isn't in center at all. The 1st class' wreath is way too thin. Maybe those are actually mint flaws which were common for this order... Talking about shinny, I have this documented group of Order of Labour with Golden Wreath and Order of Merits for the People with Silver Rays awarded to the single person which I think it's 100% authentic. Is it just me or does it have that shinny too good to be true look although I think it's legit?
  21. Yugoslavia - Shinny IKOM orders

    Thanks for creating this topic Paja! I hope we will find some answers. Here's my shinny IKOM Partisan Star 3rd class which I've already shown here: http://gmic.co.uk/topic/15023-yugoslavian-partisan-stars/?page=11 post #258 It has an unusual details which both Paja and Eric pointed out.
  22. Socialist Yugoslavia Documented Groups

    No problem!
  23. Let's see your documented groups of the Socialist Yugoslavia. Here's a group of my grandpa's awards with miniatures and documents. I've already posted his awards but I've never posted his documents. Funny story is that there's a Commemorative Medal for 20 Years of Yugoslav People's Army on his miniature bar but he never received that medal since he was at the academy at the time the medal was awarded in 1961. He also got a Tito plaque when he retired but unfortunately the document is lost. List of awards by the year: 1967 - Order of Military Merit with Silver Swords 1971 - Commemorative Medal for 30 years of Yugoslav People's Army 1974 - Order of People's Army with Silver Star 1975 - Commemorative Medal for 30 years of Victory over Fascism 1979 - Order of Military Merit with Golden Swords 1981 - Commemorative Medal for 40 years of Yugoslav People's Army 1985 - Order of People's Army with Golden Star All of the awards were awarded on December 22nd. It was the day of the Yugoslav People's Army. Additional award is Distinguished Marksman Medal. There are stamps that confirm the purchase of miniature medals at the back of every document. Another group which I have is a civil one and it was awarded to doctor Knežević. List of awards by year: 1966 - Order of Labour with Golden Wreath 1972 - Order of People's Merit with Silver Rays
  24. I thought of creating this topic since we don't have any that relates to the matter. At least not to my knowledge. Here are some photos of my humble collection of those ribbon bars. In the future, I will also post some more photos which I collected on the internet.