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  1. Bay of Pigs Items

    Here is an image of captured Brigade 2506 soldiers one of whom is wearing the bird patch.
  2. Bay of Pigs Items

    Thank you! I turned down an offer of $1,000 for that patch. Thanks! Can you show the Cuba related badge that you found?
  3. Please Identify

    Thank you Sir!
  4. Another Item to ID

    Thanks for the information! Any ideas where I can find the missing parts?
  5. Another Item to ID

    I would love to know more about this helmet.
  6. Please Identify

    I picked up this cap recently and was wondering if someone here can ID it?
  7. Bay of Pigs Items

    Here are a few Bay of Pigs items I have collected thru the years. The two patches came out of Cuba and where worn on the uniform of the Brigade 2506. The wing came out of Miami some years ago.