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    I collect WWII German Heer cloth insignia. I am always looking for Signal Blitzes,Specialty/Trade patches, Qualification patches,Eagles of all sorts, roundles and chevrons. I enjoy the variation of construction and material and am always searching for new examples

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  1. Hello, I battalion 4th Field Artillery regiment. Sorry I didn't see your additional answer that you already knew that it was for the 4th FA. Fred
  2. Hello Andreas, Nice pair of swimming trunks. These were worn by a soldier in the IBattalion 4th Field Artillery regiment . The sword insignia is the smaller Reichswehr sport insignia for the swimming trunks. Fred Green fredgreen16@hotmail.com
  3. Hello, It appears to be a very nice original patch to me. Fred
  4. Hello, Trade badges were supposed to be worn on the lower left sleeve. Signal Qualification badges,signal blitzes, were worn on the right sleeve centered between the elbow and shoulder unless there was a rank patch worn. It was then worn above the rank patch. The drivers qualification badge was worn on the lower left sleeve. Brian Davis has a great section referring to Heer trade badges in his book GERMAN ARMY UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIA 1933-1945 John Angolia and Adolf Schlicht take it in depth in their book UNIFORMS AND TRADITIONS OF THE GERMAN ARMY 1933-1945. Here are some examples that I have. Fred
  5. Hello, The boards are unpiped with the waffenfarbe shown in the embroidery. No piping and made out of uniform material. They are definitely skinnier than WWI board but definitely have some of the characteristics though. They didn't last very long, 2-3 years and then they went to a dark green, badge cloth. Fred
  6. Hello, Quite a while Paul.The hardest parts were the correct collar tabs backed on reseda green and the obergefreiter and Hauptgefreiter chevrons. I have upgrade the hauptgefreiter chevron with a issue piece with embroidered pip. Fred
  7. Hello, We all know the iconic M36 tunic as we call it with 4 patch pockets and a dark green collar; but did you know when it first came out it had a collar made of uniform cloth. It was the same color as the uniform. The shoulder boards were also made of the same material. The collar tabs were backed on a dark field grey (reseda green) material. While the collar and the boards were a uniform cloth the sleeve chevrons, signal blitzes, and specialty patches were made of the dark field grey. Here is an example of the first pattern of Heer uniform insignia for the new style tunic. Fred
  8. Hello, The picture looks great. I have a private purchase dress tunic like this for a senior NCO from Ulm. It was worn up until at least 1936. Fred
  9. Hello, I have always collected Heer cloth insignia. In the past few years I have narrowed and widened my collecting scope and now actively search for Reichsheer insignia from IR13 out of Ulm Germany. Here are two parts of my small RH cloth insignia collection. The first is a riker case of insignia manufactured on moleskin for the summer tunic. The second case is standard Wool insignia. Fred
  10. Hello, Great looking collection of cloth insignia. Fred
  11. Chris, I learned it today too after finding it in the book. Fred
  12. Hello Chris, The book"THE GERMAN REICHSWEHR" by Schlicht and Kraus states "The numerals (1-1000,000) were allocated to units by army district commands". I am guessing that army district command were Wehrkreis'. Does anybody know of a copy of this list or a reference to it? Thanks again. Fred
  13. Hello, I have this Reichsheer tab and was looking for some information about it. Can anybody tell me if there were certain numerical lots for certain Wehrkreis' ? Can you tell where this RH Tag was issued from? Thank you. Fred
  14. Hello, Very Nice pictures!!! I look for the same thing, nice clear shots of uniform and insignia. Sweet!! Fred