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  1. Bucky01

    Alfonso XIII

    Have the info received "fondo blanco y gris" means "background white and gray"
  2. Bucky01

    Alfonso XIII

    Maybe you can read it a little better. The photo is glued, I do not want to replace it. Thank you Bucky
  3. Bucky01

    Alfonso XIII

    Thank you for your opinion. On the back of the pillow is a lettering, can you read that? Bucky
  4. Bucky01

    Alfonso XIII

    Could you tell me whether these orders are rare or not All the best Bucky
  5. Could you tell me if this Hungarian Order of Saint Stephen real or not All the best Bucky
  6. Hi Paul, Thanks for your comment. The width of 4.7 cm = 1.85039 inch 5.2 cm = 2.04724 inch 17.97 grams = 277.319 grain Best regards Bucky
  7. Could you tell me if this is real or not All the best Bucky
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