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  1. Hej, thanks for the info! This one, if not a misspelling, is quite peculiar! "last 3 OG III issued on 31.12.1945 - 517.643, 517.644, 82.234" One more argument, that relating to serial numbers for finding period of issue has to be taken with a grain of salt.
  2. Well done!
  3. Mention of Sergeant Max Thompson in the award decree signed by KALININ on 13 June 1945. The original decoration order for Max Thompson was issued by the 4th Guards Army on 20 May 1945.
  4. Another cavalier of US Legion of Merits order, degree Commander, was Soviet Army Lt. General Vladimir Stepanovich KUZNETSOV (1898-1979). He was a commander of the 40 Rifle Corps. Unfortunately I couldn't locate his portrait with his US decoration on... But I have something interesting too. The memorandum sent from HQ of US XIII Corps to their Soviet counterparts explaining the award procedure and information request to prepare citations for the Soviet Army personnel from soviet 40 Rifle Corps (17 may 1945). Prior to this on 16 May, Lt.Gen. KUZNETSOV was to diner with the commander of 102d Rifle Division Mj.Gen Frank. A. Keating.
  5. The text on the postcards: "Heroic deed by Garros. Zeppelin destruction." "War in the air. Destruction of a German zeppelin by a Russian airplane." So the first postcard refers to specific person - French pilot Roland Garros, who did NOT perform any aerial ramming attacks during his carrier. Similarly, I don't know of any aerial ramming attacks on a zepellin by a Russian aviator in WWI. There are two known Russian pilots who did Nesterov (died) and Kazakov (survived), but they both attacked another airplane. So this brings me to the point: These postcards do NOT depict an aerial ramming attack. I have to say I am surprised myself, as that is kind of how they look like!
  6. The first one is the action by French ppilot Roland Garros. The second is unrelated I think.
  7. Looking good! Do you have the names on the veteran names for the orders 50888 and 172198 ?
  8. Clever!!! Nice presentation. Are these normal frames, which were remade into shadow boxes?
  9. We can skip the call if you wish and just show up at your place for the ceremony. Please, memorise the Russian anthem before next Tuesday. The Wiki page is charming.
  10. Assembly of Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory, Moscow, 1970. From Rizhen'kin personal papers.
  11. OGI 848 - Andrey Nikotovich SAL'NIKOV (1915-1982). Two full OG awardees. Sal'nikov (left) and Rizhen'kin (right).
  12. The medals are multiplying like mushrooms after rainy summer day.
  13. I would also add, that the handwriting stile in the award booklet is not convincing at all, and reminds me of a a student handwriting from 1990s. Not a hard evidence, but one should also have in mind nonetheless.
  14. Guards Colonel Gretsov Victor Nikitovich (1907-1986) who signed the citation.