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  1. Hello! Was "Pavlovich" his surname or middle-name? I suspect the person of interest is Seraphim Pavlovich Rozhdestvensky (1903 - 1992). If this is the case, there is a ton of information on him on the net. On the photo he is in the center in black suite next to the priest.
  2. Russian Zeppelin Killer

    Hello. I checked out the Russian magazine "Niva" for 1914. In the issue #32 from 9 August 1914 there is an article about emerging aerial warfare. In the article there is a photograph of Roland Garros and information that he rammed Zeppelin and died in the attack. Later in another August issue there is a lithograph of the attack (the one recognised from postcard). The author of the lithograph was Aleksander Andreevich CHIKIN (1865 - 1924), who was quite a fellow: travelled many wild places, was an optician working in astronomy. As you see from the dates, the rumours about alleged ramming by Garros spread quickly.
  3. Andreas, I might be interested in this painting. I would like to return it to the land of origin - Denmark. If possible, let you friend know again.
  4. Nick, do you know if there is any chance to trace the number and find the recipient?
  5. Order of the Red Star

    RS 147438 - March 1943. Caucasus front. RS 147804 - December 1942. Caucasus front. Note, smaller number was awarded 4 months later. 147556 is still possible to be from Stalingrad battle. But needs to be researched in archive.
  6. Hello. 10 years have passed... Is there any information on the status of these awards?
  7. Old Russian poster - translation please

    This is a addendum page to the issue#24 of "Bessarabian Gubernia News" newspaper from 4 (17) March 1917. It contains abdication of Nicholas II (top part) and Grand Duke Michael abdication (lower part). Text is English is here: http://www.histdoc.net/history/abdic.html
  8. Here is a very interesting page describing BA-64 restoration project. Very informative! And here is some information in English. Also quite good.
  9. Mishkin was commanding armoured car BA-64. It has a crew of two people, one of which was Mishkin himself. The car commander was also the radio operator. In facts of his award citations describes him as "car commander and radio operator".
  10. I think the first two ribbons are Bravery Medals.
  11. Display Eagles

    Hat off for the master! Very inspirational!
  12. Hello, This is an interesting front line award. it is also a little illustration of the subject covered in the thread "Paperwork discrepancies". Please, meet Guards Master Sergeant MISHKIN NILKOLAJ EMILYANOVICH, Ukrainian born 1922 in the village Pokrovsky of Artemovsk district, Stalingrad region. VKP(b) member since April 1943, secondary school, in service 1940-1945. Service position: 1 Gu. Mechanised Red Banner Brigade, Head of Radio Station. He was working in a coal mining enterprise as head of electricians team after the war (April 1946). Lived in the town Lisichansk. So in the award register card written in in 1946 at the local Military commissariate he is called a "head of radio station". Do you have mental picture what he did? Well, lets see. The citation will help (Red Star # 293568 awarded 14.10.1943). It is written closer to the events and by the people actually involved (in this case). MISHKIN's position is described as "Car Commander of Reconnaissance Company 1 Gu. Mechanised Brigade". It is somewhat different to "head of radio station". RS 293568 citation: "During liberation of town Druzhkovka, comrade Mishkin's crew rushed into town centre and discovered 3 enemy firing position, two of which were destroyed and 10 hitlerites killed by his machine-gun fire. The left tire was hit by fire. Despite the damage, the vehicles was safely evacuated from the battle field. During liberation of town Nikolaevka comrade MISHKIN's crew was ordered to rush into Nikolaevka and draw enemy fire for revealing enemy positions. The crew reached Nikolaevka and was subjected to enemy artillery, mortar and tank fire. Despite the hail of enemy fire, comrade MISHKIN after 30 minutes long barrage returned to the company position with valuable documents." Here are Druzhkovka and Nikolaevka marked on German map of 1941. to be continued...
  13. Hello! I am looking for a little help here. Is it possible to find the recipient of this GCVO star # 245 ? Tried to search on our forum and found so far that it is not very easy. There is a reference about GCVO #272 which was awarded to a Danish General in 1908. Any tips are welcome! Thank you! And I wonder where the cross is?