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  1. Hello! I am looking for a little help here. Is it possible to find the recipient of this GCVO star # 245 ? Tried to search on our forum and found so far that it is not very easy. There is a reference about GCVO #272 which was awarded to a Danish General in 1908. Any tips are welcome! Thank you! And I wonder where the cross is?
  2. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Respect!
  4. Not only it is a downgrade from OPWI but also a rare case of awarding two OGIII to the same person. Note, that the first citation you posted is describing the event in Dec 1944, and the second (downgrade) describes the events in Jan 1945. The corresponding award decrees came in a wrong sequence. January Award was awarded before the Decembee one (12Feb vs. 25Feb). I think the paperwork process failed this time. Probably in downgrade process they didnot pay attention, that he is currently awaiting approval for another OGIII.
  5. Interestingly, he was awarded all 3 medals in a course of 10 days. The first BM on 11 March. The two others are on 19 March 1945. And the two last ones seem to be for the same feat on 03 March 1945. One is downgrade from OGIII. They are awarded by two different decrees, but on the same day. And it seems PETROV's name came into both decrees.
  6. Hello, I think this is the first version (whole bronze) used in the period 1866 - 1882 (later it was made of silver). The Academy was established during Aleksander II reign.
  7. Hello, Andreas! I sent you a PM about the painting.
  8. Thank you for sharing! His middle name is AmankuLovich, i.e. АманкуЛович The citation is not available online. There are only single citations from 21st Rifle Brigade of the NKVD available online. Research options are limited, but not zero.
  9. Sure there is info available on 21th. But it would be nice to see "the face".
  10. Everything is perfectly readable! Bill has covered almost all of it. "BB" stands indeed for Internal Troops. But "УО" stands for "Украинскй Округ", i.e. Ukrainian District. The 21 detached Rifle Brigade VV NKVD was disbanded in November 1945 while being located in Ukraine.
  11. It is just an asymmetrical intelligence strategy. The amount of resources used in CIA to figure it all out is eating 3,14% of their budget. And they are still lagging...