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  1. So the forum works! That is just great!
  2. The other ship where CHEKMENEV briefly served was minesweeper "Vekha". Built in 1938. One of the 10 ship of its project (#53). Displacement - 410-503 tons ; length - 62m ; width - 7,2m ; draft - 2,3m ; speed - 17,8 knots ; engine - 2 diesel 2500hps ; fuel tank - 60 tons ; crew - 70 men. Armament: 1 - 100mm cannon ; 1 - 45mm cannon ; 1 - 20mm AA gun ; one 4 barrels 12,7mm MG ; 20 depth charges ; 28 floating mines. Scrapped in 1950s.
  3. The ships at which the veteran served: River monitor "Sverdlov". Taifun "Typhoon" class (7 in class, but 3 armed 4x130mm, 3 armed 8x120mm, and 1 armed 4x152mm). Displacement: 965-977 tons. Speed: 10-15 knots. Armament: 4 x 152 mm, 2 x 37 mm, 6 x 20 mm, 4 x 12.7 mm and 5 x 7.62 mm machine guns. Armor: belt, 76 - 38mm; bulkheads, 9mm; turrets, 76mm; deck, 19mm; CT, 51mm. Launched 1909, Tsarist Commision Sept 1910, Soviet Commission 24 April 1922. Repairs and upgrades in 1934 - 1935. In August 1945, participated fighting along the Songhua River and in the capture of Fuyuan and Jiamusi in Heilongjiang (Manchuria). 30 August 1945 awarded Guards title. Scrapped, the 13 March 1958. In 1929, the monitor participated in the last and (possibly) the largest ever monitors and riverine gunboats battle in the modern history. Soviet navy had a total and decisive river's victory using monitors during conflict against Nationalist China. There were a number of Chinese boats and monitors sunk and no Soviet losses. And here is the cherry: the photograph of the "Sverdlov" monitor engine mechanics crew. CHEKMENEV must be one of them! The year the photo is taken is not clear, but it must be before 1939, I think. The petty officer in the middle must me CHEKMENEV himself!
  4. This is the service record covering years 1925 - 1944. The Red Star citation: "Senior Lt. Engineer CHEKMENEV is hard working, persistent, and decisive officer. Since the beginning of the war against Japan, he skilfully organised and personally supervised the repairs of two minesweepers UMS #523 and AM #148, which were under repairs at the workshop. As the result, both minesweepers entered the service ahead of the schedule, 6 days and 9 days respectively, and departed to the mission for meeting in the ocean and convoying to the Petropavlovsk Navy base the ships arriving from USA. He excellently organised the equipment preparation of the 1st marine squad (MO-1) of the 6th patrol boat squadron for the passage from Patropavlovsk Navy base to the island Shumshu, for the mission supporting the amphibious landing of our troops. The material equipment of the 1st marine squad had no malfunctions during the whole mission. He is worthy of medal For Combat Merits. Signed: Head of Staff of Petropavlovsk Navy base, Pacific fleet, Lt.-Captain PANKRATOV. 10 September 1945"
  5. Kaboom! One more here! You'll be a millionaire soon.
  6. Hello! Another interesting catch from Kassel militaria show this year. Please, meet Lt.-Commander of Engineers CHEKMENEV Ivan Kuz'mich, 1903. Entered the service in 1925 as a cadet on Black sea Fleet. Later in December 1926 after finishing the Navy school, he was trasfered to Amour flotilla and began his service as an mechanic on monitor "Sverdlov". He rose in the ranks and by 1936 became the head of "Sverdlov" 5th battle station, i.e. the head of electromechanics crew. 1937-1941 - cadet of High Navy school. After finishing the school, he was sent to Pacific Navy and entered as 5th battle station commander on minesweeper "Vekha". From 1943 he becomes chief engineer for the whole 6th minesweeper squadron. Awards: Red Star in 1935 Red Star in 1944 (long service award) Red Star for campaign against Japan (this one). Order of Red Banner in 1946 Order of Lenin in 1949 Order of Red Banner 2 in 1943.
  7. Yes, Francois! Do you want me to take a selfie with it holding a pineapple or another exotic fruit? I am looking forward to research it properly!
  8. Hello, I could not find an appropriate section on the forum... So here it is. Came home with me from Kassel militaria show 2017. The Crimea medal with Sebastobol clasp and 2 documents: - Promotion from Jr. Lt. to Lieutenant. - Award document for British Crimea medal in 1856. He later in 1862 was promoted to Captain adjutant Major and awarded Légion d'honneur. Born in 1823. Whole career in 6 Cuirassier regiment. More documents here: Lt. BRASSEUR

    Hello, Could you, please, mention what other research points it this silversmith? Any photos to share? For me the letters are "ГД" = "GD". I don't think it looks like an "A" at all. But I could be wrong as the decorative fonts can be deceiving.
  10. This is REAL scary stuff!!! My mind simply cannot grasp how this is possible. Think of what probability of these being two different pieces!
  11. Sometimes just a thought of wetting a ribbon can already start fading process. So, as they say: "don't think about a white monkey!"
  12. Russian cosack uniform

    Hello! Quite interesting.... and strange... You see, the text in Russian is the quote from a poem written by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach in 1937. The quote means: "Don't touch us - we don't touch you. If you do - we give no quarter!" But then the quote is signed "From Budyonny marching song". But the Budyonny march, which was written on and after 1920, does not have these words. Is there a star on the cossack's hat??? But of white color? Or it was red, but later washed off, as it is possible with water colors? I think, the pencil inscription in the bottom is in Serbian, right? What does it exactly read? I understand but not good enough.
  13. One more interesting detail is that DOSAEVs OGIII citation is signed by two HSUs. The first one, the 629 rifle regiment Commander HSU Colonel KORTUNOV, Aleksey Kirillovich (1907–1973). He was actually a remarkable man. After the war he eventually became the first Head of the Ministry for Oil and Gas Construction, the organisation known today as GAZPROM ( here is an article about him in English ). In fact, in 2003 GASPROM issues "Kortunov medal" ( award example ) to distinguish the best employees. Well, when they make a medal with your name, you know your life was not passed in vain. You can a also see Colonel KORTUNOV with his regiment banner, which sustained numerous cuts from enemy shrapnel.
  14. Glad to help! I think, it is a membership badge. I am trying to find it online, but fail so far to locate exactly this type. Could you post the reverse, please?