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  1. Medal Bar

    Hello! Not only one font. More or less everything. You know what, I do understand it is a bit frustrating that people cannot tell you one big specific thing which is wrong. Well, maybe someone else can, but I cannot. A lot of this is expert opinion. Mine is negative. But I would be glad if you or someone else can convince me otherwise. F.ex. this is a fake one. Looks similar to the one here. These are good ones: These are good:
  2. Medal Bar

    Let Claudius correct me, but the font alone tells the tale on the St.George cross. See the difference from these originals. .
  3. Named French group WWI and interwar period

    Looking through the list , I think, the veteran is GARDES Gaston Raoul Philippe (1889 - 1974) born, lived, and died in Paris (13 arrondissement). Legion of Honour cavalier by the decree 25 Dec 1929. Service record is available. But, it seems, I missed out on his Colonial medal with "Maroc" bar. Service in WWI: 1914-1919 in France. Wounded on 8 September 1916 in Somme: "Head fracture right side". Later in Morocco in 1919-1921. The information matches quite well. One discrepancy is that the had Croix de Guerre with one ??? star. Cann't understand if it is written bronze, silver, or gilt star. But there is a palm on my CDG. Could this be a small pimp up by veteran? Did these things happen in France too? http://www.culture.gouv.fr/public/mistral/leonore_fr?ACTION=RETROUVER&FIELD_1=NOM&VALUE_1=GARDES&NUMBER=6&GRP=0&REQ=((GARDES) %3aNOM )&USRNAME=nobody&USRPWD=4%24%34P&SPEC=9&SYN=1&IMLY=&MAX1=1&MAX2=1&MAX3=100&DOM=All'
  4. Medal Bar

    Too bad...
  5. Named French group WWI and interwar period

    Thank you very much for this input! It actually makes the search much easier and fits perfectly to the post war medal issued by Hygiene ministry. I was understanding "M" stood for "Monsieur". But now I am smarter! Thanks!
  6. Named French group WWI and interwar period

    This is tres merveilleux!!! Thank you very much! GARDES: http://www.culture.gouv.fr/public/mistral/leonore_fr?ACTION=CHERCHER&FIELD_1=NOM&VALUE_1=GARDES
  7. Hello! Last weekend walked by an antique market and got this group named to "M. Commandant GARDES". The "Prevoyance Sociale" medal is from 1934. Looking forward for research possibilities... and incentive to refresh my French. I don't know if the "Légion d'honneur" is wartime or for interwar period. I tend to think the later. Are there rolls with information on a "Légion d'honneur" cavaliers?
  8. opinion on Rising Sun 5th class

    Arigatou gozaimasu.
  9. opinion on Rising Sun 5th class

    Hello! I also got neat card set together with the order. Can someone tell me when the cards were printed?
  10. Hello, I would like to ask for assistance. What do you think about this CVO marked C62? It looks to me the enamel on the right arm's top end has been partially fixed. What do tou think is the value of this order?
  11. "Now Know Ye that..." "And further Know all Ye..." Thank you!
  12. Hello Nik You mean both both Bogdan Khmelnitsky orders are fake? So the Ushakov is a good one?
  13. Hello, The OPWII 52344 was awarded 29 July 1944. The citation is on the way. Please meet, Lt. Ivan Ivanovich STEPANOV who by June 1941 was serving as a Company Commander in 44 Tank Regiment (tanks T-26) of 22 Tank Division, 14 Mechanised Corps, 4 Army. Severely wounded by a bullet in the leg in April 1942. After that on less active service positions. Still by 1956 he got his long service Lenin order. The 22 TD (143 and 44 tank regiments, 22 Motorized Infantry Regiment) was located in Brest fortress on 22 June 1941 and was hit heavily by artillery barrage during the first hours of German offensive. The division lost most of it's tanks, fuel supplies, and ammunition. The remnants of the division had several heavy engagements in the following days. But by 28 June 1941 it lost practically all tanks and most of the personnel and was disbanded. So Lt. STEPANOV must had been MIA from June 1941. The formal decree formalised the MIA status on 16 Feb 1942. It was formally cancelled in 1952. But he was back in service by the beginning of 1942 or even earlier, I think. He was awarded medal for Combat Service (a big deal by at that time) in March 1942 for the action on 08/Feb/1942. He served in 143 (a different 143rd, I think) Tank Regiment of 2 Gu. Motorised Rifle Division (earlier 107 Motorised Rifle Division) Here is the decree stating that Lt. STEPANOV is declared MIA. The hand written text is cancellation dated 08/May/1952. 22 TD was in action for 6 days. On 22 June 1941 it had 235 tanks, 34 cannons, and 8800 personnel. As follows from the 4 Army report issued on 28 June @21:00, the division had only 450 people, zero tanks, 45 trucks, and 85 officers left... The personnel loss was about 90% in 6 days. Not all of them were killed, but some were imprisoned.
  14. Point taken! Thank you for correction!
  15. Hello, OGIII # 173482 bestowed on private BACHURA Stepan Dmitrievich, (25.05.1917 - 25.01.1993). One of the 2678 full cavaliers of Order of Glory. Private BACHURA was engineer and explosives specialist serving at the time of recommendation in 358 Engineering Battalion. He was awarded OGIII on 14.08.1944, OGII on 17.02.1945, and OGI on 15.05.1946 (post war). The OGIII 173482 was the action in the spring 1944, and particularly for actions on 11-13 May 1944. Citation reads: "Comrade BACHURA is courageous, disciplined soldier, a master in mine- laying. Always executing his orders perfectly, he conducted multiple complex engineering tasks on our first line in spite of difficult circumstances. He is awarded with the badge “Excellent miner” for excellent mine-laying and mine clearing. Comrade BACHURA presented examples of selflessness during the forced crossing of the Southern Bug river while building a ferry crossing. He built two piers under heavy enemy fire, which allowed for quick infantry crossing and timely resupply of our advancing troops on the right river bank. Comrade BACHURA didn't stop working under bitter enemy artillery barrages and airstrikes while building urgently needed Commander post for 28 Gu. Rifle Corps on 11-12-13 May. Thanks to comrade’s BACHURA selfless work and fearless conduct the task was finished 5 hours ahead of time, which provided the Corps headquarters with proper cover facilities and allowed them to conduct effective units control in the defence of the bridgehead on the right bank of Dnestr river. Comrade BACHURA is worthy of order “Glory III class. Commander of 358 Engineer Battalion Major signature. 16.05.1944" The Cavalier in his later years.