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  1. Thank you for sharing!
  2. Respect!
  3. Not only it is a downgrade from OPWI but also a rare case of awarding two OGIII to the same person. Note, that the first citation you posted is describing the event in Dec 1944, and the second (downgrade) describes the events in Jan 1945. The corresponding award decrees came in a wrong sequence. January Award was awarded before the Decembee one (12Feb vs. 25Feb). I think the paperwork process failed this time. Probably in downgrade process they didnot pay attention, that he is currently awaiting approval for another OGIII.
  4. Interestingly, he was awarded all 3 medals in a course of 10 days. The first BM on 11 March. The two others are on 19 March 1945. And the two last ones seem to be for the same feat on 03 March 1945. One is downgrade from OGIII. They are awarded by two different decrees, but on the same day. And it seems PETROV's name came into both decrees.
  5. Hello, I think this is the first version (whole bronze) used in the period 1866 - 1882 (later it was made of silver). The Academy was established during Aleksander II reign.
  6. Hello, Andreas! I sent you a PM about the painting.
  7. Please, meet Guards First Sergeant Kniazev Ivan Mitrofanovich, a T-34 gunner of 226th detached tank regiment. His T-34 was "one of first tanks to reach river Elbe", the meeting point of the Soviet Army and the American Allies. Kniazev was awarded order of Glory III class for the action on 12 January 1945, on the first day of the Vistula-Oder offensive. His tank was taken out by the German AT battery and he was badly wounded. Here is the citation: Tank gunner First Sergeant KNIAZEV showed exceptional military skill in delivering precise artillery fire and courage on the battlefield during the breaking of enemy defences 12.01.1945. The tank rushed into enemy defence position at village BOREK reference point 228,9 and was met with dense AT fire from the edge of the woods west of MAGIEROW. Comrade Kniazev one by one took out 3 AT cannons, 1 fortified AT position. When the tank reached the woods edge it was hit by the AT fire and caught fire. Comrade Kniazev was wounded, but despite that he dismounted machine gun from the burning tank and opened fire at the retrieving enemy infantry killing 8 hitleriets and capturing 4. For courage, bravery and resourcefulness in battle, comrade Kniazev is worthy of order of Glory III class. This was Kniazev's 3rd sustained wound. He was lightly wounded in 1942 and badly in 1944. The "edge of the woods west of Magierow" is still there in 2016. A tank from 226th Detached Tank Regiment of 5 Gv.A. 226th Tank regiment commander KOROBEINIKOV
  8. Thank you for sharing! His middle name is AmankuLovich, i.e. АманкуЛович The citation is not available online. There are only single citations from 21st Rifle Brigade of the NKVD available online. Research options are limited, but not zero.
  9. Sure there is info available on 21th. But it would be nice to see "the face".
  10. Everything is perfectly readable! Bill has covered almost all of it. "BB" stands indeed for Internal Troops. But "УО" stands for "Украинскй Округ", i.e. Ukrainian District. The 21 detached Rifle Brigade VV NKVD was disbanded in November 1945 while being located in Ukraine.
  11. It is just an asymmetrical intelligence strategy. The amount of resources used in CIA to figure it all out is eating 3,14% of their budget. And they are still lagging...
  12. Nice! Thank you for sharing!!! What technique is that? Acryl? Mixed? On the Soviet theme picture I can say that the background you chose must be vertical. There is no way any ojects could have stayed on it
  13. I am in no way an expert. Never held them myself. Just sharing thoughts. Another variation is like this one. Look for the lot 329 (Лот 326):
  14. Hello, Looks quite crude, doesn't it? Check out the link
  15. maybe this also can be useful: See the ship logs down the page!
  16. Wow! That is a reasonable price! If only I was not distracted by holidays.
  17. And here is my take on translating the citation for St. Georges cross. I wonder if other reputable Russain speaking members will correct me, as some of this military slang takes some knowledge to translate. - 809616 - surname: LOOV ; name: MAGOMET ; middlename: GIREY ; Cherkess cavalry regiment, a horseman. For distinguishing himself in the engagement on 31 May 1916 during mounted attack on village OKNO, when during the handfight he spoted his platoon officer and two horsemen being encircled by the enemy, he rushed them and killed them all with sabre, and thus saved his officers live.
  18. Hello and greetings from sunny Madeira, where I am for a weekend. Any hints from the members? I have been to the local antique (I found only one place). He had nothig at all, but said come back this weekend (tomorrow) as he will try to get something from a local collector. Lets see. In the mean while maybe this collector is our member? The we can cut the middle man! Pastel de nata to all of you, as we say it here on Madeira.
  19. Hej, thanks for the info! This one, if not a misspelling, is quite peculiar! "last 3 OG III issued on 31.12.1945 - 517.643, 517.644, 82.234" One more argument, that relating to serial numbers for finding period of issue has to be taken with a grain of salt.
  20. Well done!
  21. Mention of Sergeant Max Thompson in the award decree signed by KALININ on 13 June 1945. The original decoration order for Max Thompson was issued by the 4th Guards Army on 20 May 1945.
  22. Another cavalier of US Legion of Merits order, degree Commander, was Soviet Army Lt. General Vladimir Stepanovich KUZNETSOV (1898-1979). He was a commander of the 40 Rifle Corps. Unfortunately I couldn't locate his portrait with his US decoration on... But I have something interesting too. The memorandum sent from HQ of US XIII Corps to their Soviet counterparts explaining the award procedure and information request to prepare citations for the Soviet Army personnel from soviet 40 Rifle Corps (17 may 1945). Prior to this on 16 May, Lt.Gen. KUZNETSOV was to diner with the commander of 102d Rifle Division Mj.Gen Frank. A. Keating.