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  1. Yes. But thank you for the number. Quite a rare award. Nicolas
  2. Hi, You're right I only meant "Ritterkreuz". Sorry. I wanted to know how often the Ritterkreuz of the griffin order was awarded. (ca.1000 times?) As my ribbon bar contains of: EK2, Ritterkreuz des Greifenorden, Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges mit Schwertern. I guess an identification with the help of your rolls will, sadly, not be possible. The only thing we know is, that the person lived in 1934 and was an officer? Best regards, Nicolas
  3. Could the third ribbon from the left be the Rettungsmedaille Hamburg ? The last one could be the Prinzregent Luitpold Medaille. The last 2 ribbons must have faded. A strange combination....
  4. Dear Members, I recently acquired a ribbon bar with the Ritterkreuz ohne Schwerter des Greifenorden. On Wikipedia the Greifenorden is stated as the highest order of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Could someone make a rough estimate how many Greifenorden where awarded? Best regards, Nicolas PS: I will post pictures, as soon as the bar arrives
  5. Hello, I just saw these ribbonbars in an old ratisbons auction. Hopefully it is fine, that I make a thread, although these bars don't belong to me. Have these ribbon bars been identified? Best regards, Nicolas
  6. Thank you guys. I was really tempted to bid. Nicolas
  7. Fellow members and researchers, What do you think about this saxonian ribbon bar ? Is it an original? I don't see any long service awards and this guy lived until 1934 at least. Could someone look in his Schwarzburg/ Hohenzollern awards rolls to to search for an possible ID please? Thank you very much, Nicolas
  8. Generalleutnant Oskar van Ginkel Born: 18.12.1882 Died: 14.12.1949 Kommandant Rückwärtiges Armeegebiet 583 Kommandant Nord Kurland
  9. Does anyone recognize anyone? I ID'd Schönborn ( Brigadeführer top left) Generalleutnant van Ginkel (bottom centre) and Karl Fiehler (in the centre) Nicolas
  10. I am not so sure anymore. They look quite similar but they are even pre war differences on the 2 bars