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  1. Thank you Peter, They are most impressive! Best, Nicolas
  2. I had another look at the 5th ribbon. The stripes are smaller than on the ribbon for the Bulgarian award. So it is very likely the Kriegserinnerungsabzeichen des Bayerischen Landesvereins vom Roten Kreuz.
  3. Hi Andreas, Thanks for your reply. So I guess no ID I thought of RAD, because a lot them were Officers a.D. and the 2 blue ribbons, no idea...... Best, Nicolas
  4. Yes, I had this thought, as well, but why would he place a foreign award before the Hindenburg? Maybe a russian order for an officer would be more plausible? Best regards, Nicolas Edit: Oh dear, I'm dumb. Indeed the last ribbon is not for a Danzig award. WOW. That is disappointing.......
  5. Hello my friends, I just got this ribbon bar and already did a bit of research about it. I guess he was already an officer before WW1 (Centenary Medal). So maybe a Major a.D. after the war? Definitely a Doctor or someone in the Medical Branche. The Hessen-Bremen-Bayern-Danzig combination.....only a small number could have had this? The bar: EK2 KVK2 Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen (Hessen) Hanseatenkreuz (Bremen) Sanitätskreuz (Bayern) or Red Cross Decoration (Bayern) Hindenburg 25LS Officers Cross (I guess) Unknown Centenary Medal Danzig Red Cross Decoration - This is the first one I have ever encountered on a ribbon bar. Are there any other examples you know of? Best regards, Nicolas PS: I hope its ok, that I post this here, but for me it is rather a imperial research, than a third reich one.
  6. Thank you very much. Quite rare.. Best, Nicolas
  7. Anyone knows how many Order of Bravery 3rd Class 2nd Grade were awarded including WW1? Best regards, Nicolas
  8. I was unsure aswell, so I passed on this one. Thanks for your opinion.
  9. Very lovely display. Great Ribbonbars Did all the medals come with the grouping, because the Volkpflege Medal had to be given back, when a higher grade was awarded. Nicolas
  10. Wow...So clean...incredible..amazing for a perfectionist like me...
  11. Hi Guys, Is this ribbon bar genuine ? I know, that the Memel medal is normally behind the Sudetenlandmedal, but that could be a small period mistake. So what do you think? Edit:Sorry, just realised this is the wrong forum. I am used to post ribbon bars here. Best regards, Nicolas
  12. I found 3 pictures of him. One with his medal bar But there is one unknown decoration to make it a perfect match. It looks like a Hohenzollern with the Peace Ribbon? It can't be him.... or did he got an upgrade to neck order? Best regards, Nicolas
  13. Look here. It's the best website...
  14. Sorry, for putting this old thread to the top, but what's about metal backings....? Where they a cheap alternative during the war or for people who had less money to spent on their ribbon bars? Regards, Nicolas
  15. Thank you Dave. Well, I think I'll go for Barchewitz for now. Maybe more info will appear in the future.... Did both recieve EK1? Best regards, Nicolas