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  1. Look here. It's the best website...
  2. Sorry, for putting this old thread to the top, but what's about metal backings....? Where they a cheap alternative during the war or for people who had less money to spent on their ribbon bars? Regards, Nicolas
  3. Thank you Dave. Well, I think I'll go for Barchewitz for now. Maybe more info will appear in the future.... Did both recieve EK1? Best regards, Nicolas
  4. As promised here is the bar. A classic Godet with the famous wreath ( Note the 2 different sites). The awards: EK2 1914 Österreichisches MVK 3.Kl mit Kriegsdekoration Liakat - Medaille in Silber mit Schwertern Eiserner Halbmond Bulgarischer Ordern für Tapferkeit 3.Klasse The previous owner told me, that there are 2 possible owners of the RFK: Hauptmann Kurt Kaehne Hauptman Friedrich Barchewitz As the Reichswehr ranklist and the pre-war ranklist are useless in this case...any chance to get an exact match? Best regards, Nicolas
  5. Dave, Thanks for your fantastic answer. Yes, the book seems good but 450€ is a bit mich for me. It seems that this Korps was smaller than I thought. As I get a ribbon bar with turkish, bulgarian and austrian awards of the RFK today this should improve the chances for an ID. Regards, Nicolas
  6. Just discovered your website aswell. Questions about Bulgarian Awards I had for ages, got answered within a few minutes. Thanks for your great work Regards, Nicolas
  7. Hi Heiko, Thanks for your quick answer That would also explain why they got a lot of foreign decorations..... Was it possible to see any Frontline Action as Member of this Korps?
  8. Hello, I am looking for books or longer articles on the topic "Reitendes Feldjägerkorps". Preferably in German. Does anyone know where to find information like this, except the wikipedia article? PS: I dont understand their duties in WW1. Did they transport important post and letters to foreign countries? I heard they used the train, so no horse? Military Action? and what has the forest topic to do with it.... many questions..... Best regards, Nicolas
  9. I understand! Thank you very much
  10. Does that mean, someone who got the NSDAP LS Decoration had a full time job in a party organization like SA or NSKK, NSFK etc....?
  11. Hm, there are definitely some bars Ive seen that are in other collections now 3 from the Seyfferth ribbon bars for example
  12. Thanks Andreas! and TM2? Sorry in my Marine Ranklist these awards aren't shown Regards, Nicolas
  13. Hi Dave , Thank you very very much for your research Excellent Work! Best regards, Nicolas PS: It would have been interesting to know if he got the same bar with the hindenburg cross .