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  1. Hm, there are definitely some bars Ive seen that are in other collections now 3 from the Seyfferth ribbon bars for example
  2. Thanks Andreas! and TM2? Sorry in my Marine Ranklist these awards aren't shown Regards, Nicolas
  3. Hi Dave , Thank you very very much for your research Excellent Work! Best regards, Nicolas PS: It would have been interesting to know if he got the same bar with the hindenburg cross .
  4. I looked through the whole ranklist Maybe he got OV3b? Thanks for your clarification, Dave Regards, Nicolas
  5. GreyC. WOW. You are incredible I can't thank you enough....... Regards, Nicolas PS: This is his ribbon bar:
  6. What a pity. Thanks for your help GreyC. It should be in Christian Zwengs Preußische Generäle Band 11 Mu-Pe
  7. I understand. Do you know if he has an entry in the Biblio Generals Series?
  8. Hi, Thanks for the additional Information. I know about this file but have no clue how to open it or what to do with it. Nicolas
  9. Hello, Has anyone a bio and his war awards? I only know: Born:1857 Died:1918 Commander of 19. Feldartillerie Brigade 1909-1913 Thank you very much Nicolas
  10. Who could have made this cross? PS:What is the most desirable maker of the MVK's and MVO'S`? Regards, Nicolas
  11. Okay, thank you. I will make a new thread in the Imperial Research Forum Cheers
  12. Hi You're right. That would be an option. The person I am looking for died in 1918, though Nicolas