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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply. That's a pity. I guess the number of the recipients, who were alive in 1938, and had the combination of my ribbon bar, is pretty small, though. Unfortunately, I do not know the criteria for the Sudetenland Medal for civilians. All the Best, Nicolas
  2. Hello, I recently got this ribbon bar. Not the prettiest but I like the combination. IMO: EK2, SH3, SV3bx, SA3bx, ÖM3K I don't have seen that many saxon bars with austrian decorations but no ID possible anyway, I guess? Best regards, Nicolas
  3. Hello, I think the Oelhafen signature is printed. Here is another example, which looks exactly the same to me.
  4. Hi Chistophe, Thanks for the information. Do you know how many of the 46 officers were still alive in 1934/35 ? Best regards, Nicolas
  5. Perfect! Thank you so much Andy! I think I have his ribbon bar. The combination matches perfectly, although I am not sure how common this combination was. Best regards, Nicolas
  6. Hello, I would be very glad if someone could look up the entry of Leutnant Harry von Kirchbach auf Lauterbach in the book: "Der königlich Sächsische Militär-St. Heinrichs-Orden 1736-1918: Ein Ehrenblatt der Sächsischen Armee." Thank you very much, Nicolas
  7. Fantastic news ! Thank you very much Chris!!!
  8. Hello, I recently got this ribbon bar. As there are atleast 25 Years of Service on this bar, the original owner must be in the Reichswehr Ranklists. Could anyone have a look for me, please? I know the combination is not unique, but with a bit of luck maybe...? All the Best, Niclas
  9. Yes, the colour. Generalingenieure had golden embroidery with pink background. Flieger-Stabsingenieure had silver embroidery with pink background. The collar tabs on your portrait look like they have silver embroidery for me.
  10. Looks like a Flieger-Stabsingenieur (Major) to me.
  11. Guys, I have short question about Godet items in general. As those were more expensive than other items, would it have been more likely, that officers purchased their stuff? For example a ribbon bar made by Godet but without any signs, that it is an officers bar. Best, Nicolas
  12. German Ribbon bars, especially Godet


    • WANTED

    Hello, I am looking for german ribbon bars 1900-1945. I find it very hard to purchase any bars I like due dealers or auctions, so I am asking here. My passion are Godet Ribbonbars. Those tend to show up very rarely, though. If anyone has those for sale please PM me. Normal ribbon bars are okay too aslong they don't consist of 0815 combinations like EK2, Hindenburg, Treuedienst. Especiall longer ones are nice. Hopefully I am not too specific with my wishes. Haha! Actually I am on the hunt after the bar in the picture, aswell. Best regards, Nicolas