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  1. Good Evening, I am looking for a Bio and an award list of Wilhelm Humser. A picture would be fantastic. All the Best, Nicolas
  2. Hm, I don't really like the stitching on the back.
  3. Tut mir Leid, Ich meinte die mittlere Spange. Da ist dir der Träger doch bekannt, oder? Sorry, I dont know the Recipient of this Medal Bar
  4. Beautiful Claudio ! The top one is remarkable. Regards, Nicolas Jetzt weiß ich, wo die Vollrath Spange untergekommen ist
  5. Thank you Claudio! No one has any Ribbonbars to contribute ?
  6. I am looking for any Info about him. He was alive in 1935 and should be in the Reichshandbuch der Deutschen Gesellschaft - Das Handbuch der Persönlichkeiten in Wort und Bild. If anyone has this book, could he please have a look? All the Best, Nicolas
  7. Over the years alot of Collectors posted their Godet Medal Bars in this beautiful Thread. I would greatly enjoy if you would share some of your Godet Ribbon Bars now. For the start here are mine:
  8. Hello, I am looking for books or longer articles on the topic "Reitendes Feldjägerkorps". Preferably in German. Does anyone know where to find information like this, except the wikipedia article? PS: I dont understand their duties in WW1. Did they transport important post and letters to foreign countries? I heard they used the train, so no horse? Military Action? and what has the forest topic to do with it.... Sorry...so many questions..... Best regards, Nicolas
  9. HI Guys, I recenty got this ribbon bar. The fifth ribbon is the Order of Malta. I am not sure about the 8-10th ribbon. Maybe Oldenburg House Order, Austrian MVK and turkish Osmanie-Orden? I think an ID could be possible here? Definitely someone with Nobility. All the Best, Nicolas EDIT: Sorry for the Upside Down Pics. No Idea....
  10. I am still looking for any help regarding my research. It is not Navy like it was supposed in the beginning. Best Regards, Nicolas
  11. Hello, Has anyone a bio and his war awards? I only know: Born:1857 Died:1918 Commander of 19. Feldartillerie Brigade 1909-1913 Thank you very much Nicolas
  12. Thanks Alan, Yeah not everyone respected the rules and regulations
  13. Hi Dave, Indeed, we don't know who the owner is for now. Anyway, I thank you for all the research you have done for me. It is greatly appreciated. All the best, Nicolas
  14. In the meanwhile I found out, that Navy is very likely. I did extensive research but had no luck. I would greatly appreciate any help with finding the owner. Best regards, Nicolas
  15. If von Geyso did not get the HEK2a it cant be our man, because the HEK2b is NOT a Neck Order and can be seen on the 3rd Picture I posted Best Regards, Nicolas
  16. Yes, thats what I would say aswell.
  17. As Rick said a long time ago: Double Royal and Princely Hohenzollerns are quite scarce (60) so only 60 persons...... in addition with the other awards it shouldn't be too hard to find someone. I just don't have the correct ranklists, can't anyone have a short look to help me out? It is is impossible for me to find the person in my 1913 Ranklist (Paperback!) How do I know if the third ribbon is the Princely or Royal House Order with Crown? Best, Nicolas
  18. So his prewar awards were: RAO4 DA25 HEK3(with crown)
  19. By the way. Do you guys have pdf ranklist with a search funktion? That would make the time spent on looking extremely low. Yes, the Osmanie was my first thought, too.
  20. How about: Major v. Langsdorff IR von Courbiere Nr.19 RAO4 DA25 BZ3bmE (1913 Ranklist) The nobility matches aswell. Is the Peacetime Hohenzollern a prewar award too? Best, Nicolas
  21. Thank you Andreas. I will have a look in my Ranklist. Best regards, Nicolas
  22. Hi Andreas. Interesting, that means the Zähringer Löwe is the version without swords, so it is a pre-war award aswell? Best Regards, Nicolas