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  1. Egorka: the half pearl is there, but it's hard to see because of some slight damage in the area; see the close-up picture. Odulf: thanks, I had seen that article, and I had used it to check my star before ordering. A very helpful article.
  2. Paul, Alex, thank you very much. I appreciate your input.
  3. Hi guys, This is my first post here on GMIC. My main interest is building model military vehicles, mostly British, and as a side interest I have taken up collecting British campaign stars. I'd like to have a complete collection of these, and today I received an Air Crew Europe star in the mail. Now I know there are many fakes out there, but I think I have done my homework and bought a real one. But I thought I'd post it here just to make sure. What do you guys think? Thanks! Eelke Warrink Leiden, Netherlands