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  1. We will need way more better pictures than that to comment anything relevant.
  2. I'm not the Killer Man

    Nice, I once saw a doc named to Frankenstein.
  3. I agree, we must see pictures in order to give a good answer.
  4. I've never seen one like this, rarely do we know the reason for the awarding of an EK2 as well. Interesting document!
  5. Congratulations for that attributed bar! It's a beauty with its history!
  6. I do like the set a lot! How the silk ribbon of the Iron Cross is worn where the ring is located, tells us already a lot of how long this set has been together
  7. Nice postcard, I suppose the ground is covered in snow?
  8. There seems to be a lot of variations!
  9. Looks like a Gustav Brehmer (13).
  10. Looks like a wartime piece in my eyes with the 11 O'clock flaw, even if how the difference by a post war cross by Souval and a War time one determined is some real Pseudo-Science.
  11. Hi, here is the page and I helped you with the links where his two wounds are listed in the casualty lists. http://des.genealogy.net/search/show/3170140 http://des.genealogy.net/search/show/4334431
  12. The Grand crosses shown are fakes and I hope she can get a refund.
  13. The pass is quite interesting, he first saw frontline duty in (Bayr) R.I.R.16 from mid 1915 onwards until he got in mid 1917 a transfer to I.R.2 after recovering from his wounds he sustained at the Somme. He was wounded 17.7.1916 at Fromelles. After recovery he was sent to the Somme and was wounded 12.10.1916 at La Barque (7 days after Adolf Hitler was wounded). Recipient of the E.K.2. Reason I post first the picture of his transfers is that it was not obvious on the sales description neither the stamps he served in RIR 16 the majority of his war, but is clearly visible in his transfers and wounds as well in his combat chronicle from RIR 16. The entries seem to be mainly from the time he was in I.R.2. by the looks of the dates when the entries have been written.