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  1. Sorry, it's a known fake.
  2. I like the set you've got your hands on. The small medal bar looks like a nice piece made in the early 1900's.
  3. Very interesting and a really late award date! Just thinking on that the war ended only a week later.
  4. Very nice! It's not everyday you see a CoL 1 carrier from 1918. especially not a German.
  5. The Centenary Medal was also the first thing I noticed, it should be the last medal on the bar. I agree with Streptile. Plus the setup looks modern made and sloppy. I agree with the previous comments that the medals and hardware of the bar are original.
  6. It's an original Deumer Schinkel.
  7. Stunning crosses! Quite interesting that at least 3 different pin setups exist of a badge awarded for so few. Of course some may be private purchase pieces, but anyway.
  8. The cross is an original Meybauer with an early pin.
  9. Nice EK1, made by S&H most likely.
  10. Really nice ones showed here. I'll contribute too. The only miniature chain I own, but as it's Ostsee Division chain, and Ostsee Div. that is one of my main focuses, it was a must have. It's missing the EK2-1914 mini, so the full sized one compensates the missing boy in the picture.
  11. Interesting idea someone got back then!
  12. If you do sell or take photos, you can always PM me. I might be interested!
  13. Really nice ones!