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  1. Congratulations, only 48 awarded of the 3.class with red cross 1939 model. A rare cross.
  2. Does Julius Streicher with his 1914 EK1 tilted the 90 degrees to the side count?
  3. Don't know what it is, but it looks quite official with the numbering.
  4. Thank you Chris, would you mind if I send you a message with photos?
  5. I've seen a few EK2 documents (signed by a regimental commander) and an EK1 document (Signed by the A.K. commander), but both were missing stamps, is this a red flag or otherwise a thing to worry about? On the EK2 document I have in mind, the signature is a match to an other signature I've seen from the regimental commander from that time. So is the absence of a stamp a problem?
  6. Look at that, he seems to have some sort of Helmet cover?
  7. Well written, it's pleasant as always to read the texts of yours.
  8. Thanks for the answers, this clears up the situation
  9. Hello, I've just got this combat veteran shoulder board of a Hauptman. The colours of the thin blue threads (what are those called?) say to me it's Bavarian. I was wondering if it's possible to determine which regiment it is, 1.st König? 1.st Reserve? 1.st Landsturm? Thanks in advance! I bought it as I liked it as it was very worn, unlike most unissued boards aviable. Thanks for the help!
  10. Very nice Komtur. If you're ever selling that set away, please keep me in mind, that EK2 is a nice early multi-piece framed cross with the Serif core (probably stepped too).
  11. Fantastic, do you have closer pictures of the EK2? It looks like a very early multi-piece construction from here.
  12. Not even surprising you're the lucky winner of the group! congratulations!
  13. If we're sharing Napoleonic bars, I'll contribute. Here's an original mounting that came from a house clearance. Contains: EK2 - 1813, Wideframe (Serif core type), KDM 1814 (round cornered variation) and the 2.Model of the 25 year service cross. Best regards, Daniel