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  1. Thank you. You have been great help! You wouldn't happen to know the ballpark price for this sabre? I found from the internet so far just gilt and/or engraved officer models which are considerably more expensive than this "troopers" model.
  2. Schnitzler & Kirschbaum, from Sollingen seems to be the manuafcturer, so blade is German manufactured? Is it rare that it is?
  3. Thank you for the comment! I heard someone hinting it could be a saxon one as well? I'll check for markings. The sword fits in the scabbard like a fist in the eye. The scabbard even has for those "spikes(?)" vertically with the blade a place (see photo). Edit: It has a mark behind one of these spikes on the root of the blade, S&K.
  4. I believe I have here a 1788 light troopers cavalry sabre. Could anyone shed me some light on this? The handle.
  5. Dansson

    a sedlatzek and its cousins

    Very impressive.
  6. Fascinating to read as always. I have a Militärpass to a man who lost his right eye at Estreés just some weeks later.
  7. Dansson

    EK1 for review

    The maker is unknown.
  8. Dansson

    Rare unit indeed

    Wow, never seen anything to an unit like that before.
  9. Dansson

    Period Screwback Photo?

    The cross looks a lot like an AWS.