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  1. Dansson

    a sedlatzek and its cousins

    Very impressive.
  2. Dansson

    EKII, 1914 and 39 good?

    All are ok.
  3. Dansson

    An absolute Missing Link...

    Very cool.
  4. Fascinating to read as always. I have a Militärpass to a man who lost his right eye at Estreés just some weeks later.
  5. Dansson

    EK1 for review

    The maker is unknown.
  6. Dansson

    Rare unit indeed

    Wow, never seen anything to an unit like that before.
  7. Dansson

    Period Screwback Photo?

    The cross looks a lot like an AWS.
  8. Nice to see a CoL 3 -1939 with still so much gold finish on it.
  9. Dansson

    My first 1914 IC 1

    It's an award piece. A very rough estimate would be 1915-1918. This due to that the early Godet's around 1914/early 1915 had cast iron core. The later ones (I estimate)from 1915 onwards had a stamped steel sheet core like yours.