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  1. Good day gentlemen, An avid, but novice collector of German submarine cap badges I am, I hereby ask whether or not someone is willing to let go of his/her collection of them (showing your updated collection in this topic is also a very wanted thing) straight forward and fast paying via Paypal (I surely won't lowball you when you won't highball me kinda idea here, if you will) much obliged, lJSBEER p.s. I truly mean 2 WK Kriegsmarine U-boot badges, not those nondescript surface vessels/fake badges. I smell the fakes from a mile away. If you do not want to let go of yours, but proud of your collection, could you please be so considerate to show 'em to us as well? So that others can use the images for reference in future? Thank you so much.
  2. Recently stumbled upon a ceramic tile on Ebay.com depicting the laughing (I prefer smiling!) swordfish of the 9. U-bootflottille. It reads: "Zum geburstag MaschOGfr Egon Tschierschke Kommando U-256 Brest, den 20. Februar 1944." "Owing to the birthday of Maschinobergefreiter (machinist) Egon Tschierschke, U-256 Command, Brest, February 20. 1944." The seller stated that it came from the collection of this Egon. Now, I have no particular boner for swastika's but that swordfish looks kinda hot to me. If you're about selling anything of your 9th flotilla stuff, please do email me first.
  3. I've recently met a German seller who (I had previously told him I was interested in Cap Badges) replied back to me the day after I had bought something else from him, and he asked me my email address to send some pictures of a certain cap badge he had, running in his family. And this is what he sent me: The U-boot insignia stands for the German saying "Holzauge, sei wachsam!". The "Turm Maling" of both the U-558 and U-955 featured this emblem. Not sure if "...sam!..." was washed away by the weather conditions on the original u-boat conning tower. My gut instinct says this is real but what do you think? And how much should I pay for it at max?
  4. Came across and bought another one today (http://www.militaria-1939-1945.com/militaria-allemand-21.html) and despite at first sight they look almost the same there are quite some differences. I am not sure if this French site is really selling only authentic stuff like they claim to do.
  5. Thank you Larry. I know that the "lachende schwertfisch" or "sägefisch" emblem belongs to, among other U-boats, the U-96 but what did the real cap badge of U-96 look like? Are there real ones in musea? I want to see one for future reference. Is there for instance a website where I can see all the original cap badges collected? I just want to know whether or not mine is real and exactly which U-boat crew wore it, provided that it is real of course. Is there certainty about the true color of the conning tower emblem of U-96 - if so, can someone show me more of that? Basically: I'm searching for a solid touchstone for these objects. The 9.Flottille swordfish is Red, as far as I know, but some individual U-boats use the same emblem in different colors, that's the difficulty I reckon. I'm quite a novice when it comes to this all but please educate me.
  6. Strange thing is, and this has me concerned somewhat, is that the following image (although only on one website) is circulating on the internet and which I located only some weeks prior to this post: This seems like an exact copy of the original.....or worse....vice versa. I am not so sure anymore about the authenticity of my hat badge all of the sudden, but it looks as real as it can get.
  7. Peter, thank you so much for your reply. That printing possibility did cross my mind too but need not the printing plate be mirrored? It's a strange object specially because it's very well done and it seems unique so far. The "infantry officer" part I guessed at because there were "Infrantry Officers" in Vietnam but it may as well mean something entirely different, I agree. Cheers
  8. Then again, there were two more U-boats having shown the same "Turm-Maling": U-354 and U-606. Is there an old real depiction available of the 11th U-boat Flotilla shield in color? Why is it always displayed red and white? Was it really?
  9. I found this one 2 years ago on E-bay. The seller owned two copies of them but only this one he wanted to sell to me because of the rust and damages, but can someone tell me to which U-boot's crew this once belonged? Your help would be much appreciated.
  10. I found the U-boot with the polar bear facing the other way around, it's the U-591. If you happen to have a picture of this submarine with the specific conning tower emblem could you please post it here? Thank you.
  11. I stumbled upon an u-boat hat emblem (shown below) and I am anxious to learn whether or not this is the true insignia that was used back in them days. I myself am not interested in buying it but if you want to, you can find it here: http://www.snyderstreasures.com/pages/germanbadges2.htm (search for: "u-141") On this website they show the flipside of this badge too, which I think is in fact the front and portrays a horseshoe. The site equates this insignia with one belonging to the U-141 which I think it is not, but perhaps there is another U-boot with a horseshoe emblem aside from the U-99 & U-640...do you know?
  12. Very neat enamel pin you got there, Dede. It has me thinking for it shows two different hues of blue color and not the red on white used in the fake mützen abzeichen sold on the internet: https://www.google.nl/search?q=11th+flotilla&biw=1182&bih=583&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwjsjOK3-fHPAhWlCsAKHSZbCNEQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=4sNoGs1zyEWO7M%3 . Could it be a coincidence that both my plague and your enamel pin use the same colors? If you ever grow tired of collecting U-boot paraphernalia please let me know and I'll be more than happy to buy it from you. Thank you for your constructive reply.
  13. I wondered if anyone could tell me more about the brass plate comic strip as depicted below, since I couldn't find another copy of it, or more info about it. There are no serial numbers or whatsoever mentioned on it, but perhaps it's merely an inside joke of the cavalry in Vietnam during them days. The guy I got it from said it was perhaps an anti Vietnam War statement of its days - if so why can I not find a single copy of it elsewhere? It's an almost exact copy of an original 60's Charles Schulz Peanuts comic as shown below but rendered with "vulgaire language". Since the original comic, though, probably was intended an anti-war statement in the first place it only emphasized on it. But I am not sure. Does someone here recognize this brass plate from his own past? Please tell me more about it. And does the abbreviation "I.O.", in relation to a Huey Slick helicopter, stand for "Infantry Officer"? Much obliged in advance
  14. Hi folks, I have a question about an U-boot flotilla artefact I've recently bought on Ebay on sheer impulse. Something tells me it is authentic but I'm not 100% sure. Can you tell me if this is authentic? The odd thing about it is that the polar bear standing on the u-boat is facing eastward, while the original flotilla emblem has him facing the other way around. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/11th_U-boat_Flotilla The guy I got it from is residing in France and he told me he obtained it back in 2004 at some military antiques sale in Hamburg, Germany. Dimensions : H 21 cm - L 14,5 cm Thanks