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  1. Hello to all, dear friends collectors, I'm French and new on this forum. Above all I wanted to thank you all for the very high quality of this site and the big wealth of the information wich we find here. It's for me a gold mine of very useful informations. One particular thought for Nick who is always here to help the collector in distress, it is really ...."the pillar of site".... Unfortunately we have no site of this level in France.... In answerd to Nick's article about Tamatebako Miyaké : "If you have additional examples...please post them here". I want to present you a 2nd class sacred treaser from Taisho era. It is in every respect similar to that of Nick except for the "swan" mark (mine have not). Regards Patout
  2. I am not still well familiarized with this web site... excuse me for this thread for posting. As usual, JapanX : fast, accurate and documented... need for nothing else... everything is said. Thank Patout
  3. Hi everyone I have this japanese badge, unknown for me (diameter : 2cm). I don't know for whom and for which event it was intended ? Is this official or only for tourist ? If anyone can help me, in advance, thank you Regards Patout
  4. Hello JapanX One thousand thank you..... I hope that you know how much your help is considerable for somebody who does not know how to read Japanese and Chinese Regards
  5. Hello to all , dear colleagues collectors Here is one of my last acquisitions, a rather rare french medal of the battle of Shanghai and a lot of photos witch belonged to a naval officer. I don't know how to read chinese but i think that three inscriptions have to give the names of districts occupied by the french concession and bombarder in 1937 by mistake by the chinese troops. This medal (in silvery bronze 5.5x8cm other face smooth) commemorates the numerous deaths and injuries made by this bombardement. On photos we can see the famous tank Renault FT send to protect the french concession and got back afterward by japanese. Not japanese medal...but all the same...interesting. Regards Patout
  6. Hello Thank you very much JapanX I keep affectedly these photos for the documentation (photothèque) that I am establishing. But... I begin to have a doubt about other kites i have in my collection ... Both this below seem to me of era Meiji as well as cases (the box of 7th class is Brown what reminds me in a box of era meiji)... but what about exactly !!! I'm afraid !! Regards Patout
  7. Hello to all, Need help to translate a inscription find in a box with a badge of special member (health association from Akita prefecture Branche). Nothing special with the badge and the box... only this strange inscription !!! Any help greatly appreciated Regard Patout
  8. Hello Nick, I was very curious to know how could be translated the name "Fournon" in Japanese but I did not want to make an excessive use of Nick's kindness. Thus.... thank you for this answer which I had not dared to asked. Regards Patout
  9. Hello JapanX Thank you very much for this answer, I am sorry that the medal and the case are not the same epoch, I thought of having a homogeneous set, ....too bad, it's a pity. Regards Patout
  10. Hello to all friends collectors, Hello to Nick I have in my collection a 5th class G.K. and I have a question : Is my G.K. a Meiji-Taisho epoch ? it seems to me that "Yes" according the Nick's article : "an ultimate test for dating G.K...." but Am I right ? What do you think ? If someone has an opinion on this matter thank for your help. Regards Patout
  11. Big thank you Nick for this documented and fast answer. It's a real pleasure to correspond with somebody competent and who don't hesitate to take some time to help other collectors who share the same passion. PS : I'm Lucky to have some "pillars" but unfortunately only in the lower classes : 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th classe, but all in nice condition. Thanks and regards Patout
  12. Hello to all I have this small box in my collection without to be able to knowing to what it corresponds and for what ? : medal or badge. It seems to be in relation with the visit of prince of Wales (future Edward VIII) in 1923 in Japan... may be for English crown prince security forces ?... but am I right ? NB : The 3rd class medal is here to indicate the side of this small box If someone can help me to translate the inscription on the lid... i'll have the answer ... or half of the answer (and it will be already very well). Thanks to all who can help me. Regards Patout
  13. Thanks a lot Nick for your answer, Here are close-up of each side of the medal as requested.... what I understand and what I don't know about this medal !! The central mirror is rather wide and corresponds well to a manufacturing of the era Taisho as I learnt by reading Nick's previous comments... There is a trademark "t" in the back, but I do not know to what it corresponds. On the other hand there is no kanji inside the lid... Nick is it because these a lower class ?? Thank you by anticipation for your answer. Regard Patout
  14. Hello to all, In complement with the previous talking about, i wish to show you a 7th class sacred tresure in tamatebako miyake (with unpacked tassels). It belonged to an police officer who was in charge to assure the protection of crown prince Hiro Hito (not still emperor) during his visit in Paris june 2nd 1921. This police officer was decorated a few days after the visit of H.Hito : june 7th 1921. Patout
  15. Hello to all I am a new young on this site. I am French and collector of Japanese medals. I have just purchased a set : medal of 7è class of the order of the sacred treasure with its diploma and the translation by the embassy of Japan. This decoration was given to a police officer asked to assure of the protection of prince Hiro Hito (not still emperor) during his visit in Paris June 2nd, 1921. (Visit of the Eiffel Tower and meeting with Gustave Eiffel, visit of "Le Louvre", "Les Invalides" and the military airport of the Bourget.) This police officer was decorated a few days after the visit of Hiro Hito June 7th, 1921. I do not know how to read the characters Kanji and I shall like knowing if it is mentioned in the diploma the motive for the delivery of this decoration. Big thanks to the one who will be kind enough to answer and help me Cordially Patout