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  1. hi Gordon, I'm happy that exists a translation in English of the mentioned document.....for me it would actually have been way too difficult to get all points translated....and to bring over the right meaning of them..... especially when we talk about the point "ordre public" which (in my opinion) keeps a lot of questions open I.e. ...something that is not offensive to myself may offend someone else.... anyway....what can be said is that all military and almost all State awards (Staatliche Auszeichnungen) are not allowed to be worn....whereas "Preise" and "Titel" are more likely in the category"free to be worn" as long as they not interfere with the "ordre public"..... Alex
  2. Hello, to my knowledge as a matter of fact there is no formal regulation about the wear of East German awards. What I know though, is that awards of the following institutions: Ministerium für Staatssicherheit Volkspolizei Kampfgruppen Grenztruppen FDJ are forbidden. The wear of any East German award on Bundeswehr uniforms is also forbidden.... so for example service medals, which were a kind of award that was given automatically with the proceeding of the service years, are not allowed. The difference between III. Reich awards and DDR awards and the legitimation of the former ones through the regulations of the Odensgesetz of 1957 is that the III. Reich awards were mostly given for bravery, heroism, war actions a.s.o. as a distinctive sign of the valor of the soldier........ More detailed information can be found by searching " Deutsch-Deutsche Rechtszeitschrift, München 1995 von Enno Bernzen und Klaus H. Feder" in this link http://www.ordenstraeger.de/de/literaturhinweise/ or proceed directly to the document clicking this link: http://www.feuerwehrgeschichte.de/geschichte/ddr-auszeich-tragen.htm Alex